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    Well said and these are my sentiments exactly. I just want the game to thrive just as everyone else does that plays it.
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    Either way my concerns are real and felt by many others as evident in this thread which is growing very rapidly.
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  3. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    I have been in 10 failed dox runs as of late EO's and closing all of the tunnels. This community is so stuck on QQ'ing about it instead of learning what to do. I offered to teach the people in these failed runs what to do but of course im ignored and the group disbands after 5 attempts. The boss that is the hardest for people is the Warrior, they can't grasp the concept on dodging/rolling out of the way so you don't get one shot.

    The great thing about Dox was that it showed you how to multitask as a DPS/Support roles instead of always doing 1 thing over and over. A&B first and last boss are a little like Warrior but watered down. People still just sit there and wait to die instead of rolling out of the way.

    People want instant gratification and don't want to learn the games mechanic. They expect every boss to be as easy as T1-T4 with T5 armor on. For one, im glad we got DOX/Nexus since it made me a better Tank and a player.

    The other thing that kills me is the word "L33T" it get's tossed around here so much even when it's not correctly used. Maybe the Devs will give us other Raids like DOX where you have to use your brain.
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    "Combat mechanics: If you haven't been following the threads in the WIP forum, one of the things mentioned is the the devs can't always predict how players will use the combat mechanics and deal with the challenges in the game. When that happens, they have to step in and make changes so that the game runs as intended. Also, static combat mechanics will get stale for some and cause just as much disinterest as the lack of feats to achieve. And sometimes, the power/weapon mechanics just aren't working right on the live servers, so again they have to step in."

    I actually like the addition of the amazon fury weapon mechanic additions. I like being able to use multiple weapon combos. My concern is mostly about the things they are altering in order to minimize damage per second sequences (i.e. jump canceling, clipping, and the dovetailing)
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  5. Irmensul Well-Known Player

    Im sure Sptyle will be interested in your whining post op,the content is fine it has something for those who solo & something for those that dont..we have breathing space to bring up our other toons..
    I agree the power buffing & nerfing is unsettling..seeing how hard dreadful blast was hitting,stuff like that..you expect power to all be on a par with one another.
    I cant wait for the New Gods content when is that
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    Thanks and yes unfortunately the amount of money I spend on this hobby of a game backs up my passion for it! LOL

    LOL I just posted the same feedback to that poster. It appears as if I have a negative fan observing my thread. There is another term for this thaT we daRe not speak Of....LL
  8. Noisereject New Player

    Okay, here are steps to follow

    1) grab your phone/Ipod/mp3

    2) put on your headphones

    3) play the song that hypes you up

    4) if in PvP watch you BB everything if PvE watch you come out best (insert role)

    Now, PvP is broken I cannot lie, but i'd rather PvP then get kicked from a raid cuz my gear is "low"
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  9. Titans1373 Dedicated Player

    I agree with the op. Nuff said.
  10. Ghostof91 New Player

    Main point is this game can use more contents.
  11. Ice Lantern New Player

    To add to what the OP is saying:


    The replay value of the content is horrible because there is very little that is difficult to get and is worth getting. What if there were very good Tactical Mods, Auras, Styles, that can only be crafted from materials obtained from salvaging rare items like the Helm of Omnipotence, the Brainiac back from Subconstruct, the CC Hood, etc? How about crafting materials needed for Expert mods that only drop from Instance bosses and/or open world bounties? This would give people a reason to run even older content. Yes, I understand that people spent a ton of Replay Badges on Assault and Battery and are now bored. But the entire DLC isn't just A&B. Give us more compelling reasons to run all the other content in the game.


    I not quite done with the feats. The reason for that is that the skill points are just not worth the trouble. They are really just trophies for me at this point and I never cared that much about trophies and/or achievements. You don't even get anything aesthetic for your SP's. SP's don't really matter because there are much bigger factors on performance such as weapon choice, powerset and of course gear. Even reasonable differences in actual skill can be counterbalanced by player choices but that's another topic. I am not proposing that the game not be accessible to people with low skill points. But at least give us something for the time we put into the game.


    The thing that keeps me (and quite a few others) coming back to this game is the combat mechanic. IT IS THE ONE THING SOE GOT ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. While I agree with some of the oncoming changes, I am concerned that too much change is eventually going to cause people to lose interest in the game. What bothers me most about these changes is that it seems that SOE is completely oblivious regarding people's lag and/or latency. I believe that the worse thing about incompetent people is that they rarely take their own incompetence into account. Some of the great blunders in history are due to people being too confident in their own abilities.
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  12. Titans1373 Dedicated Player

    People can't understand that some people are better than them. Especially when all you have to do is cry and the game will get dropped down to their level lol. No need to improve, just keep doing what you're doing you beasty players the game will let you!
  13. Ice Lantern New Player

    Yup. In games like this, you want to be better than other people. You want to have things that other people don't have and you want to show it off. But this game tried too hard for everyone to be the same because the devs don't want to displease the casual players.
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  14. DarkSyde79 Loyal Player

    1. For better or worse, the CONTENT roadmap was recently laid out, if you don’t like this then it might be time to move on.
    2. For better or worse, DCUO is a casual MMO so if you only need 4 or 5 FEATS because you played it like a hardcore MMO, then that is on you.
    3. The EVER CHANGING COMBAT MECHANICS/POWERS are an issue but as long as people complain about superficial gaming issues in DCUO, we’ll continue to see this process, unfortunately.
    All that said, this game is walking a certain path and while I have my issues with that path, I think we have to realize that there are more people who’re fine with it than those who’re not.
  15. Ekart Committed Player

    DCUO is an MMO which casual and experienced gamers play, so you need to bring out content acordingly. And the developers need to make content for both. And the experienced were let down from with dumbing down the OC raids. They we're exciting a challenge we needed to master. Now? A joke.

    I love this game, been playing it 2 years nonstop but as lately i log on for an half an hour to do the event daily on my main and both alts and on friday/saturday to do A&B with my main. It sad really that a lot of long term players from my League are doing the same and this is starting to take a tol on my League. New members don't get the help and guidence and the old members don't get the challenge they need.

    The Content roadmap which Spytle has posted is fine, they just need to start doing novice and expert raids again so that the casuals can run the novice/casual stuff, and the experienced ones the expert/hard stuff.
  16. Fruity Reaper New Player

    The main problem as I see it is that our stats have outstripped the content, the devs appear to have recognised this by slowing nerfing bits here and there, no resto boost for rage over parallax gear as 5k resto is so powerful it could cure cancer, weapon damage nerf as DPS do way too much damage for top end raids and lower content is nonsense with a fully geared DPS.

    With the main stats and damage nerfed the content can move more towards thoughtful teamplay rather than enrage timers and face melting, this would give the game more longevity, correct a bad design decision that made stats so OP and probably resolve 80% of the bored, need more X posts.

    Personally I would say wait and see what happens in next couple of DLC's before QQ as it does appear the devs realise their mistake and are correcting it slowly.
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  17. KidMidnight Loyal Player

    we have no idea how full or empty the servers are at any time.

    to me it looks like the world is more populated now than its been in quite some time but many vets probably dont feel that because they only run with their leagues and/or current end game content. While I'll shout for t5 content I queue up for all t1-4 raids now and have had very little difficulty seeing those queues pop or getting the raids done.

    WOTL was a bit light content wise.

    Personal loot is a godsend.
  18. COMBATICUS Dedicated Player

    What I'm wondering is how this will work in PVE the WM. Because in the video spytle and the other dude forgot his somewhere they asked if the moves u combo in are interupptable, if so with all the constant blocking by adds and the fact they can't get block broken for w.e reason how we evend gonna be able to do dmg lol or max it out. I think they forcing something on us, and.instead of WM they need to fix all thelse other issues. Heck ps3 users Mic still all bugged out and been 3years. Ps4 keyboard won't pop up when u switch toons u gotta re-launch the game. So many minor things that are actually big and more important to the community. But at the same time I do blame the whinners
  19. Fruity Reaper New Player

    I suspect something like the current home turf mods that prevents selected powers that are normally interruptible from being interrupted may be introduced for weapon mastery.
  20. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    And as I said to finish those thoughts up, for some people those kinds of changes are "re-inventing the wheel." For others, it's just an adjustment to how they play. Even with all the teeth-gnashing and (in some cases) cries about the sky falling in regards to the jump canceling changes, in the end it'll probably work out the same.