Who got the Best ESSR?

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  1. Skeith

    Railjack is the best of the 3 imo, the delay it's actually something that you can use to your advantage once you master it,it's the best sniper rifle to kill moving targets in the entire game due it's bat**** insane velocity

    the phaseshift it's meh, i see this weapon became ok if they keep the OHK potential past 300 meters and/or they allow you to charge the shot while cloaked

    The Trap is ok,it's a decent mid range ambushing weapon,but as a TR main im pissed that they gave us a scout rifle and not a sniper rifle, i mean this is not a sniper rifle at all as someone who snipes often im kinda annoyed.
  2. ISKNausicaa

    woo didn't realize i was that far up the board with the railjack, its an odd weapon, half the time i find myself fighting my own ingrained sniping instincts from using the T3 for so long, but i love learning sniping again in a slightly different form.

    I really love the phase, but i do believe it could do with some minor tweaks, i feel it should have access to all the close range optics and a slight reduction in recoil on the semi auto mode.
  3. Benevon

    I'd vote the TRAP. Granted, it's the only one I have used but we didn't really need another sniper rifle. The phaseshift looks interesting and the railjack just looks like a tier 4 bolt action with a half ***** mechanic for balance. I can't speak to the performance of the phaseshift or railjack, those are just my opinions based on the design overall and I feel like the NC got shafted when it comes to the faction diversity.
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  4. Morti

    TRAP > Railjack > whatever VS got

    I despise the railjack. The only thing it has going for itself is it's model. The firing delay is what puts me off. I'm too used to the bullet leaving the chamber the same millisecond you click.
  5. sindz

    Railjack is by far the best.
  6. DFDelta

    TRAP is the best one of the 3.
    While I consider it worthless as a sniper rifle, I do think it is currently the best semi automatic Rifle in the game.

    Railjack is meh.
    It is just another bolt action sniper rifle. Slightly worse because the delay forces you to stay visible for slightly longer.

    Phaseshift is bad.
    Long range sniping the charge up forces you to stay visible and in the open for longer then any other BASR, and up close it is worthless as a scout rifle because it lacks any scopes below x6.
  7. RockPlanetSide2

    The phaseshift is only being used by people who just picked it up, are AUXing it, or are just trying to be cool in game as "that guy with the shift" (or making videos about the guns)... its a bad weapon, there is no argument about it. Even infinite ammo in semi-auto mode is bad, maybe 1 out of 100 lives you actually run out of ammo on the Spectre before you are killed or the battle you are in dissolves (unless you are just spinning in a circle firing wildly).

    You can defend on the forums all you want, the truth will always be your in game performance will suffer when you use it because it is bad. I see all these "you just have to figure it out!" posts (for the RJ as well)... they are GARBAGE. If they were not, you would be getting sniped by Shifts and RJ's ever other second.

    Every time you shoot the Shift you are 100% gambling on being counter sniped by even the worst snipers in the game, that is not true of any original rifle.

    Just let them die, they are bad, wait for a total redesign on them.
  8. DxAdder

    Rail Jack is the best, while veteran snipers wont see much of an improvement any one else will see this weapon as upgrade.

    The TRAP, I like this weapon but for me the long range sniping is what I prefere.

    Worst is the Phaseshift, It's an OK weapon but really nothing special.
  9. Baccano

    If by excel you mean is only slightly better than the free default but worse than the LA-80 and Longshot then yes it "Excels"

    Feel free to read through my post on this thread:


    If you want an accurate break down of whether the Railjack is worth the unlock.

    - SideWinder
  10. Hoki


    Until you roll up a flank with a silenced TRAP, you just can't understand.

    You don't know man, you weren't there!
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  11. dragonwinds

    I've done it...
  12. minhalexus

    If you compare the ESSR to the ESHW its kind of like this:

    Trap is similar to the Jackhammer (burst fire modes, unique weapons in its field)

    Railjack is similar to the MCG (spin up/ charge up time)

    Phaseshift is similar to the Lasher (both unique and fun weapons with downsides)

    Honestly i would choose the Trap over the Railjack, but oh well TR already got the MCG, they would go nuts if they got the Railjack as well.
  13. Nephi1im

    It's been tested over and over. The railjack at best is 1/2 a mildot less drop at 300m silenced with a 12x scope than the longshot. At worst, it is like 1/10 a mildot less drop at 300m unsilenced with a 6x scope. If that somehow outweighs smaller mag and slower travel to you (at all ranges) than I guess have fun with it....
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  14. Nephi1im

    Except the TRAP has the ability to single burst kill in CQC, which no scout rifle can do. I haven't messed with the PS outside of VR, but I do know the railjack is inferior to the longshot in all practical senses.
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  15. Lafladitu

    I do not think that this site gives accurate data.
    I have enough kills with phaseshift for the 10th place but I am not on the list at all.. meh! :(
  16. Vaphell

    assuming the inaccuracies are not faction biased, it still shows the relative popularity of these weapons and their usage should roughly follow the 2:4:6 proportions.
  17. Vikingo

    True it can, but it requires quite a bit from the player to put all 3 bullets in the head. Personally I do better with the semi-auto scout than the TRAP. Still I find the TRAP to be the "funniest" to use out of the bunch.
  18. Xada

    The railjack is the best gun for killing afk players from the render distance, complete crap against players who like to move

    The phaseshift is a fun gun that doesn't excel at anything

    The TRAP is a good gun for what it does.
  19. Killerdude8

    I'd say NC got the best end out of the ESSR deal.

    NC got a high velocity rifle with a slight firing Delay.

    VS got a rifle with infinite ammo, but has to charge in order to fire.

    TR didn't get a sniper rifle.
  20. CreamPieCrusade

    Keep up with the good videos! Love your channel man.