Sony Online Entertainment Becomes Daybreak Game Company

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dexella, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. OpolE Member

    I wonder what this could mean for Planetside 1. Our beloved Auraxis. Be strong!!!!!
  2. SAraisxenoqueen Member

    If this effects planetside 1 in a positive light, I'm all on board for it...

    ...If it means absolutely jack **** and the REAL planetside is still getting shafted, my opinion remains the same.
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  3. SAraisxenoqueen Member

    And as for still being unable to edit posts for some reason; that opinion is heavilly negative

    Bring back planetside 1. We're here. The money is here. Let us come back into the light.

    Even if it just means an HD version. That's cool too.
  4. Dexella Community Relations

    While our current games will be continuing on their operational and development plans, we do not have any plans to bring back games that were previously sunset by the company.

    EQ and EQII remain part of our portfolio of games. :)
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  5. Doomsgloom New Member

    Well, this is disappointing. Are Sony going completely bankrupt now? Selling everything, and shutting down whatever is not sold. No longer making computer, no TV, about to stop mobile department, selling SOE. Whats left? Do i have to throw my PS4 out the window and buy a Xbox now?

    As for this "Daybreak" I don't know them, so i don't trust them. I trusted Sony.
    I will definitely hold off on buying any of the games now. For all I know this new company will run everything into the ground and sell off the bits and pieces. Not like that has not happened before.
    I wanted to buy Planetside 2 for the PS4. Now, not so much. I was planning on becoming an All access member. Not anymore. Not giving my money to a completely unknown company, that can potentially just shut all the games down in an instant. And don't say that will never happen, it HAS happened before when similar sales were made. I have not heard anything about this Daybreak being under a contract to keep these games up and running for the next years. So I will assume they have no such contract. And can if they wish, fire everyone, and kill all software currently under development. Considering that this company know nothing about computers or games. I see this as highly probable.

    A month ago, I would never have imagined me to say these words... But I am seriously considering getting an Xbox one now, in anticipation of Sony going away permanently.

    SOE, and probably Sony, I will miss you. Just like I miss Crash Bandicoot, which is also dead forever. Sad but true.
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  6. Dexella Community Relations

    To clarify a bit -- Daybreak Game Company is the old SOE. We're the same folks, and we have the same President (John Smedley). Daybreak Game Company is our new name now that we have been acquired by Columbus Nova, which is an investment management firm. Our current portfolio of games will continue their operations/development paths, which includes PlanetSide 2 on PS4 (currently in Closed Beta in the US).

    Hope that helps explain it a bit. Let us know if you have additional questions!
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  7. Doomsgloom New Member

    So kinda like... Oh say a company like Microsoft, buying a game development company like say.. Mojang?
    Microsoft is still in charge, Mojang has no choice but to follow Microsoft's wishes (demands) or getting laid off. I already noticed what happened to Minecraft, the Xbox One version is cheaper than the PS4 version in the stores. And so it begins.

    I am worried what will happen to "Daybreak", will it ever survive past noon? (see what I did there?) Station cash will be re-branded... and then? If I pay for a full year now, am I guarantied this will not be adversely affected of rescinded within that year? I have payed for things like this before, only to see the game being shut down and all money wasted. Among others, PlayStation Home... Which is now dead.
  8. Hirukot New Member

    I'm guessing by the words "existing IP" like Karen said before that this means that Columbus Nova will maybe bring back the best game SOE made? You guys know what I mean -wink wink- Free Realms...
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  9. Shailas New Member

    I still don't think it's good that an investment firm bought the company. As soon as they start working to optimize things then we, the customers and current employees, will lose out. I'll miss SOE after all these years of good gaming and fun.
  10. Waldin New Member

    My concern is that these investment firms are only concerned with share holding returns. The way I have seen online games go is to become just like so called freemium apps on phones and tablets. Oh you get the game for free but to get to x level you have to have y item which is only available for .99 cents. some people call it the pay to win model. Be assured if this happens you will loose your player base and the company will eventually have to close. I have been a sub since 1999 I still have my orignal EQ1 box with CD and manual. But I will refuse to be a part of any game even my beloved EQ if you choose to adopt the pay to win model.
  11. Hexacles New Member

    More importantly ..

    What's Qeynos' name going to be now? Quakeybad?
  12. Paige Violetlight New Member

    Oh my gosh, please bring back Free Realms whenever theres an oppertunity! I along with many many others really miss it! I am getting older (the game was mostly for younger age groups) but that doesn't change my feelings for the best game I've ever played! I know tons of people that are in their higher teens that would kill to bring this game back so please, think about it! :)
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  13. Starleap New Member

    More like Qeekaerbyad =)
  14. Starleap New Member

    Now that you are owned by an investment management firm, we don't need to sugarcoat it, if they see things that doesn't work, they will cut, that how it works. BUT, what this all boils down to is the development freedom on your current projects that counts. Will you have complete control over the development or will they try to implement their smart money-making solutions into your games to make more profit? Will you have a say in whether or not you will implement their awesome and great money making super feature? (ofc, seen from their perspective)

    As i said, don't sugarcoat this. This is what it is, and its hard no not be skeptical about all of this. "Investment management firm"?...Want to be the next EA? please don't.
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  15. Edra New Member

    Because of this acquisition, I must hold off on playing anything from Daybreak/SoE until I see what the end result is of this acquisition... SOE has made some horrible decisions in the past to games I loved playing.. Buying and messing up Vanguard.. Horribly screwing up SWG (a game I saw through betas 1,2,3, launch, CU, NGE and eventual shutdown) <--A true community driven open world, sandbox MMO, which had the best crafting and resource system, that will likely never be duplicated... I had planned on playing H1Z1, but now that is on hold.. BTW, my daughter actually liked Free Realms.....

    In short, as of right now, you guys cant be trusted..
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  16. SAraisxenoqueen Member

    So no return of Planetside?

    Nice to know you're still ******** on us, thanks. But hey, your loss. You'll be the ones going out of buisness, when you could of just fixed planetside 1.

    Strange, isn't it? How one game will have it's vengeance?
  17. Dexella Community Relations

    The PlanetSide 1 servers are still up and available to players. This game has not been sunset.
  18. Fendy Member

    LOL. Maybe SA meant to say FreeRealms. ;)
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  19. Captain Electric New Member

    Good luck and godspeed, Smedley and team. I don't have any unearned faith in this investment management firm's ability to nurture the creative needs and creative capital of your game studio; and if comments here and elsewhere are any indication, Columbus Nova has already devalued DGC's stable and associated consumer confidence simply through the act of purchasing it. (I visited Columbus Nova's website. It suggests all of the MMO industry competence of a 90 year-old knitting enthusiast taking over the financial management of an NFL team.)

    Smedley, I hope that you'll do the absolute best with what the universe has apparently handed you; but I'll remind you that these kinds of soulless corporate shenannigans have absolutely nothing to do with us, and are collectively the reason why we are leaving in droves for Greenlit independent studios and Kickstarter MMOs. For over a decade now, we've watched what dinosaur corporatism does to worlds that we care about. We've wised up; we've earned this wisdom, and all the money in the world can't put that cat back into its bag.
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  20. BaneBlackguard New Member

    no it would have to be Avon Submuloc

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