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  1. Burnt New Player

    More than likely
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  2. Derio 15000 Post Club

    I agree, the lack of feats is highly upsetting. I used to pvp alot back in the day so i dont blame people who dont pvp now because of the mechanics and how the difference in pvp gear is so unbalanced outside of the powersets being balanced its crazy.

    I just hope devs get things right in DLC11. Why DLC11? Because DLC10 isnt even out yet and I already know it will bore me to death.
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  3. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    Wotl was kinda disappointing with content wise. I wish they would do more and fix pvp already.

    Next dlc will determine if I play this game with legendary or f2p.
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  4. Captain Neos Committed Player

    Yeah personal loot is much better than the roll was. I play troll but have been able to gear up for dps with some high level gear and that would not be possible on the old system. Not to mention the hotly contested dps only styles you would never see like time traveller or oolong. I mean we have 4 dps raids now lol what are the chances all of them will pass on it and even then im competing with four other people who might need while I greed. And ofcourse I still rejoice that the ninja philoshpy has been well and truly buried.
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  5. Scotty Ohura Well-Known Player

    Just my two cents here but the reason you don't have enough content is your own fault don't run a/b 12 times a week I have only been runnining it maybe once or twice a week, I run maybe to alerts a night, and run stuff for fun not because I get the best gear, I run smallville often because I love that instance. Try playing for fun, it's fun.
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  6. WL Corpsman New Player

    Please consider his ideas. Forum post like this are nonexistent now a days. Great post.
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  7. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    WOTL lacked content.

    Hopefully next dlc makes up for it.
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  8. RageOfHeaven1990 New Player

    DLC 10 is a small DLC, but after DLC 10 they are going to be adding 2 raids per large DLC and at least 1 raid per small DLC.
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  9. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    Ya I know but hopefully we get three 4 man alerts and some duos.

    I could live with that.
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  10. RageOfHeaven1990 New Player

    I think we are getting iconic anomaly solos (a feat was glitched and went onto test server) it was posted somewhere. I doubt we will get 3 alerts, I'm thinking 2 at most and maybe 1 or 2 duos.
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  11. Scotty Ohura Well-Known Player

    I won't say it wasn't lacking, but part of the problem is how people play content, if people did not replay alerts and raids so often, it would feel although there is more content. It makes the game more fun.
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  12. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    Life is much too short and fleeting to be spent anguishing about why you don't like a game. If you're not having fun, don't play it. If you're having fun, it's all good. All this ersatz angst over an amusement accomplishes nothing but stressing yourself out, and that's not healthy, nor productive.
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  13. Mermaid Dedicated Player

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  14. Statman New Player

    These kinds of threads pop up more or less daily...
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  15. MCAZR New Player

    Replay badges aren't the cause of everyone's boredom. I've done Nexus well over 100 times loot locked, maybe even approaching 200 times, and still thoroughly enjoy it. The content in WOTL and SOT are a different story. Those 2 DLC's just haven't provided much replayability for me. I'm sure there are a lot of people that feel the opposite, I hope so for the sake of the game's health.

    I feel that there is a lack of content and I understand that you feel that isn't the case. At least we can agree to disagree.
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  16. RageOfHeaven1990 New Player

    Starting with DLC 11 they will start adding at least 1 raid per DLC, and possibly alternating hard and normal. So this will end up giving everyone what they want. SOT was kind of a let down for me as well, I was honestly expecting challenging Trigon to be a raid rather than an alert. WOTL was a large DLC but you can tell the majority of the work was in setting up the area so I'm expecting the next ones to be better.
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  17. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    For years and years.
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  18. Gunny New Player

    Lol, if hes actually looking for OC type DLC's, I pray they not only grant it, but make it even MORE of a challenge.

    The 1990's-present generations is completely loaded with these soft-bellied people that believe everyone who tries is a winner. Win by participation. "You can be whatever you want to be".

    Sure. You can do whatever you want.....but most people forget that long road of learning, gaining experience, and honing your skills between you just starting out and you on top of the world. Everyone was excited for OC and turns out as soon as 98% of the playerbase tried the raids out, they tucked tail and ran to QQ. Learn content people, not get this trash on easy street like Wotl. You know theres problems when people posted full raid gear sets and complete feat lists for the DLC during the legendary exclusive period!

    For you people that say "take your time", no! I want to be able to log in and have content I can throw every one of my tips and tricks at and fight tooth and nail to just complete it. THATS the fun in the game, not falling asleep while trolling because the content has been dumbed down so bad that the raids can be done with 3-4 people.

    Id teach how to do an original dox run.....but no one would ever want to stay to learn! Yet, they turned around and blame the content like you are here. But hey. Go ahead, bore the vet players to death. Wish them gone like you do to this guy. Then you'll have no one to drag you through content - which you'll need to come and QQ for another nerf. Eventually, you'll be killing sinestro and hank about as fast as it takes to kill a player in call of duty - not due to skill, but just because everyone's OP, and a DPS can solo your raid bosses. Hey, ill hand my controller to my 5 year old and let him troll for you. Not like the way the games going, he wont be able to manage it LOL.
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    It’s not about being jaded. I posted general concerns from players perspectives. No need to take it personal.
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  20. Kharhaz Committed Player

    So you want the rush content, and not to teach others, ironic considering your sig. You dont want to teach others, I know from your response, you are another leet. You TELL people, not teach.
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