Who got the Best ESSR?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by DrankTHEKoolaid, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. Vostogon

    The TR.

    The NC got another sniper rifle. It's not a bad one but, frankly, they've already got enough bolt action sniper rifles and this one adds nothing particularly new.

    The Vanu got something at least a little different but as much fun as i have with the phase shift, i can't pretend it's better than a normal bolt action at long range and it's worse at shorter. The inability to decloak and fire instantly is rather damning and while the semi-auto might help with that even then i have my doubts.

    Which leaves the TRAP. A burst fire scout rifle. Also rather unique, crucially though it's rather damn good in it's niche as well.

    TR wins.
  2. Exonis

    Railjack USED to have pointblank firing mode, like a shotty, and it also had 10 in the mag, but they changed that :(
  3. icegnome

    TR: Meh-worthy, like everything else we get (I have a TR bias). Only good for an Auraxium, I'll keep my SOAS or HSR thanks.
    NC: An unfortunately dumb weapon. Good luck going for an Auraxium, stick to the Longshot.
    VS: Bad at all trades, master of none. People using this weapon are basically free headshot kills for other snipers.

    Conclusion: no one wins, SOE gets cash, game is still broken, Devs don't seem to care.

    Back to the Crown, see you there.
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  4. Cromell

    Probably the NS got the best new gun. :p

    Next up is the TRAP which I learned to love. It has its limitations and certainly is not a weapon for everyone, but once you get in sync with it, it will be fun and satisfying to use. It's merciless for both user and targets. :p Probably that's why a lot of people say it's mediocre or outright bad - it doesn't suit their habits and playstyles, and there is no point for them to force themselves to learn if they can get almost any other infiltrator gun and get better results right off the bat.

    Second place, Phaseshift. It's one of those guns that trade efficiency for that bit of flexibility. As seen in the video, it can be really good in skilled hands, and I think the main reason it's not more popular is because most people prefer to have weapons that excel in specific situations, and simply balance out the shortcomings with a secondary weapon.

    If I were to play VS, I'd certainly give this weapon a go just because it's quite unique.

    Aaaaand the Railjack. I think Koolaid nailed it when he said the main issue with the weapon is not the delay or any of its stats, but the simple fact it's another sniper rifle. Personally, I don't even see much reason for higher tier sniper rifles when the tier 1 can do the job perfectly fine (I don't snipe at render distances, quite boring) and low-zoom basr for each faction provides that different style of sniping while not costing 1000 certs.
  5. Regpuppy

    I'd have to say the trap... just because it functions like a burst fire assault rifle.
  6. Afrodude4

    Wait, I can finally stop using my SOAS? Hot diggity dog! I should throw a ducking party.
  7. Vixxing

    The worst weapon is without a doubt Phaseshift... Under 50m you are better off with a commissioner... MUCH better off over 50 meters you are better off with a Parallax... MUCH better off... Pair the slowness of getting a shot of with insanely slow projectile speed and you need to lead a shot at 200 m with 1.5 seconds... Its like sniping with 1500ms of Lag and NOONE can think thats ok in a sniper rifle...
    Yeh you have prolly tried it in VR against static targets at 50m... take it as trial and see how many kills you rack up in combat with it at non AFK targets (the ones you kill with PS you could just as easily run up to and knife to death, knife also got unlimited ammo!)
  8. Get2dachoppa

    I haven't tried the TRAP or Railjack yet so I can't comment on which one is the best of the 3 new rifles...but the Phaseshift needs some love. This is a gun I really want to like. I've auraxiumed every BASR and had just finished the Spectre (which I really started to enjoy as I got the hang of it) when the Phaseshift was released. Unfortunately, the drawbacks with the Phaseshift outweigh the positives to a degree the gun is lackluster and feels clunky to use. Fortunately, I think the Phaseshift is in a place where with a few tweaks it could really shine.
  9. iller

    Yesterday @ Skydock I headshotted an Engineer on his Rocket Turret at 380m.

    • How did I know it was that distance? ... b/c I put a waypoint right where the edge he setup on was.
    • How'd I shoot him if infantry Render dist is only 300m?? .... b/c he was technically a "Vehicle" with a head-box attached.
    • How'd I know it was a headshot? ....DUH, b/c his head was the only thing exposed above the turret.
    • ..... And also b/c it made that delayed thump sound with the bigger circle-X.
    Weapon? ... The Railjack. Vertical distance needed to compensate for Drop? ...atleast 4-1/2 feet. (which is reportedly, exactly the same as Longshot drop... atleast according to the comments I've seen in this subforum). Therefore I conclude that the Railjack is the worst of all the ESSR's b/c it took 2 full clips just to get the drop right, yet after making such a long range shot, to not be rewarded with an OHK, totally debunks the entire theory on the weapon's intended existance (Longest of the long range weapons).

    Allow me to explain further: The theory has been that distances over ... 275m is it?... the Railjack's "purpose' of a faster bullet is supposed to be realized. But even assuming Infantry render range was beyond 300m, both the unreasonable increased Scope sway of 12x scope and the exponential bullet drop of it, would still render it un-unusable against even slowly strafing-targets. Therefore even as a Theory-Crafted weapon used by someone with a perfect 200ms readjustment compensation for it's built-in firing delay: the hurdles built into longer distances by the very nature of the physics engine, completely prevent the gun from reaching it's theoretical potential.

    IMHO, it should not have a bullet travel time at all, even if it has a simulated bullet Drop.... It should just have a flat easy to Rote-memorize 0.5 second delay and pure hitscan bullet delivery like a true railgun would have. Likewise, the sometimes built-in increased render range while scoping (This IS a thing now by the way, I don't remember what range you have to be to reproduce this anomaly, but I've observed it several times with the Scopes only) -- should specifically be extended to 350m on the Railjack, and be LOWERED by 50m on all the Longshots to make a clearer distinction between their niche advantages.


    However ... I would certainly entertain the other counter points in this thread that the Phaser is just as bad on a practical level. But not for the reasons stated anywhere in this thread. But mainly because of the "Death-Screen" changes. The areas where the Railjack are viable are so far away that the Firing cone on the Radar given to dead players is practically useless unless those players switch to Stalker mode and sit and wait long enough to see your exact Tracer location. But for a well hidden Phaser player, the entire purpose of your unlimited ammo is supposed to be the fact that you'll never have to move from that spot. A much more mobile Sniper will just visit and hack a weapons terminal or pull a Sundy or drop a Squad beacon if they have a willing accomplice to resupply ammo for a rifle with superior bullet speeds... ...I don't know to be honest. This death screen was bigger game changer than I think most infantry players give it credit for.

    I DID like it when it had 10 ammo per clip and 60 ammo overall. That was a real difference maker to me.
    But it seems they felt that was "too" unfair to the Phaser, therefore they reversed that advantage after I bought it claiming it was a bug or some BS. I guess you could say it's fate is tied to the Phaser's as well. And instead of just buffing the Phaser like they should have, they decided to throw both of them into the same Ditch. :(
  10. EvilMindedSquirrel

    Cool, I am in there.
    Even though this data is a little outdated, as I have 1,423 kills as of this writing.
    I like the Phaseshift, gives a nice challenge and does a decent job. It has everything that i like in the SASRs and lacks the downsides of the BASRs. I hate being kicked out of my scope after I fire. It breaks my concentration and aim; it is also unrealistic (i know its plasma gun, but the concept is the same) as with an irl bolt action you would cycle the action without loosing your sight-picture.

    I like to go behind enemy lines and snipe valuable targets, having infinite ammo is definably good. Even if i would not run out of ammo, it is nice to not have to worry.
    The OHK range for other infils is render distance so this is a pretty neat thing. For other classes I use the double-tap. Aim, start Charge up, hold breath, fire, re-aim, single fire shot. This will take care of every class if you land a headshot wiht the first charge, excluding heavies after about 230 (i think) when their shields are up.

    I understand the criticism and most of it is justified.
    The slow shot speed is the main annoyance, imho.
    The charge mechanic, is ok, i have nothing against it, but it is not for everyone.
    The low power scopes would be nice, but a dev choice that I understand.

    Is it better the the NC-Rail?
    Nope, I don't think so.
    At least from a pure sniper rifle comparison. The Rail has faster shotspeed and more stopping power.
    The infinite ammo and the lack of drop are a great boon, and make it very easy to use, but would mean more if we had a render distance out to 500m or more. It would be glorious! But I doubt it will happen.

    Would i choose the Rail over the Phaseshift?
    I would definably try it, but probably stick with the Phaseshift.
  11. Merakov

    I tried and enjoyed all 3 Sniper but I still dont see why do these guns need drawbacks ?
    I call this "Balance Syndrom" when game devs try to make "2" and "4" even..why cant the new snipers be a flatout upgrade to the old ones ?
    Why cant NC have the Sniper with the longest range ?
    Why cant VS have the Sniper with limitless ammo ?
    Why cant TR have the Sniper that can chage ranges and dmg accordingly 1 shot (BA-1HSK) 2 shot (Semi-auto) 3 shot (CQC) ?
    Why couldnt these guns be upgrades to the previous like the RAMS.50 ,Longshot and Parallax were to the SR-7, LA80 ,V10 ?
  12. Niller

    Yeah it should have had a electric taser mode. I have always thought it would be cool if NC got weapons that shot of some sort of electric discharges, I think it would fit NC.

    Like ES "flamethrowers" Where TR gets a standard flamethrower with afterburn effect (not really standard compared to the weapons allready in the game) VS gets some sort of Old beta lasher, and NC gets a electric short range weapons (kind a like the "shock" spell in skyrim, just more sci-fi PS2/NC like) That electricity should jump to a target there is nearby and damage them (or him depending on how many targets it would be allowed to jump to). If these "flamethrowers" where really lightweight it would fit well on the LA class, giving LA's a sort of CqC special weapon, like the HA got with the heavy special weapons.

    But that does not really have much to do with the Sniper rifles though... I just started thinking about this again when I heard "NC" and "electric discharge".

    Otherwise I like your idea.
  13. Vivicector

    The main problem of Phaseshift is the range/reaction time disbalance. The gun is not very effective at longer ranges due to low projectile speed. However, on closer ranges, the charge up mechanics makes the gun too cumbersome to use. Semi-auto mode is way too nerfed to be useful (too slow RoF and heavier recoil). Also, the "shoot on unpress" thing really spoils the aim for SASR mode.

    I donno about TR rifle, but IMHO the best one is for NC. You may not like that 2x lower (then Phaseshift) fire delay, but it is the best at killing moving targets, no doubt about that.

    P.S. I still fail to see, why its not "light armor damage" for NC, "shield explosion" for VS and "full-auto" for TR
  14. Peasnriz

    Trap should have been something more akin to the TMG 50 burst fire mode, where good gun control would reward you with consecutive hits no matter what the range, the Trap as is has limits on the usability of the bursts because they happen so fast. If you are capable of controlling the recoil in a 3 round burst and leading a target while getting headshots on someone 50-100meters away you should be rewarded, I also feel this would make it more user friendly at shorter ranges rather than frantically spamming the fire key only to have one out of three bullets go where it is supposed to go. I would also prefer it with two fire modes, but maybe that is just my personal preference.

    On the whole the debate 'who got the best ESSR' seems to have become a debate about who got the worst which makes me a sad panda :(
  15. OldMaster80

    But it's not an amzing rifle. The auto scout rifle still feels more deadly. Biggest issue with the trap is it causes enough damage only in the 3 bullets fire mode: the 1or 2 bullets modes are useless.
  16. vanu123

    The reason we don't like it is that it is just meh at best as a semi auto or as a BA. It's redeeming qualities are that it has infinite ammo and that it is the only Sniper Rifle we have that can 1 shot that has zero drop. The problem is that the 1 shot range on it is very short. They need to extend its range for 1 shot to about where the Ghost is, reduce the scope sway, and increase the velocity.
  17. Mathgeekjoe

    Really don't see why people are saying TR got the best ESSR. The SASR and the scout rifle beat it in every situation. 3 shot mode has high recoil making it about as useful as a two shot since you will miss at least one round. And if you are using 2 shot fire then you might as well be using a SASR, three shots to kill, rate of fire similar to rate of burst, more scope options, better close range damage, more damage per magazine, faster reload. If you picked the TRAP for hip fire over the SASR then why didn't you use a scout rifle, they got better hip fire than Trap, the do more DPS than the TRAP, they have larger magazine, faster reload.