A Mental Breakdown V3

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  1. Phill Committed Player

    Save yourself a click.

    If you are invis you do not need resonance. That is why its called a shortcut. Once in invis you can hit menace and then go straight to mass lev or mass hyst.
  2. Phill Committed Player

    That was probably a macro.
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  3. motionsick Well-Known Player

    I meant to start the cycle.

    There is a delay/lag moving in and out of Invisibility. You may not be able to clip as fast/smooth as you like anyway.
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  4. ApacheTribe Well-Known Player

    Thanks. I'll give it a shot
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  5. Absolix Loyal Player

    AS spam produces higher Dps than other ranged combos, it can be partially clipped, and once you get full supercharge the clipping timing and damage changes to the point that you can produce very high Dps.
  6. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    So Arrow Storm is a good alternative in a sticky situation where you've run out of Resonance ?
  7. Warlock Well-Known Player

    If this is true (and I'm certainly not denying that it is), why is flipslash all the rage?
  8. Absolix Loyal Player

    Because while AS spam produces higher numbers than the ranged combos when used with AMs, Flip Slash is a melee combo that can hit up to 10m out. Since melee combos were given a damage boost to be better than ranged combos, Flip Slash tends to edge out normal AS spam by a bit.

    Also, the supercharge clip version of AS part is very difficult to pull off, very power hungry, and almost no one knows about it much less how to use it. I only know because of Shiny Mackerel's weapon guide.
  9. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    Why does clipping timing and damage change with Supercharge ? I'm a bit lost :confused:
  10. Abel DCUO Well-Known Player

    I have been noticing some issues with invisibility getting stuck during the new DWF raid after getting stunned leaving me without an AM...anyone else getting this?
  11. Absolix Loyal Player

    If you hold range just long enough for long Draw to fire, then push either forward or backwards to use Arrow Storm or Explosive Shot, and clip them at their earliest possible timing you can achieve a clipped Dps only outdone by HB's Fist Slam and Power Discharge.

    Compare Arrow Storm in the chart below to Long Draw -> Arrow Storm (full SC)

  12. motionsick Well-Known Player

    I would wish anyone trying that in instances good luck pulling that off! Those combos where you have to use move the stick in various directions while your target moves around/jumps takes some serious luck/talent. Plus you're looking at a 3.0s clip, which will slow you down. Flip Slash is clipping at 1.7s. The clipped DPS is still higher for 1H/Flip Slash comparatively.

    You would also need a full SC.. which you may or may not have depending of if you've used Mass Hysteria lately.
  13. Absolix Loyal Player

    The clip time for Long Draw -> Arrow Storm (full SC) is 0.7 seconds, not 3.0 seconds. The biggest difficulty in pulling it off is the Timing of Long Draw to Arrow Storm. It is not very easy to feel out and delaying it lowers Dps.

    I personally wouldn't recommend anyone use it, but it would, in theory, be better than Flip Slash, especially since most players purposely make the 4 melee taps miss to keep their distance.
  14. ApacheTribe Well-Known Player

    Yes! I thought it was me just pressing too fast. When it happens I'm like sitting there for a sec trying to figure out where I'm at in my rotation now, do I need to restart resonance, can I still hit mass terror, or what. Sometimes mine bugs and even its off cool down it will not let we go invisible and access that loadout.

  15. motionsick Well-Known Player

    Sorry, my mistake. Looking at the wrong mastery. While the clipped DPS for a single target is higher with Long Draw/AS, 1H/Flip Slash does more dmg against more than 1 target.
  16. motionsick Well-Known Player

    I thought someone had raised a ticket with Invisibility not always coming out of cooldown properly a while back, but I can't find it in the bug tracker.

    I've seen instances where you go into Invisibility, but get interrupted or something, and then the powerbar reverts to DPS but the icons are all normal but they don't seem to activate a power.

    Did you try activating another armoury?
  17. ApacheTribe Well-Known Player

    I didn't, I only have 2 armories on my troll/dps plus I use a controller with the auto locking and I have a tough time deselect targets while in combat enough to activate a armory for some reason. I have to clear some distance away before I can do it quickly and reliably so I usually don't even bother trying anymore.
  18. deathbygadgets New Player

    can someone help me with the triple mass terror loadout/rotation
  19. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    What do you need help with? What it actually is or executing it?

    The loadout is:

    Flames - Shock - Bolt - Mass Terror - Grandeur - Invisibility

    Inside of invisibility you have resonance - mass terror - menace

    rotation: Invisibility > Resonance > mass terror > grandeur > mass terror > flames > shock > bolt > mass terror > etc until cooldowns for grandeur/invisibility are up
  20. Zombie-Jim New Player

    So I am leveling a Mental/Hand Blast character and I run out of power before I finish the second rotation of, Psychic Resonance - Psychic Shock - Phantom Flames - TK Bolt - Mass Levitation, even with one of the POTs running. My Munitions/Dual Pistols character can get through 4 similar rotations. Is Hand Blast just bad for restoring power?