A Mental Breakdown V3

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  1. xxOMNIPOTENTxx Committed Player

    Yeah, it's a struggle on the DPS side...Good thing Trolling is still fun, especially now that we get one more slot since POT is passive.
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  2. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    Very True, Im glad i can still Troll when needed and Happily i am in a League that doesnt care who is Top Dps As long as we get the Job Done.
    Im still using Brawling for my Troll, Been thinking about Pistols
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  3. Streven Dedicated Player

    Does mental have any close range moves besides pain blast? I think the problem I'm seeing with mental on the whole is that pretty much all the powers that do damage have cc or are max range or both which means they're not going to hit as hard.

    Mental needs some viable close-range powers that hit hard. I personally would also like to see the original TK bolt channeled animation make a return.
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  4. The Anxient Loyal Player

    I would rather see mental go back to being a majority dot power like it was before going through the am chop shop.
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  5. pultinski Well-Known Player

    i got tired of going to page 372 to read this guide.
    anyone fool areond with hybrid & mental ?
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  6. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Was hoping someone else would kinda take the reigns after a few years. Unfortunately I just don't have the time to keep up with it anymore.

    I'm also curious what people are using at end game. Right now I'm using a very pieced together loadout since I've been back. Curious what others are using for both roles. Heard someone mention DPSTrolling last night so I'm definitely curious to see more of that
  7. Revoemag Committed Player

    I still think seeing as most of mental powers are channeled, mental should have the same ability to move around like ice and fire can. Just being able to move freely around the battlefield without having to stop to do each power, able to move in closer and then back away without missing as step. This would dynamically change mental but without actually buffing it.
    I think something as simple as this would up the dps because it could flow better.
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  8. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    *flicks beans at Mental*

    it wasn't first place when I started either, so it should be interesting to see what kind of requirements are necessary to get Results. We'll see if I have the same enthusiasm for it in a month...
  9. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    Wow 2 comments in over a year lol. Not sure if anyone is in need of this but here is my mental dps guide. As always this does not include movement variants (whirling dervish) as I want anyone who views the video to be able to use it regardless of movement type. This is also not a purist loadout since I do use iconics to increase the damage.

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  10. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    What Arts art you using for that yo? Types and levels, if it's not too nosy. I think I may have a thing for you.
  11. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Well, since this hasn't been updated in seven months: Here's a single and multi-target Might Build for Mental.

    Loadout is included below. A few sidenotes:

    - Both Single and Multi-target Rotations for this Build use the same Loadout and the same Artifacts. This is to optimize playability, since you will not have to switch between Loadouts to fight Adds versus Bosses.

    - Artifacts are level 200 Strategist, Transformation, and Grimorium.

    - Mental Might creates very Power-hungry Rotations. This works best with a dedicated Controller in the group.

    - I do not use Movement Abilities, Solar Amplifier, or (most) Iconic Abilities in this build. Those will affect output as well as rotation; feel free to experiment.

    - I play primarily Precision on my main (Galea) and didn't bother with any Elite gear in this DLC, so her standing Might in this demonstration is only +/- 82,000, ish @ 327 CR. I'm not even using current-content Might Adaptives. So - if you play Might primarily, you will potentially see better results since your Generator Mods, Adapatives, and Elite Mods (if applicable) are Might-focused.

    The Damage Loadout (organized left to right) is Mass Terror, Telekinetic Bolt, Terrorize, Mass Levitation, Robot Sidekick, and Invisibility.

    The Invisibility Loadout (again, left to right) is Bolt Barrage, Bastion, Neo-Venom Boost, Robot Sidekick, Ambush: Pain Blast, and Psychic Prison.

    I'm not married to Bolt Barrage; the point behind including it being to demonstrate that the Invisibility Loadout space affords access to multiple Supercharges.

    Single Target: average damage/second = 50,689

    Single target Rotation: Invisibility - Ambush: Pain Blast - (Mass Levitation - Mass Terror - Telekinetic Bolt - Terrorize) x Variable: The goal of this rotation is to maximize the frequency of Terrorize and Invisibility - Ambush: Pain Blast, and therefore requires some on-the-fly reorganization as the cooldown for Terrorize is not consistent with the remainder of the Abilities in this rotation.

    Multi Target: average damage/second = 105,424

    Multi-target Rotation: Invisibility - Psychic Prison - (Mass Levitation - Mass Terror - Telekinetic Bolt) x3, Repeat.
  12. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    Thats very similar to the loadout I've been using the past few months. Basically its mass lev-tk bolt-pyrokinesis-mass terror-terrorize-invisibility (sleep, pain blast and bolt barrage). You have to juggle your rotations a little. I use hand blasters and try to clip solar flares with powers. I use the solar orb, grim and le mort all at 200 but i have trans and strat artifacts at 180 and 160 waiting for the next doble xp week. I've gone nto raids and have topped out by a very large margin and against higher cr's and harder hitting powers but i've also gone into raids and been at the bottom by a large margin sometimes by much lower cr players than me so take that as you will. i've been swapping out mass lev for thought bubble to see how it performs.

    I've never understood the appeal of robot sidekick. I'm not big on pets and summoned helpers. What is it thats so important to a mental build? Is its damage that detrimental?
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  13. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Well, the build I'm using has Grim @ 200, "Summoned Pets no longer reduce Power Regeneration".

    This means the RSK is essentially a "gratis" damage source (that turns out around 5K DPS, consistently, just by being active @ 327 - it's the workhorse of Continuous Pets that isn't a Powerset-specific Pet) at that point; plus if you hit a snag and need to run? It's capable of garnering Aggro, which is awesome because you can bug out for a second and stop attacking or use Grandeur to drop Aggro and adds will whoop it instead of you.

    I justify the LO space because Mental's biggest Burst damage producers are Telekinetic Bolt and Mass Terror, those have to stay in a rotation: Grim can cover the PI for Mass Terror, and the damage from Pyrokinesis isn't going to be missed in that situation since by the time you run through Mass Levitation - > TK Bolt - > Mass Terror, the cooldown for Mass Levitation is up and it hits harder than PK does. This does make the rotation a little more powerhungery too though.

    Everything else is pretty straight forward - cycle Terrorize and Invis - > Pain Blast into the mix with Mass Lev, TK Bolt, and Mas Terror for Single Target (this is the 'weird timing' cycle), start with Invis - > Psychic Prison and refresh at the 12 second mark for groups/AoE, plus a slot for the Robot Sidekick so it persists through the Damge - > Invis - > Damage LO change.

    I keep Neo-Venom and Bastion for SC in the Invis LO, and there's a slot left over for "other stuff". I've seen Freezing Breath recommended, which I'm considering since (when you jump cancel it) it's essentially another medium-heavy Burst producer, and if you don't it's a channeled AoE producer.

    Since you have a Solar Amp, too, you may wanna run Heat Vision in place of Terrorize (I don't run Solar Amp on Mental, but I've seen what Solar Amp does with Trans and Strat and 'Yeah you want that in your life') - you wouldn't be able to run the Grim with Strat/Trans, but a little tinkering would tell you which one was optimal versus which one you felt better with running.

    But yeah, it produces 'acceptable' if not outstanding damage (50K ST, 100-105K Multi), plus it's a pretty quick cycle time and for weak Adds or lower CR content, TK Bolt will one-shot a surpising amount of stuff so.

    And like I said - my Might? is Crap; Galea's Generator mods are 100% Precision, and no Elite Gear atm, though those are ALSO Precision, so she could be carrying around 5-7K more base Might just by switching those around.

    Took it for a walk yesterday through general Regular content (plus the SFF Event Raid) and beat everybody but a 331 with it, so it'll cook, but that's a very random field of competition so I'll probably be messing with it more before I make a final call, but it's working so far.
  14. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    Since I'm "stuck" with the artifacts I have for the time being I find terrorize better than heat vision thanks to the empowered channeling from solar orb and all the benefits it gets as a finisher with Le mort. I need to wait and see what happens when I get strat and trans to 200. If I keep those two it means I'm going to have to give up two of the artifacts i have at 200.

    Its also why I keep pyrokinesis. Mass Lev-Tk bolt-Pyro seems to be a great way to take advantage of mentals dualing pi's. Mass lev can daze targets which make tk bolt hit a little harder. Pyrokinesis changes the pi to terror which makes Terrorize and mass terror deal extra damage and then invis/pain blast. I mix up my rotation depending on circumstances. As i stated above I've been swapping out mass lev with thought bubble but I haven't run any instances with it. Just open world stuff and bounties. It applies the same dazed effect as Mass lev, tk bolt gets its damaged boosted a little and if ads are still encased that extra little explosion you get using pyro is fun. If you're in a group with lots of hard light and ice casters you're going to invariably end up blowing up some random encasements.

    I will on occasion swap out Pyrokinesis with Horrific Visage. With the accelerated horrific visage back mod this can be a nice power to cast before mass terror or terrorize but its really to build your supercharge faster. I usually only get to fire off bolt barrage once per instance without it. Lately with the extra lag issues I find targeting to be extra !@#$ed with powers going after ads and objects to my far left or right instead of in front of me. Bolt Barrage and Pain Blast require specific targeting and range so its very easy to lose damage to just not hitting whats in front of you and being too far away to hit those off targets. If I can squeeze an extra bolt barrage or two and get those point blank hits its worth having horrific visage otherwise I get better results keeping pyro.

    Psychic prison n place of Mass Lev is another option I run with. In theory its better than mas lev but its lack of a pi and limited range make it useful only in situations with lots of ads around you or where you can fight the boss up close without always getting one shot. Without that extra damage you get from a dazed pi tk bolt is just kind of meh.

    I've been trying a playstyle similar to what I was doing before the revamp, wm's and am's. I work in weapon attacks with my handblasters. clipping solar flare with certain powers seems to burn things quicker. Its where i suspect my ability to "keep up" comes into play versus playing solely from the tray. I find brawling and martial arts fun to use with mental but it results in lower dps for me. I know there are certain things i can do to increase my dps but I like playing my characters to their concepts as much as I can. I suspect i'll be sacrificing my Grim artifact when I get my Strat and Trans artifacts to 200. If anybody has any better loadouts or suggestions...
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  15. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Thought Bubble isn't worth it, IMHO.

    It's a Burst-style instead of the oldschool short-cycle DOT, which I like because Damage Now > Damage Later, but the damage is only marginally acceptable for a level 30 Ability (if it crits, it's decent, if it doesn't then it always does less than Mass Levitation, which has a shorter cooldown and the same cost, you can use it twice as often essentially doubling the output). Since it has no entry PI, there's not really a way to increase that.

    It's technically still an Encasement but the Encasement: Explode mechanic itself doesn't work on Bosses or even certain types of add. And the piece d'resistance : 6 second cool down. I could see it for maybe a hallway loadout, but I've already got something for that built.

    That said, if you CAN make it work, I was just seeing little five-digit numbers pop up as the Encasement: Explode proc happens, so I could see filing it in a "specialized application" category and approaching it from that angle. I would suggest dumping a lot of Dominance mods into your generator, since CC functions won't work on Sparring Targets without at least 1200 or so base Dom, that way you can test it in a sterile environment and see just what it can potentially do.

    Then share the rules because now, after messing with it for a few, I'm curious.

    As for working in weapon attacks, I'm not using an actual combo in my Rotation, but I have been sneaking in the triangle taps (which, done properly, hide in the animation between the Mass Terror - > Mass Lev cycle step) - Blast Adapter only fires once every 20 seconds, but it nets an instant 3-30K extra (depending on number of targets) when it does. It's basically a spare, free TK Bolt with no PI.

    And since it can crit, it can proc Strategist, which is always fun.

    Then again, I'm using 2H as my weapon because my Precision build is built on the 2H platform; 2H is a great weapon to use *just* as a weapon because although it technically doesn't do any one thing the "best", it does three things second best and it's really the only weapon that does that. Plus I've never seen Haymaker crit north of 250K. Which isn't something to build a house on, I know, but hoo-whee is it fun to see.

    To be frank: I would say keep the Grim around, even if you have a little more out of pocket to get the Strat and Trans up to 200 - Grim is a solid Artifact, both because of what it does and because 5% Precision and Might in *one* spot is awfully hard to find. If you're trying to reproduce a WM-era fighting style, you're gonna want both available, and it's an independent damage source that you literally just have to have equipped to have access to. That last one (in a nutshell) why I run Robot Sidekick.

    And if it isn't paying the bills, well, you can always turn it into something else down the road (assuming you don't have your heart set on something Right Now)...
  16. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    I actually left the game after wonderverse after being blocked from the forums a week before the dlc went live lol. I came back briefly after the legion dlc for a week or 2 but left again after I noticed the directions the devs are taking the game to. I have been peaking into the forums time to time just to see what the deal it with the new company lol.

    That being said, I’m aware that things have changed a little since my video was put up. Mainly in the splitting damage from heat vision. Thou in my videos my HV artifact was 160 so it wasn’t affected by the non spilt lol. Not sure if that’s the most optimal loadout I could come up with since I haven’t tested in a while. I also do all my videos and testing on live since I have my full SP their. That being said I can’t support the game in its current state so swapping powers to test loadouts for friends and other players isn’t viable with the cost of artifacts and power token.

    I might hope on test eventually if the next dlc is promising to retest powers. But until I feel the game is going in a better direction I don’t think I’ll be fully testing like o used to
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  17. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    It's all good; I kinda ended up answering the questions I wanted answers to by playing with my current LO / Artifacts until I ended up with what I wanted, which was a stable single/multi target Loadout that didn't require an Armory to move between the functions. Thanks for checking in though, definitely appreciated.

    I've been spending a bit more time on the game and here both recently, mostly because "COVID is a real thing" and "This is a better use of my money and time than pornography or booze"; noticed that uhm... no... one... had been responding here yet, and although there IS a Might DPS master thread (linked offsite, but quite informative) it's a little less approachable to casual or honest-to-God Day One Players, so... here we are.
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  18. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    Yup I get it. The only reason I started my channel was cause I kept forgetting my loadouts since I like switch so much to try new things. So when league mates would ask me I just ended up uploading them for them to use. But I decided to post them here too in case others needed them to.

    Youtube is a good and bad place of dps. It’s good because it can help new players find loadouts. But bad because people just take those loadouts as “the best” even without proof lol. Heck my first video was a brief demo of different loadout types meant to help people test their own loadouts but most people just want the loadouts given to them lol. And when someone else says they have a better loadout yours is automatically worse lol.

    I’ve always been a visual person so I kept my videos up all this time lol. Just hoping people try out new loadouts lol. That’s how I discovered frost breath lol. Not saying I’m the first to use it or anything. There are probably many who used it without revealing it to others. Even chills bashed be a while ago for using it yet even he is using it too in some of his builds haha. But that’s how new better loadouts come out. People experimenting.

    As for one size fits all loadouts. Funny things is that I almost never use the loadouts I post Those are meant for try hards lol. I actually prefer one size fits all loadouts myself since I’m lazy and can never bother swapping armories. From what I last tested trans, strat, and solar amp where bets for a one size build. Gotta love that heat vision explosion lol. Heat vision also has the added benefit of making loadouts a little less power hungry haha