Which Vanu LMG is most like the carv?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by KamiCrazy, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. KamiCrazy

    The carv is like the all purpose LMG.

    Which Vanu LMG is most like it?
  2. Grotpar

    I've heard claims that the Orion actually has the same stats as the Carv.

    Though it's probably worse at range because it has (more?) damage fall off.
  3. Alduin

  4. Zwan

    Orion is comparable to the Carv, but with only a 50 round clip. in beta i found that the Orion is actually easier to get kills with than the carv, i just aim for headshots though. haven't tried either since release, but for me, i actually prefer the orion over the carv
  5. Mekhazzio

    Ugh, do you people even play the game.

    The Orion and the CARV have basically nothing in common. In addition to the obvious differences of damage, magazine size and reload speed, the CARV has tight COF, moderate-to-heavy COF bloom, moderate recoil in both horizontal and vertical and poor hipfire spread, while the Orion has poor COF, low COF bloom, very low recoil and a tight hipfire spread. The Orion is based on the general CQB LMG template while the CARV is the medium-range LMG template.

    The closest you can get to the CARV on the Vanu side is the Polaris, but even there it's a bit more of a hoser than a plinker.
  6. Nosins

    I lol'ed at the sidenote to the lasher on the spreadsheet
  7. Timperium

    Hmm, I was saving up for the Flare, but looking at the spreadsheet it seems not as good as the others. :/
  8. Deathrus

    Those docs really tell nothing but TTK and I wouldn't use them. Becuase TTK means nothing if you're a bad player. As i can kill someone faster with a beamer versus a carv if they are a baddie. While the DOCs contain information. I would not make a purchase based off of them. I'd rather do my own testing and figure out which guns matches my playstyle/speed/aim the best.

    My stats I look for is the BLoom, Shots until Full Bloom, Scoped Bloom, etc bullet pattern in case anyone wondered.

    Thats me though :).
  9. Stocking

    Most people who know a lot about the game realize the spreadsheet is wrong in many cases, it shouldn't be treated as fact. If it was right to begin with, which, let's face it, it probably wasn't, then at the very least it is out of date by now.

    A lot of people VS-side use/favor the Flare over the other LMG's, while that spreadsheet would advise you not to use it. Mehkazzio's post is spot on regarding OP's question.
  10. Orclover

    I tried the Flare, the sva-88 and the vx29 polaris over the last 24 hours. The Flare I found to be WAAAAY over rated, huge cone and useless at range. The only use I found for it was as a room cleaner without ever going to sights or guarding a door. the SVA-88 was better than beginner gun by far with its slightly larger clip and decent medium range use, way better than the flare in general usage.

    Then I tried the polaris, because I was ready to plunk my points down on the flare...oh my lord, this thing was a beast. Usefull at all ranges, tight cone, huge starting clip, can drop 3 or 4 peeps between reloads even while spray and praying. Sure I need to save up another 400 certs but polaris was easily the winner between these three guns.

    Lasher i'm skipping because it hits like a wet noodle, was even worse in beta.
  11. Blays

    Im using VX29 Polaris, it has a huge clip and has soft point ammo that works awesome at medium range plus same or better recoil then any other gun. Havent tried Flare yet but im not even bothering with any more weapons till i get all the other percs i want.
  12. gunshooter

    This is true, but the Orion is basically the MSW-R without 2 levels of laser sight, but with absolutely no recoil. The recoil on the MSW-R is horrid and renders its ADS useless. The ADS on the Orion however is fantastic thanks to the almost non-existant recoil.

    I'm sad that there's no TR gun like the Orion because it's insanely overpowered.
  13. Eugenitor

    The Orion's 50-bullet cap makes it hard to use. I got the SVA-88 with Alpha Squad, and after switching to it I'm never going back. Slap a foregrip, a good sight (I recommend the high-contrast night-vision one), a compressor, and some high-velocity ammo on that, and you've got yourself a killing machine.
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  14. Bad News

    Interesting numbers, from where did you get them?

    I play HA and Orion does feel the weakest of the 3 default LMG to me but i only got BR 5 on my vanu HA so maybe i need to get more used to it?

    About carv and Carv-s... I'm saving up for a Carv-s but the normal carv have better stats in everything? why would i want to spend, what is it? 700? cert for a carv-s?

    About to get the GD-22 also, loved it in beta, but didn't it have extended mag then?
  15. DrTeeth

    My reading of the stats and in-game experience points me towards the SVA-88 as the most similar to the CARV. They have the same damage per shot and rate of fire (and thus dps), the same COF min/max/recoil and almost the same ADS min/max/recoil (the SVA having a better min). They have different mag sizes (75 vs 100) but that's about it.

    In terms of certs both are targeted toward similar builds. Neither rifle can have special ammo, compensator, adv laser, adv foregrip or 6x scopes.
  16. Eugenitor

    Huh? I'm using high-velocity ammo and a compensator on my SVA-88.
  17. DrTeeth

    Ah, cheers. I'm in work and had to refer to the wiki for the certs, looks like the page is out of date.
  18. Dekka

    My 2cents since i have these 3:

    The Flare w/ compensator/foregrip/sight still shoots too slow and doesn't do significantly enough more damage compared with the Orion which has tighter accuracy and a faster rate of fire.

    The SV-88 w/ foregrip has a 75 clip as opposed to the 50 clip of the Orion. This is at the cost of slower reload times, and slower rate of fire. Again. you wont be killing people as fast. If you come up on two people you will have a better chance at killing them both with an Orion than a SV-88 because of the ROF.

    When I'm good on my shots at range I can take two people out before having to reload easily.

    Close quarters if you don't spray and pray and get a few headshots in, you can take out 3 people in one clip on the Orion. You can at the least take out two people on one clip.

    Between those 3 I chose the ORION.

    It has better accuracy, faster rate of fire and its perfect all around-- at range and in close quarters.

    On my heavy, there is no other gun I prefer. Flare just feels clunky, slow and inaccurate.
  19. Cheerilee

    Missing the Softpoint Ammo.
    Iam using the Flare because the Orion doesen't have Softpointammo. In CQC iam able to kill 5-6 ppls with one clip. Really usefull if you are able to sneak behind your enemies (yup, sneaking with HA...you just need some tanks for distraction)
    Ok, Orion is better on high range, but most of the fights iam in low or midrange :)
  20. Dekka

    I can understand that. From what I've heard, soft point increases the damage by 15% in CQC. I still prefer the Orion in CQC because of faster ROF and lower recoil/higher accuracy. In the end the gun preference is just boiling down to playstyle. At some point Ill have to get that soft point ammo for the flare and test it out in CQC. Because it would be nice to have a CQC focused gun if I can perform better with it.

    I'm 10 kills away from the 100 cert reward on the Orion. So I've naturally decided what suits my play style already. It's become my Rifle :). I won't go anywhere without it.

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