A Mental Breakdown V3

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  1. Absolix Loyal Player

    I highly doubt they will put what was on test on live. Debuffs didn't even last as long as their duration, and the the removal of crowd control weakens the two aspects of controllers most players wanted to see more emphasis on other than just being a battery.

    Also, since they were planning on replacing most HT mods, I doubt the elite mods would be staying in their current iteration either especially since it would create a bigger gap between players with elite gear and players without.
  2. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    The gear bothers me more than the powers. I'd like to know what changes will be made to the crazy expensive gear with no feats. Trolls, to me, should be asking and getting answers on the gear. Sorry, but the current elite gear not only benefits trolls the most. It is the most fun.

    I know what's going on with test is just that, test. Just worried that people are a little one dimensional with their testing. Have not seen anything on weapons, damage buff from melee and range. I love that dummies were removed, but this might have actually been an update they would have been useful.
  3. Phokus Active Player

    Hey i have been playing mental for a month
    just wanted to post what i am doing to see if anyone can give pointers to help me improve it

    I got 266 SP
    all WM stats maxed except two handed
    my load out is as follows
    shock, flame, bolt, terror, grandeur, invisibility
    inside invisibility
    hysteria, bastion, return to normal, mass terror, menace, resonance.

    Typically what I've been doing is
    Invis> resonance> menace> mass terror> grandeur> mass terror> shock> flame> bolt> mass terror> repeat until SC builds
    once SC is full
    Orbital> backup> supply drop> dps trinket> Invis> Hysteria or bastion( depends on situation)>menace> mass terror> grandeur> mass terror> shock >flame >bolt > terror> repeat

    I would like a fast weapon combo, but i don't want to take so long resonance expires

    I put might in all equipment sockets except when it says attack chance

    Would Critical menace help my damage out or should i use another head socket mod?
  4. gemii Dedicated Player

    for mental DPS, whats the next best dps loadout if you dont want to use invisibility
  5. gemii Dedicated Player

    Whats the better loadout

    Telek push, phantom flames, psychic shock, mass terror, resonance, hysteria


    phantom flame, psychic shock, telek bolt, mass terror, resonance, hysteria

    and i always seem to put out much more damage when i have hysteria supercharge going rather than using Grandeur but i like grandeur in duo's and solos.

    im just looking for a loadout that does max damage without having to use invisibility because when i use that i usually end up getting caught with No available AM because invisibility is on cool down so i cant access resonance which gets annoying sometimes i dont see how guys keep up with that loadout lol.
  6. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    You can use the 2 PI loadout for Mental, which lets you keep both Resonance and Invisibility on your loadout.

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  7. gemii Dedicated Player

    yeah ive forced myself to get the hang of invisibility since its the bread and butter in damage

    For raids i use

    invisibility - psychic resonance - menace into Mass terror if Hysteria is on cool down Then i go into phantom flames- psychic shock - psychic bolt - mass terror into grandeur and i keep it going until invisibility is off cool down.

    i usually dont get stuck with no resonance and invisibility on cool down but when i do i simply just quickly switch my armory and use my other loadout so im not missing much damage.

    For solo/Duos/Alerts i usually use

    Mass terror into resonance - phantom flames psychic shock - telekentic bolt - Mass terror into grandeur

    rinse and repeat.

    Anything you would change in my loadout? to boost my damage further or i pretty much got it down? i have 231 SP with nothing but synthetics and a few T8 mods because im to lazy to mod with the best mods but im still able to keep up with guys with better gear and better mods sometimes even out damage them lol.
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  8. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    Max damage?

    I guess its:
    1) Must use 2 PI loadout. For the 2 PI powers, must use Telekinetic Push (short cooldown) and Phantom Flames (Burning PI for added damage). Must ppl probably only go for 2PI in raids with a Troller, and go standard 3PI setup for solos/duos/alerts, unless in the alert, there is a Troll.
    2) Use applicable consumables for Mental to setup PI.
    3) When transitioning into Invisibility, must use Menace for added damage.
    4) Use Repair bot jump cancelling method to further reduce animation time.
  9. Absolix Loyal Player

    When Resonance is active all Resonance builders and Pyro will do damage as if there is the corresponding PI regardless of whether there is a PI or not.
  10. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    You're right. Post edited.
  11. gemii Dedicated Player

    which power interaction build up gives the highest most consistent big crits with mental?

    Everyone's sticking with Push, Flames and shock? seems to be what majority of mental players use. Also does order matter? like if i arrange them differently will it be the same crit numbers?
  12. AnonymousToughGuy New Player

    I'm having some issues with Invisibility.

    I've got 2 DPS armories. 1 for adds and 1 for bosses (Invis).

    When I use invisibility, 1 of 2 things happen:

    1) Invis triggers and my power tray stays exactly the same.
    2) Invis triggers and I briefly see my Invis tray powers, but cant activate any.... it disappears that fast.


    Thanks in advance.
  13. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Sorry guys, haven't updated anything in months. Haven't played since September, so nothing is up to date. I can try to update in the coming weeks or if someone really wants to take over, they can go for it too.

    For anyone who just started playing, don't even acknowledge the 1st page
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  14. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    So, I'm back. From the looks of it, not much action in here anymore. However, was hoping someone could bring me up to speed on some things. Whatever the optimal loadouts are (seems like mine still work fine), when the revamp is coming, what it looks like, etc.
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  15. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Your Power got screwed so decently.
  16. GalaxySniper Loyal Player

    How so? I need details.
  17. Tracmar Well-Known Player

    Well the lack of responses here might mean most people have already switched out from mental maybe ?

    Currently am trying a full prec spec with DW into explosive shot . All mods and stats are prec

    loadout : mass terror , menace, phantom flames, psychic shock , robot sidekick , SC ( mostly bastion coz why not)

    Numbers were not really that great .. but hey its just day 1 ...
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  18. xxOMNIPOTENTxx Committed Player

    I find that the damage is lacking right now, but I haven't had a chance to test out much aside from a 30 min SJ run before the server crash yesterday. I'm going for the full Superpower load out atm, but need more time to test and evaluate other setups.
  19. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    I would greatly appreciate ANY Help regarding compiling a Mental Dps & Troll Loadout and SP Allocation
  20. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    I unfortunately just don't have the time to update the guide. Whoever would like to come in and take over, feel free.