What is the best thing planned that will change the game for the better?

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  1. Rentago

    ***** tell me what ps1 did bad?

    I swear i keep hearing everyone say that PS1 did things bad, you know what went wrong? Original developers got removed and new guys took over, they put in BFRs and then made the level cap from like 25 to 50 or something.

    Honestly, what did planetside 1 do bad? Smedly and Higby kept raving about how planetside 1 was so horrible and that planetside 2 is better in every way, I don't see anything here better other than the graphics, please someone tell me, what was really wrong with planetside?

    Because as far as I'm concerned, they invented the wheel and planetside 2 ain't a wheel, some kinda hipster saying its better than that dumb wheel.
  2. Kid Gloves

    You mentioned some bad things from PS1 in your own post. Remember, PS1 was the entire length of the product and it's final state, not that one moment in time that you remember it in it's glory. People have different ideas of what that glory point was.

    In addition to the actual FPS mechanic, I didn't like:

    ziplines (and the caverns in general)
    ghost-cap continent locking
    capital bases

    and that's just off the top of my head. if i loaded up PS1 again, I'm quite sure I could come up with a bigger list.

    Heck, if you say ZIPLINE-BFR to most PS1 veterans, they get flashbacks and go all twitchy. :)
  3. Googles

    Resource Revamp definitely.
  4. Halon

    Mission system.
    Resource revamp.
  5. Rentago

    ok, so tell me how this makes PS2 better than PS1?

    Because it has less continents? Or that its missing bodies of water on its continents? How about those caverns? I mean I know it was an expansion and not a necessary area to go to, but it was there, but I GUESS less content is better.

    Tell me really, for all the bashing PS1, it doesn't sound like its as big of a mess PS2 is, they've made everything worse.
  6. Kid Gloves

    I never said PS2 was a better game than PS1. What I said was:
    * PS1 had some bad design choices in it (which I backed up with evidence that you didn't refute).
    * PS2 is better designed for F2P gameplay, because it has better monetisation strategies.

    So, to reiterate in straightforward bullet points:
    * PS1 was a great game, but it was not a flawless game.

    * PS2 is a good game, there is a lot of things in PS1 that I think it would benefit from, but there are things that were in PS1 that should not come to PS2.

    I get that you loved PS1. So did I. But that doesn't mean it's the absolute messiah of all video games ever.
  7. Rentago

    no no, I am not saying planetside 1 was perfect, but I keep seeing people give it a lot of ****, for what I feel is still doing better than what we have here. Which is why I don't understand how some people I've seen have this mindset that even though they don't know anything about the first game, criticize it, but don't say anything good about planetside 2. Like they simply want to say "THAT OTHER GAME IS BAD" and yet not say anything good or bad about planetside 2.

    People say that, the camping issue was a problem as well in planetside for example, and it is true, camping took place, but it wasn't the camping we have here, once you take over the courtyard the defenders are done in this game, because their spawn is OUTSIDE the base and not inside it so they can't keep defending.

    However in planetside, the spawn was inside the base, and eventually the attackers could push the defenders way inside up to their spawn, at that point it was difficult to just push in and destroy the spawn tubes simply because the amount of soldiers pouring out prevented the attackers from just walking in and finally destroying their spawn tubes. So generally it would be that they'd sit in the hallways and wait for them to come out to just shoot them, instead of pushing in.

    Regardless it was a lot better than just having vehicles camp you in your spawn, however bad people may claim it to be, its just not as bad as what we currently have.

    I just, I guess I don't like how people just keep trying to point fingers at planetside being bad, when it already solved all the issues we currently have, just that these developers are opposed to following its example and simply fixing what issues it did have, instead of making spawn camping a feature, and forcing people to have less customization, as well as watering down the gameplay. They could have made improvements.

    There is no reason to be struggling with these issues when you have an existing guideline, they really are trying to reinvent the wheel from scratch, when we already have a wheel.
  8. Tuco

    The last thing planned just made the game worse.