Who got the Best ESSR?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by DrankTHEKoolaid, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. DrankTHEKoolaid

    Just my opinions in this video. Feel free to tell me I'm an idiot.

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  2. Vaphell

    judging by the DA stats, VS seem to dislike their ESSR the most, which is strange because even if i thought the BASR mode sucks, i'd just use it as an infinite ammo semi-auto.

    20 VS players with 500+ kills

    41 NC players with 500+ kills

    56 TR players with 500+ kills
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  3. Pikachu

    I see some railjacks here and there and the users say they love it. I have seen like 3 users of phaseshift. Trappers are just a little more common.
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  4. Tentakewls

    Spectre is better when it comes to semi auto, and we get it for free. Ammo is not an issue with ammo belt ( honestly, it's not an issue without it either, 80 bullets default is more than you'll ever need ).
  5. Plague Rat

    Definitely disappointed with the Railjack just being another sniper rifle. I've been downright jaded since they released the thing.

    I admit I had gotten my hopes up with the idea of a hybrid rifle. (Playing Killzone: Shadowfall didn't help. You basically got a carbine that converted into a sniper rifle, felt NC as hell.) I though the ES rifles would inject some much needed versatility among the specialized weapons in the infiltrator arsenal. And for the TR and VS ES Rifles, they did hit that mark to varying degrees.

    But unfortunately, bolt actions are perhaps one of the most specialized weapon types in the game, and at the end of the day the Railjack is just another bolt action. I get that the shotgun wasn't working out but was just going straight bolt action, and adding another one to the pile really the best decision here?

    It's a fifth variant in what was already the most represented weapon type available to the class. No new versatility, no new tactical options. All it provides is a choice based on player preference, and that's why I feel kind of cheated by it.

    As far as who got the best ES Rifle:
    I'd give the title of 'best' to TR TRAP because it's a weapon that nicely fills out a very under represented spot in the class arsenal.

    I'd rank the Phase shift second because of the new features and the dual firing method can let a user operate in a wider range of situations without changing weapons.

    And obviously I'd rate the Railjack last, because at the end of the day, it's just another bolt action and in terms of tactics, style and methodology, is virtually identical to the current common stat rifles.
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  6. CuteBeaver

    IMO Railjack should have come with electrified taser mode. :) A BASR that shoots out lower radius EMP that affect allies near the struck target, so they lose shields like tenebrae suggested for the VS empire rifle a while ago. Boom now the NC have a suppression based BASR sniper rifle where an electrical charge up mechanic makes sense....

    It would be neat if such a thing had a similar function to how the phaseshift fires Charged Shots, but instead of more damage they become mini EMP shots. Railjack's leading mechanism could be interesting and productive at that point. Most T3 BASR take 2 body shots to kill, so it would be understandable that the railjack would become a long range suppression and body shot machine assuming you could land mini EMP on targets and then land follow up shots on those nearby targets who were affected.
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  7. Nanomorph

    Ok, so VS got an infinite ammo hybrid that doesn't do anything as well as specialized rifles.

    No point in having infinite ammo if you're going to be outgunned anyway.

    NC got a monster BASR with a short fire delay.

    TR didn't even get a sniper rifle, they just got a scout rifle.

    I would pick the Railjack - at least it excels at something.

    That being said, the best weapon added with the Infil update is probably the NS Vandal - that thing is a beast at most ranges.
  8. kaolla

    maybe true in a way, but railjack don't look like a faction sniper, it is just a bolt action with no real change except less drop.

    the VS is pretty good and of course it is outperfomed by specialized weapon, it woukld be OP if it could OHK at 300M and do semi auto, you would see all VS player using it because there would be no point to take other sniper.

    TR weapon is good, no need for a sniper if it is the same as we can already have
  9. Nanomorph

    The problem with the VS rifle is that there's just no point using it over specialized rifles.

    Loses at long range to dedicated BASRs and loses at medium range to Vandal & co.

    The Railjack has more stopping power and is better at extreme ranges, so yes it's better than other long range BASRs.

    The pre-live version of the Railjack was pretty much a direct upgrade and the live version is not much different, once you get used to the fire delay.
  10. minhalexus

    Go ahead try it someday. I personally found myself killing a lot more people with the Longshot compared to the Railjack.

    The short delay on the railjack is what ruins it all.
    I might have picked up the railjack if:

    1) it had no delay
    2) it had a longer delay like the VS phaseshift, basically you need to charge up the first 2 bars then you have the freedom to shoot in the 2 seconds of the third bar. (this would have made much more sense)

    The extreme ranges you speak of start off at something like 250m, while the total render distance for infantry is 300m.
    I'm pretty sure that you can not OHK a target in these ranges anyways, and i would like to see some1 land headshots at these ranges, cuz i dont really know any1 who can do that at moving targets.

    That is kind of the whole point of the gun. You get an extremely versatile gun instead of a specialized gun.
    Infinite ammo adds to the versatility.
    If you know that you are about to run in a situation where specialized guns will be effective, then use the specialised gun. If you do not know that, then use the phaseshift.
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  11. Nanomorph

    Fair enough, but I have tried the TR and NC rifles on my alts and I'm still confident that NC got the best ESSR.

    The Railjack is murderous at 200-300m range, shorter ranges are simply for other rifles.

    The Phaseshift really isn't worth much because most fights require a specialized weapon.

    I'm never too from a sunderer or spawn point to redeploy and switch from Ghost to SMG and back.

    I'm sure some people will still use the Phaseshift just for Auraxium, fun and variety. :)
  12. Bape

    Guessing you didn't watch the video since the delay make the whole 200 more velocity irrelevant. Sorry but it honestly feels you are faction biased even a idiot knows NC got the worse it EXACTLY similar to the longshot and inferior to it. The railjack is completely boring and just seeing it listed as a NC empire specific weapon sickens me.
  13. biterwylie

    I purchased a Railjack, it was so rubbish on live compared to the Longshot that I asked for a refund. And they gave me a refund :)
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  14. Nanomorph

    Why should I watch a video when I can go in the game and test any gun myself?

    Every faction has been complaining about their ESSR but at least the NC got a specialized one that is hard to beat at long ranges.
  15. Plague Rat

    Well one of the problem most of us critics are having is that it IS too specialized. It's an overspecialized weapon in a class that's already loaded down with highly specialized weaponry. The LA80, the Longshot, and even the Bolt Driver all function in the exact same way tactically. The same methods. Pretty much the same gameplay.

    Imagine there was a hospital that had three brain surgeons on staff, each one a capable individual with a good record. Elsewhere, radiology is shorthanded, the janitor is out on disability and the place is a mess, and there hasn't been a head of nursing in as along as anyone can remember. Then when it's time for a new hire they get another brain surgeon because, despite doing the same job as their three colleges, they have a more prestigious degree.

    That's pretty much the situation with having another specialized bolt action rifle. It does one job well. But we already have 3 options that perform the exact same function, 4 if you count the iron rail variants. And while they each do have their own comfort zones in term of ranges, they are wide, and the Longshot's and the Railjack's practically overlap, so picking one over the other is almost purely a matter of preference.

    That's why a lot of us over here on the NC are asking ourselves why we should even bother with it, or are regretting the purchase, especially since most of us are Longshot owners already.
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  16. Plague Rat

    Also, I've only found a few reviews/impressions that talk favorably about the Railjack and they start with the reviewer in question qualifying their opinion with, "I don't usually play infiltrator," or, "I don't snipe a lot," or "I am not a good sniper, but this feels better."

    Has anyone found an impression/review from a regular infiltrator/sniper that actually likes the thing?
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  17. Bape

    Specialized? Hard to beat at long range with a delay? please explain how a gun with a delay is hard to beat in long range against a snipe rifle with no delay?
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  18. Nanomorph

    In this case, by long range I mean the range where the Railjack's flat trajectory actually makes a difference, which is anything between 200 and 300m afaik.
  19. Vikingo

    From my observations so far each of the new rifles are harder to use then what is already available in the arsenal while not really producing better results.

    They are so different that you can't compare them to each other.
    I can say which of the rifle "I like" the most, the TRAP-M1 but it is not "better" than the scout rifles already available just as the Railjack isn't "better" than the existing BASRs and the Phaseshift isn't "better" than the existing Semi or bolt action.

    Edit: BTW I didnt see the video yet (will see it later).
  20. Granderil

    No point?
    I usually use uncommon places where no one looks for and i can't refresh my ammo. Used ammo belt but sometimes it's not enough so infinite ammo is kinda useful. And my suit slot free now for adrenaline pump or additional grenades.
    The only problem i can see with this weapon is counter sniping.
    1. Harder to kill snipers who uncloack-shoot-cloack-move. It's not impossible, just harder.
    2. Enemy sniper can kill u easily when u charge your weapon. Just learn how to flank and don't sit in obvious places.