Sony Online Entertainment Becomes Daybreak Game Company

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dexella, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. BaneBlackguard New Member

    so who is Columbus Nova? What is there interest in this game company? Why did they think it was worth the investment? What are there plans for Daybreak? Can't expect customers to have faith in the decisions being made if no one is willing to include them in the discussions. Columbus Nova Executives need to come on here and explain more than a few things. Now is not the time to get cute about what information is going to be released and what isn't. Daybreaks future literally depends on convincing customers how and why this news is good. Not with catch phrases, tweets, and sound bites; with extensive honest discussions and communication. It would behoove Columbus Nova to convince these customers why we should trust them.
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  2. RagingEye New Member

    Thats great news :)
    Lets hope that someday DCUO will be playable on Xbox :rolleyes:
  3. Starleap New Member

    Have you taken a look at http: // columbusnova . com/ ? (Erase spaces)
    Even the WEBSITE dont give much information about ANYTHING... Don't get your hopes up on them coming out with a "Press release" stating any future plans for one of their company's, daybreaks"Player base"...
    It's an Investment firm,...
  4. Feldon Forum Volunteer

  5. granicuss New Member

    I think that the MMO model more than any other is a community customer based business plan. I was until last night going to get the prerelease of H1N1, until I heard about this, why do I hesitate? The answer is simple, Star Wars Galaxies, one of the greatest MMOs of all time until outside forces decided it did not meet its expectations. With this came major changes without the consultation or consent of the customer community. Because of this instead of boosting profit it killed the game.

    My fear is that this company's first dictate besides personnel moves will be a shift from our current pay to win right now and pay to look pretty model to a pure pay to win system. Without a commitment that this will not come to pass, and a commitment that any game in sunset will be released to the community to use so long as no one makes profit from it, then I cannot commit to you.

    The community based model that comes with the PC MMOs requires a level of transparency that an investment firm like this is not used to employing. Without this you guys will lose costumers on fears and concerns alone, and then the self fulfilling prophecy of pay to win and sunset then disenchantment of the community shall come to pass, and the end of this will come.
  6. Fendy Member

    Columbus Nova is the U.S.-based affiliate of the Renova Group of companies, one of the largest Russian strategic investors in the metallurgical, oil, machine engineering, mining, chemical, construction, housing, utilities and financial sectors.
  7. SAraisxenoqueen Member

    Might as well be at this point, what with all the broken things, hackers running rampant, low population due to the previously mentioned things, and so on.

    Unless the game is fixed, it might just as well be sunset. considering SOE and probably DBGC won't touch the thing despite the profitability being there if it was fixed-up and re-tooled.

    You know bloody well a re-made HD version of planetside with a cosmetic-only shop would sell like hotcakes. Lots of people miss the game, the BFRs and the caves. but unfortunately, ofcourse, it's broken. So nobody's playing it anymore, that and the hackers...

    If PS1 isn't getting support and is hardly played anymore, why don't you just put it out of it's metaphorical misery already?
  8. Rayko New Member

    Guys...Daybreak Gaming? Really? o_O
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  9. Jojobean1979 New Member

    I have a few people who want to start playing DC Universe and get the All Access Pass but want to pay thru PayPal Credit only, so what I'm asking (DayBreak Games) would it be possible in the near future to add PayPal Credit as an option to pay for subscriptions and Station Cash purchases or the equivalent for the new company?
  10. Jojobean1979 New Member

    If anything they should bring back Matrix Online and SWG but that's just wishful thinking on my part.
  11. tottcophii New Member

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  12. tottcophii New Member

    SWG was shut down because the license with LucasArts expired and LA didn't want to renew. It's as dead as dead can be, and is never officially coming back.
  13. SOULHGHY New Member

    no more pay to win games ?truth free to play games or same crap with the new company ?
  14. SOULHGHY New Member

    DCUO is a shameful trial called free to play

    really is tim to change this failure new company new changes...
  15. Kurisutaru New Member

    I just want to say, being married to someone who works with computers for a living (hardware, programming, security, etc.) I know how difficult it can be. The long hours, the anything that can go wrong will go wrong, the finding a fix that won't break other stuff, etc. :oops: It's A LOT of work. So, kudos on what you've accomplished so far.. and best wishes for your future endeavors. Can't wait to see what comes next. ;)
  16. Zoe New Member

    That is sad to hear, as Free Realms was mismanaged to the point of Sunset. There is NO other game out there like Free Realms. None. Not One.
    It was vibrant in detail, and had so much potential. There were so many different options that appeal to a FAMILY friendly environment.

    The mini-games "could" have been released for mobile gaming, but nope, didn't happen. So many lost opportunities.
    Almost a year later, and still people miss and talk about Free Reams, and many of us are not "kids".
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  17. ZeldaSmokes New Member

    jesus, does this mean Wizardry Online is going to finally get the chance it deserved?!
    i think it's the most amusing thing ever that Sony is actually like "oh we're getting less money, people must not like pc games" so they sell off xD
    Instead of being like, "hey you guys... do we just suck?"

    interested in seeing the direction this is going to take.

    but seriously, a heads up Wizardry Online managed, and advertised correctly would kill this market right now.
    a combination of a legit hc gamers thirsting for something that's not a joke, and the legion of sao fanboys coming in (maker of sao states he was inspired by wizardry, and it reflects)
    It would dominate the u.s's current crap market of games, hopefull there is still some ties with Gamepot to allow you the rights you would need, i know suba games has already expressed interest.
  18. BuzWeaver New Member

    David Georgeson, Director of Development for Landmark and Everquest Next and Terry Michaels, Senior Producer for Landmark and Evequest next briefly discuss the newest changes.
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  19. Destructress New Member

    Bring back SWG and return balance to the galaxy!
  20. Destructress New Member

    Dave sounds like he's saying "date ****"

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