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  1. Feenicks New Player

    Personally I'm all for that. And if said idea(s) were delivered like a suggestion then I would "like" it. But more often than not these types of threads are presented with either an entitlement mindset, or QQ rage rants on how the game is dying, or L33Ts coming in like this is their house and the "casuals" should just take a back seat.

    I love the game. I understand others don't. And I also understand many have a lot of ideas on how to improve this game. Full on board with that.
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  2. Jbizzahalla175 New Player

    U really should have named this thread..."putting on my dev hat"....that would have been hilarious
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  3. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    I like that analogy more.

    Suggestions, ideas, recommendations are all great. What I'm weary of are people who come onto the forums to pronounce with all possible bluster and bravado that the game now sucks, and that all good people like themselves shall now ruffle their capes and leave with a flourish.

    Or better yet, those with absolutely no insight into actual subscription numbers pronounce that the population levels are crashing and that the imminent shuttering of the doors is imminent.

    I come onto these forums because I enjoy the game, I enjoy discussing the game with other people who like playing the game. If someone is going to come onto these forums and trash the game, for whatever reason, I'm going to stick up for the game. Does that make me a fanboy? Probably, I'm too old and tired to really care anymore what other people think about me. If people want to open another website called "DCUO sukz" and people can pronounce hither and yon about why they quit the game, they can carry on.
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  4. Jbizzahalla175 New Player

    I love dcuo but I'm Leary about the upcoming balance changes....hope it all works out....I just though a few powers needed buffing and a few weapons needed buffing....or some power interaction changes....I never would have complained about balance if I knew they were gonna make there huge changes after 3 years....but I'll just have to adapt...still love the game though...
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  5. Ogat New Player

    I'd say a lot of the changes are pushed through regardless of the backslash "to prove a point" and show conviction, more then anything - Look at spytle taking up arms and putting on various hats and whatnot, they ask for opinion only to ignore it and go completely overbroad with stuff- look at the weapon charge damages(300 on dual wield/staff/1h woah op *****), the length of the dovetail for jc, the various crap they pulled with pvp, shifting stances as it suits their needs.. Normally in other mmo's it's "Og good this feature we requested for so long is finally here!" DCUO:" How are the devs going to screw us over this month?"
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  6. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    I have very different feelings about updates and such. The Dev team was very responsive to suggestions from the player base about the sorcery revamp and updates. True, there are things that occur that can be frustrating, but I really don't think they are trying to be malicious. That'd be crazy.
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  7. The Lone Stranger Devoted Player

    Skipping three pages ...

    Just wanted to say

    OP, very well considered and stated concerns.
    While I am not a three year vet and don't face the same issues, your post presented your case quite well.

    Hopefully the devs will listen to logical constructive input like this.
  8. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    Of course you're making the assumption that servers haven't been added in the past few months, which, if we're right and populations have gone up, they would have done. If the capacity has gone up, then the status population will go down.
  9. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    Sad you've put me on ignore, I wasn't talking about number of servers, but server capacity. Alas, I'll just have to whisper to the winds.
  10. COMBATICUS Dedicated Player

    If it's only for pve then maybe it'll work but if it's for pvp lol man that be another nerf another cry thread. I doubt they will add a mod like thay though but who knowd
  11. DarkSyde79 Loyal Player

    I didn’t say we shouldn’t voice our opinions as a community.

    But in order to voice our opinions more effectively, we must temper our demands regarding the content and elements we want added to this game.

    Complaint threads suggesting we have DLCs with 4 raids are unproductive because the roadmap has been set for DLCs.

    Or threads suggesting that DCUO should “add an optic blast powerset like Cyclops” or powers based around a non-DCU character.

    All such threads do is clutter the boards and keep viable suggestions from getting the push they need from the community.

    So while you might think I’m “settling for less”, I just know the rules to the game and which ones can be bent and broken vs. trying to play an entirely different game (pun intended) like a lot of people on these forums.
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  12. Feenicks New Player

    Imagine going to a resturant you frequent quite often. There's quite a line to get seated. You've came to this resturant many MANY times. You've obviously spent more money than the couple in front of you. You pitch a fit because of that to be seated before them! What do you think the owners of that resturant will do?

    Same thing here. You guys do not own this game. You are allowed to play it. It doesn't matter how much you spend here. Be courteous with your requests and see what happens.
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  13. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    You are misinformed.

    According to Mepps, population is up across all servers and has been growing steadily since last fall (even before the release of the PS4).

    In order to deal with the added population, they have added additional hardware (also called servers).
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  14. Spytle Executive Creative Director

    Increasing server capacity would affect percentages. Since we did do that, 3/4's is actually a much larger number than the previous "full".
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  15. Sora Prince New Player

    Isn't there only so much the Dev's can do? Especially on a Ps3/XBox where they have to get permission to release updates...?
  16. Feenicks New Player

    That should end the argument of the population dropping...

    ...but somehow I don't see that ending.

    Rally around the big orange bird! The game is still alive and well. No seeing the end of it from here!

    Too much passion? Sorry....
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  17. Feenicks New Player

    I'm T5 and I log in daily. My league is mostly T5 and they log in daily. Many on my friend's list are T5 and they log in daily.
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  18. Valsmurf Loyal Player

    I just love it when you or Mepps come in with cold, hard, irrefutable facts that completely contradict whiney, baseless "know-it-alls" who think their anectdotal evidence is God's Truth..
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  19. Feenicks New Player

    So you're basically saying the word of the Devs have no meaning to you. Then why even post here? If the Devs answer you wouldn't believe them. Your mind is set. You are seriously jaded. So your opinion really doesn't carry any weight.
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  20. Feenicks New Player

    Quoted for truth!
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