A Mental Breakdown V3

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  1. motionsick Well-Known Player

    If you are talking the DPS side, the power regeneration is not based on your weapon choice.

    After you first hit Pyschic Resonance and you get that purple dandelion on your head, your AM is up. After that, hit Shock/Flames/Bolt/Mass Lev(or Mass Terror), and repeat only those 4 powers.

    There is NO need to hit Resonance again UNLESS you lost the AM (the purple dandelion). At later CRs it's fine, but for now you don't have enough power to keep hitting it.

    Also, there is no self POT in DPS role.
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  2. Zombie-Jim New Player

    Thanks. This is an old character I started playing again and it's gear is pretty low level so that is probably part of it. Sometimes I play my Controllers with a damage rotation in the control role for leveling up the solo missions. Better stuns and such.
  3. Matrix242 Active Player

    Hey guys, I was wondering what's the latest mental dps loadout nowadays. Haven't played in about 2 years. I've been looking around and so far it seems that people are using stealth and grandeur, but i don't have the slightest idea why or how to use them. Can someone please explain a good loadout and rotation for me?
  4. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    There are 2 that most people use. One is safe and does good damage, the other is risky but does a bunch.

    My loadout (safe) is: Resonance - Flames - Shock - Bolt - Mass Terror - Grandeur

    rotation: grandeur > mass terror clipped with resonance > flames > shock > bolt > mass terror > flames shock bolt > mass terror > flames shock bolt > mass terror clipped with grandeur > mass terror > flames shock bolt > etc.

    The risk/reward loadout: Flames - Shock - Bolt - Mass Terror - Grandeur - Invisibility

    Hide resonance inside of invisibility and your rotation is: Invisibility > resonance > mass terror > grandeur > mass terror > flames shock bolt > mass terror > flames shock bolt > mass terror > flames shock bolt > mass terror clipped with grandeur > mass terror > etc until invisibility is up and then you restart.

    I don't know when AMs came into the game, but just encase, when you DPS dont refresh resonance unless you don't see the wavy line BS on your head. As long as that is up, you can continue with your combo. If that drops, refresh it. That's what makes that second loadout so dangerous, because if you were to get knocked out of it, you'd be out of luck until invisibility came back off cooldown.

    Additionally they added range based DPS into the game. For example, someone at 5m to the target does significantly more damage than someone at 20.

    Sorry if someone more informed comes along and proves me wrong about stuff, I've more or less been away from the game for the past few months and am not totally up to date on everything.
  5. Matrix242 Active Player

    Thanks, I'm going to give it a try. It's ok if you're not not totally updated, you're more updated than me lol. Today i literally went into some alerts and just spammed random powers because I was so confused as to what to do.
  6. ApacheTribe Well-Known Player

    Glad you didn't mention using mass levitation instead of mass terror in harder content. I've found the damage out drop off between the 2 even when you maximize the midrange principles is too much. Guess that's why I never see anyone using it.

    It's a shame too cause the animation is pretty cool and looks better with my characters overall theme.

    "Guess you can't always get want you want...you get what you need" - DCUO motto
  7. Matrix242 Active Player

    What's so wrong about using mass lev instead of mass terror? Also, does using stealth actually have any benefits?
  8. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Invisibility allows you to trigger a full damage mass terror immediately after use and provides a 60% critical hit chance.

    Mass Levitation is your "long range" AM damaging move. Mass terror doesn't hit for full damage after a certain point, Mass Lev is used for fights where you absolutely have to be long range. The downside is, it his for significantly less than MT does at close range. At midrange MT still beats it out as well.
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  9. Matrix242 Active Player

    Oh ok, i understand now. Thanks! I'm so amazed as to how people keep finding new possibilities with these same skills we've always had.
  10. sepiaskidmark Committed Player

    Well fellow mental users, what are your thoughts on the new changes? I feel like our attacks will be like hitting enemies with a pillow compared to what we have now.
  11. motionsick Well-Known Player

    Yes, but then again so will every other power.. but only compared to the current AM. Since there will no longer be an AM to speak of, all powers should be closer in damage based on cast time.

    PI may help stack damage again. (eg: a Mental + HL + Earth might benefit from Dazed PIs working together) Damage modifiers on powers might be important again again (eg: using x power causes all dmg to increase by 45% for x seconds..etc)

    But really, no one knows how it will really play like. There are A LOT of powersets and A LOT of powers.
  12. sepiaskidmark Committed Player

    Yes. I hope they remember to allow powers to be used in invisibility again...aka pyro
  13. sepiaskidmark Committed Player

    Also, I'm wondering if mental will be a balance again with precision and might and not just all might.
  14. Absolix Loyal Player

    I'm really confused by the notes on test. They are apparently removing all of Mental's DoTs except for Thought Bubble's, a lot of CC got removed, and none of the powers changed for the AM got changed back.

    To my understanding Controllers are now really weird. Power dumps are way more powerful than PoTs and PoTs now only last 6 seconds with a 12 second cooldown. Good luck getting pugs to coordinate PoT uses for 8 mans.

    Not that anyone even PvPs anymore, but it is reportedly a complete wreck.
  15. Tsigalko Well-Known Player

    all powers now have 1 power that acts as a self power-heal. reso for mental, cold snap for ice, electrocharge for elec. and i think other powersets will have them too. depending on how much the self power-heal restore power, this can go either way. power could be an issue coz basically we're gonna be without a pot half of the time if there is only 1 troll, OR the self power-heal could be so significant that trolls will be irrelevant.

    can't really understand why they change the troll mechanics this much when it was never been a problem to begin with. the problem lies with AM's power back and i kinda thought simply removing it will be just enough without changing the mechanics on how pot works.

    can't really say much tho, won't be able to hit test until around next week, but so far from what i've heard, not looking very good to me.
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  16. GalaxySniper Loyal Player

    So as a troll we are limited of how many times we give instant power as well?
  17. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    I think Thought Bubble will be the new recommended Defense Debuff since its still has a CC effect and is a SC generator. New mental troller LO would be like:
    1. Mass Levitation/ Cryokinesis (for range CC)
    2. Power Dump
    3. PoT
    4. Thought Bubble - Defense Debuff/SC Generator
    5. Telekinetic Shield- for reviving
    6. Invisibility/ Bastion - Group Shield.
  18. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I believe damage modifiers are being removed. That kind of dps is gone. They are also supposed to be changing the hand mods.
  19. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Great. We are already going to do less.damage. Now mental will be encasing everything. Would be nice to fix the damage loss to encased enemies.
  20. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    When elite gear being in the vendor, not sure how it will work exactly. I think it will be fine. People just going thru the adjustment period. It will take a few months.