Which Vanu LMG is most like the carv?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by KamiCrazy, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Bags

    Skyexile uses the Pulsar LSW.
  2. Tecnotronics

    SVA-88 is the best one. It has all the good attachments (velocity ammo, compensator, forward grip, and reflex x1 scope) which make it behave like a rifle instead of LMG. 75/300 ammo counts too. Slightly slower rate of fire and reload speed, as well as a little more vertical recoil than the Orion.

    Flare would be second place imo. It's a lot like the SVA 88 with that vertical kick, ammo capacity, reload speed, and so on. What it does is fire slower, but it's unique in that it does more damage per round. It also has this great perk, where it's cone of fire is suuuuuper tiny if you are standing still! Very rifle like, but if you are moving the SVA 88 is better.

    Orion is great too. It has fast velocity, low recoil both vertical and horizontal, quick reload, and the reflex x1 scope. The only downfall is ammo capacity being at 50/200.

    Moving on towards the bad ones, you have Pulsar LSW. This is slightly worse than the Orion in almost all aspects, but brings the ammo count up to 75/300. That would be well and good, but the horizontal recoil is huge as it jumps to the right, making it spray even with the forward grip after the first round. I guess this weapon is for reflex x2 scope lovers, so you can zoom in a little to see how much it's missing. I use this weapon myself, 'cause I bought it so why not medal in it! The ammo constraints on Orion were too much and this gives up the rifle-like long range assists/kills for easier multikills in close to medium range.

    And the terrible one is the VX29 Polaris. It reloads slower, it kicks more horizontally, and it fires slower. All of that for just the 100/300 ammo count.

    Not sure why stuff like laser dot exists. I mean it would fit nice on the Orion or something, but firing from the hip is just crazy talk... always be ADS. My choices are mostly based off of recoil (since all the weapons have the perks of 0 bullet drop, great velocity, sweet rate of fire, and the anti-perk of damage down over range).
  3. Trysaeder

    I wonder why the world #1 player uses it...

    More constructively,
    SVA88 is an Orion with more recoil and attachments but lower RoF.
    Flare is an NC-ified LMG. Rather low DPS, but it's mostly personal preference.
    Orion is the most similar to the CARV but has more first shot recoil and a lower DPS.
    Pulsar LS is the same as the SVA88 but has less recoil, faster reload, more accurate moving accuracy and fewer attachments.
    Polaris is possibly the most accurate VS LMG with the compensator, but also has the lowest DPS. Its attachments can turn it into a close range suppressive weapon or an accurate long ranged weapon.
  4. Kyutaru

    Maybe to you, but I'm more than capable of controlling the recoil of the MSW-R, so all that bonus damage is just a plus to me.

    The difference between the CARV and the Orion is that the CARV when fullautoing becomes very inaccurate very fast, while the Orion can fullauto as much as it wants without losing much accuracy. The 100 clip of the CARV comes with a very long reload time that you don't want enemies showing up during (I love my shorter MSW-R reload times), while the Orion has the shortest reload time of any LMG in the game.

    I do wish we had an Orion on TR, but the closest thing to that level of sustained fire accuracy is the T16 fitted with an Advanced Forward Grip.
  5. gunshooter

    Anything past med range (25m~) you'll miss shots due to the recoil+cof with msw-r, that's just a fact. You're not perfectly keeping the sight on one point. Orion can just hold down left click and take his finger off the mouse.
  6. Kyutaru

    Please stop telling me what I'm doing in game, I can accurately fire the MSW-R up to 75m with a 4x scope attachment and forward grip. I realize that the Orion can just left click spam and without skill hit its target effortlessly. My point is that if you can control the recoil, and I'm not alone in being able to do so, the faster kill time is well worth the struggle. We're not comparing noobs to noobs here. The MSW-R is without a doubt HARDER to use than the Orion, but that doesn't make it WORSE. Recoil can be compensated for through individual player skill, DPS cannot. For players who can tame the recoil, the MSW-R is bar none the best TR LMG. If you aren't already used to controlling recoil from other games, you cannot hope to understand how the gun can be superior and are better left with the pinpoint accurate lower DPS weapons. I'm talking about the skill that gets players accused of being hackers on a daily basis, simply pointing and clicking a weapon while hovering over a target is only 25% of shooting.

    There's such a thing as TOO LITTLE recoil when it begins affecting a weapon's damage output, I'm able to seek out weapons with higher dps and greater amounts of recoil because I don't need pinpoint control, it's the same reason top NC players can manage the kick of the NC weapons despite having the most recoil in the game. Pick the weapon with the recoil you are most comfortable controlling. For me and others on Waterson, that gun is the MSW-R. Beyond 75m, I'd rather just use a sniper rifle.
  7. Alduin

    Someone else pulled them from game data I am assuming. They appear to be somewhat accurate, and people have seemed to confirm the validity
  8. gunshooter

    There's absolutely 0 reason to use the MSW-R if you're not using advanced laser, so yeah. That's the worst possible attachment combination for the weapon in the entire world, you might as well be using a Carv if you're going to do that.
  9. videogamesaregames

    The orion and MSW-R have the same TTK. For the record the msw-r is indeed statistically worse than the orion. Most of its stats are identical, excluding a few recoil/cone of fire variables, reload speeds, and the fact that you move faster in ADS with the orion than the msw-r.

    Also, a foregrip and 4x on the msw-r? Dude, what?
  10. Whargoul

    I prefer the Flare. You get a lot of customization with it and can make it good at longer range or CQB. I put a compensator, foregrip, and 2x reflex on that baby and I can mow people down mid range and up close - very accurate. When I get more certs I can slap a extended mag and some soft point ammo on it for better CQB when I need it.
  11. Rue

    I don't trust that spreadsheet. I call upon the mighty power of Personal Anecdote to say that the Flare is, at the engagement ranges I most commonly find myself fighting at, the best option for me. That said, I try and medal in them all, because certs is certs, baby.
  12. JackieChain

    Reflex x1 and Orion is all you need. Aim for the chest-head and you can easily wipe 2-3 people in 1 clip if aimed properly. In terms of comparison to the CARV the SV-88 is probably the closest because of clip-size. Honestly though, the ORION is a machine in the right hands.
  13. Kyutaru

    There's absolutely zero reason to use the advanced laser sight in most instances because it gives away your position. The MSW-R is already the best hip firing LMG TR has, it doesn't need the laser sight on top of that. I use it for base defense, for storming and flanking I prefer the foregrip to offset the weakness of the MSW-R at range. Again, don't tell me what I'm doing in game or how to play, I'm destroying people with this setup.

    The comparison was between the CARV and the MSW-R, the Orion got injected into the conversation somehow and the difference between the Orion and the MSW-R is that TR doesn't have access to the Orion. The MSW-R is still the best TR LMG, as I said in the text you quoted.

    Also, foregrip and 4x is because I don't need CQC attachments to use the MSW-R in CQC. It's already the best CQC weapon for TR. When I feel like specializing for CQC, I use the advanced laser sight and nightvision scope, but again this gives away your position and I use it mainly for defense. Foregrip and 4x scope counteracts the weakness of the MSW-R at longer ranged combat, turning it into a more versatile weapon that retains every shred of killing power the default weapon has. As I've stated repeatedly in topics, skill can correct recoil and inaccuracy, but nothing fixes DPS. If you don't like the combo, your loss, it makes it a very powerful short-and-midrange weapon. But perhaps you're not the type to go for headshots and instead prefer to spray and pray SMG style with a reflex sight. I love murdering those types of fools.
  14. gunshooter

    You can press l and it turns the red light off. The thing that makes the msw-r a good gun IS the advanced laser. Everything else about it is just inferior to the carv, carv s or TMG.
  15. Kyutaru

    Except, you know, the DPS and hip firing accuracy. Which none of those weapons have. Getting stuck in a 5.4 second reload time with the CARV isn't fun either. Use what you want dude, I'll use what works. I setup the best CQC LMG with long range attachments. I'm ready for combat at any distance that doesn't involve sniper rifles.
  16. gunshooter

    The base hipfire accuracy is exactly the same as the carv without advanced laser, as is the dps. You're using a Carv with more recoil and 50 less clip size.
  17. videogamesaregames

    The carv, msw-r, and orion all have the same DPS. You keep saying "nothing fixes DPS" when they all have the same dps.

  18. Kyutaru

    I listed both DPS and hipfire because I wanted both. The CARV only has the DPS at the cost of reload speed and a bigger clip. I don't spray 100 bullets at my enemies, less than 10 is enough to kill someone. In CQC, you want the gun with fast reload times to not get stuck reloading when an enemy shows up.

    As for hipfire accuracy, learn to read spreadsheets.


    Vertical Recoil - MSW-R has less
    COF Stand ADS - MSW-R has better accuracy while moving
    COF Crouch ADS - MSW-R has better accuracy while moving
    COF Stand Hip - MSW-R has better accuracy while standing and moving
    COF Crouch Hip - MSW-R has better accuracy while standing and moving

    Since the bloom is the same for both weapons, the only thing that is weaker on the MSW-R is the horizontal recoil, which I'm capable of controlling. Since I'm using a Forward Grip, it also reduces the horizontal recoil significantly.

    I.E. The MSW-R wins.

    I also said I wanted the best CQC hipfire weapon. The fact that nothing fixes DPS simply means my choices are the CARV or the MSW-R. See above for why I chose the MSW-R.
  19. videogamesaregames

    You realize that carv with a laser has better hipfire than your bizarro no laser msw-r? And probably still less horizontal recoil? And the same DPS? And a bigger magazine? The only thing you can argue here is that it has a faster reload, and honestly I cant remember the last time I've been killed because I was in the process of reloading my carv so that seems moot to me as well.
  20. Kyutaru

    You realize that my MSW-R has access to the Advanced Laser Sight? And Soft Point Ammo? Neither of which the CARV gets? It's a more flexible weapon that suits needs better. Using the laser sight, as I've said, gives away your position so why would I want to use it for ranged engagements when I can use the forward grip with the MSW-R and remain undetected without a three-foot laser sticking out? Plus I get to use Soft Point Ammo for midrange engagements. If I wanted to go into CQC, why not just equip my loadout that has the Advanced laser sight instead?

    Oh wait, now I understand... you people think turning off the laser sight means enemies can no longer see it.


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