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    PM me if you can't stop thinking about me,I told you
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    Yeah thats right,theres a few on this thread,its pathetic,maybe they need to get some..
    Seriously,how are there so many arrogant,ignorant people in this game..prolly never even read a DC or Marvel title
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    Yes the player can challenge themself, but to what extent. We shouldnt have to walk in fos1 and 3 and try to solo it because the game lacks so much challenge that the player themself has to think outside the box to provide themselves a decent challenge. Sometimes you want to do a duo by yourself because knowing the second person helping you is making it even easier.

    Question as a gamer. Do you feel better when you steamroll through content with no difficulty whatsoever because you have the best gear, or when you face a challenging situation in your best gear and you overcome it with communcation and strategy of teammates?

    I know when me and my league beat prime for the first time( when it launched) we were all jumping for joy out of our seats. However when AB came out and we beat it we were all like thats it? Weak.

    Im sorry I thought most gamers like a challenge that invokes strategy. But according to the casual player as I've heard they all like to steamroll through content, stack dps and say when its easy its fun.
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    98% of the people who play this would consider themselves nerds and the other 2% are in denial. You say nerd like its a bad thing.
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    I think I remember that thread floating around, but the biggest thing I think would be a problem with recycling old content is the inevitable cries of the devs being lazy if they did that. They already get those accusations when a familiar location is used for something new in the game, so it's tough for me to see those same players being all that forgiving if entire pieces of content are recycled, not just locations.

    As far as DLCs phasing previous ones out, it's not all that different than what happens in other MMOs when they get expansions. Remember, for us CR pretty much equates to new levels, and any time a new expansion hits an MMO it can have the same kind of effect that new tiers and CR has on our game.

    Finally, there is some truth to what you said about entertainment, but I think the lines blur a bit when it comes to interactive products like MMOs. With MMOs in particular, the players themselves are a greater part of the equation than in something like watching a movie or reading a book. The actions players take can have more of an effect on new content and entertainment derived from it than most other media. The devs do need to provide some sources of entertainment, but the players also need to take responsibility for what they do with that content, and that doesn't happen as much as I think it should. The devs aren't in it alone because what we do affects how long that new content stays new.
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    For me, it can depend greatly on my own mood. There are some days I go in and fight the good fight against something at or around my levels and take the opportunity to learn the ins and outs. Best example is that I'm currently taking my Quantum character through the Ace/Strykers missions to get him geared up for T5, and it's providing a decent challenge because he isn't as geared up as other characters and I'm still adjusting which powers I want to use in DPS mode.

    Then there are other days where I've had a bad day and want to relieve some stress, so it's off to some lower tier/level content to beat the snot out of some hapless NPCs, especially if they're NPCs that gave me headaches in the past. On those days, steamrolling can bring more satisfaction.

    There's a whole spectrum of preferences and reasons for those preferences. Very rarely is it a "only this or that, nothing in between" situation.
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    Maybe I'm in the minority of players who want to be challenged by what they do online idk; speaking of which time to cancel my sub. Tbh I think DCUO is starting to become more tuned to the 8 to 14 age bracket than 20+ and that could be the problem as far as stimulation/difficulty level is concerned.

    But mainly what I am concerned about it the game's apparent nonchalance towards throwing finance invested to create DLC's away. Pretty soon a DLC like Lightning Strikes will become almost completely worthless for it's content - merely a snack in the CR food chain. Nobody will buy that DLC anymore unless they OP the Electricity Powerset.. there's not much incentive to buy it right now let alone 3 years in the future. Lost income on DLC sales will lead to price increases in other areas so you can't say it won't hurt players or the game as a whole to just ignore how irrelevant certain DLC content becomes as time goes by. Better to scale the content so the customer doesn't lose a purchase and new customers still want to buy it.
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    A. The prime mover, the driving force, of DCUO is not actual profit but market-presence and brand recognition. DC comics gets market presence and brand recognition in the gamespace. SOE gets a big name, high-recognition IP flagship offering. Direct profit is secondary.

    B. Selling DLCs is not the real profit-strategy for DCUO. "Premium" is a middle bridge between the f2p trial-mode and the end-goal of subscription. Selling DLCs is not a relevant strategy. In the big picture, the number of copies sold of a certain DLC doesn't amount to a hill of beans. You can take my word for this or you can make a pretty simple inferred conclusion based on how quickly SOE obsoletes the DLCs.

    In a perfect marketing-strat world, a new customer plays F2P for a few weeks, then buys 1-2 DLCs which will hold them over for maybe another 1-2 months then they buy in to a subscription. That's how SOE wants it to work. Keeping DLCs permanently viable for purchase to make profit from DLC sales is not part of the equation.

    C. why there are always these posts lecturing SOE about what their profit margins are or how best to make money is unfathomable. Telling SOE, a massive international multi-corp, how to run their business and what they need to do to make money is one of the top 3 most ridiculous common topics on these forums.
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    Just created 2 alts - after a long time of just one character and the new leveling up and the involvement you get is awesome.. I felt like I was immersed in DC Lore - as opposed to end game that seems to be caught up in generic raids where we barely see anything dc in em (paradox was a huge one for this imo.. battling monsters and batman dying on the side all the time.. just didnt seem very dc to me lol)
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    Here is my 'word for Spytle' then-
    DLC 36 is going to be awesome as far as DC lore,we are going to be seeing some major DC characters for the first time in this game-New Gods-Orion,Lightray,Darkseid..Maybe one day we can look forward to seeing other iconic DC characters such as The Atom & Geoforce.
    Messing around with the styles I was able to do a pretty accurate Orion costume,(both the seventies one & the original)..& a lightray one..the emblems were the only thing not exactly right..
    The Egyptian sorcerors style belt was perfect for my seventies Orion toon (& great to use with Rage!).
    A big deal for me as a comics fan to see these DC JLA characters featured,as they should not imo be missing from a game that features wonder girl & some other,more obscure characters
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    Yes, but if the f2p and premium experiences aren't fun, you lose potential subs.
    That's why the penalties imposed for not subbing need to be lessened:
    If people have fun and enjoy the game, they're more likely to sub.
    After all, there are very few actual perks to a subscription: Most of the "perks" are actually "we aren't gonna urinate on you now that you sub"
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    i never use/buy replays and the content is lacking
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    Content is most definitely not lacking in this game. There are so many options, so I have a set of instances/ missions that I do when I first log on for feats that I am working on, and then I do whatever I feel like after that. There is a plethora of content in this game.
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    if the game was truly free to play then i might agree that contents not lacking.120/180 $ a yr to do the same content ive done 3000 times makes it lacking in my opinion. war of the light content can be done in less then 1 1/2 hours ( not good to me)
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