What is the best thing planned that will change the game for the better?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DeadAlive99, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. biterwylie

    The resource idea would be good. 4 players could pull a couple of Liberators and hunt down this ANT vehicle and know that killing it had some function.

    The game is so base at the moment, it really is just an arcade shoot em up with tanks etc.

    Is needs depth so bad.
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  2. Jeslis


    Resource system, single best thing up and coming.
  3. Dtswiss

    1 resources (specially): there needs to be consequences when re spawning + vehicles spamming instead of strategy. Abase should have a max number of resources for vehicles so you cant just all go get 48 tanks. Same for re spawning should deplete resources over time.

    2 new continent: something fresh Hossin and new Amerish
  4. NoctD

    Continent locking and continental lattice with the current set of continents + Hossin will just make the game even more boring IMO. Too few continents, and the lattice is already boring.

    Best thing they could do is actually finish the optimization work they started and ensuring rock solid stability - cause right now its buggy and crashing a ton, not to mention lag, servers that can't handle full loads of people being on at the same time, etc. Fix the game, before you go on making it better.

    A house without a properly laid foundation... yeah, don't do it SOE, just don't.
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  5. Latrodectus

    Helmets for my vehicles. Sure, I might have 12 different hats for my infantry play, but where are the hats for my vehicles? Where's the beret for my Mossie, or the top hat for my sunderer? It's like the developers aren't even trying.
  6. Ash87

    Resource Revamp and Continental Lattice.
  7. Zakuak

    Resource revamp
    Amerish update
    Cont lock/lattice, I want to see this but...it will be a crap fest unless we get a few more continents in game first IMO.
  8. RomulusX

    -less small outposts
    -big base bonuses that mean something
    -revamp combat engineering- increase # of mines/decrease size so we can have minefields again now that they aren't throwable mines, include a counter that shows total active mines/mine types, more fortification for incoming zergs
    -remove spotting except for LAs and Infils
  9. EmperorPenguin5

    How about you stop playing the game then?
    How about instead of thinking OH we lost the point we're completely surrounded we should totally be able to push out of the spawn room.. You rethink your strategy, you fall back, pull air or armor, use that to push their air or armor off the base. THEN push back in to retake the point. INSTEAD OF THINKING PUSHING from spawn room should always be viable instead of a suicide mission if you're spawn room is guarded against...
    Stop making it so you can shoot out of spawn rooms too.(at every base except biolabs.)(at least with rockets and lock-ons, and bursters)
    Stupid noobs want vehicles and aircraft to have zero influence on base combat. Which would ruin the game so screw you.
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  10. EmperorPenguin5

    Because the zerg is such a good thing to build this game around.....
    Many of your other ideas I can possibly support though.
    Especially if you can use it to attach to aircraft.
    OMG would that add so much depth to the game.

    Make it so The new class could Grapple ESF's and libs that get to close to the ground. THEN plant C4 to them.
    (buff Tanks though..)(this would be greatly broken in a sense if you could abuse this on tanks..)
    Aircraft sure though.
    And I'm a pilot...
    Suggesting you have more fun ways of blowing us up.
    OR OR OR. VEHICLE EJECTION utilizing the grappling hook to grab hold of an aircraft then kick the pilot out.
  11. Timithos

    Penguin, your tired, old, cert-loving, cert-farming argument is losing. Have you seen Amerish's new base design with spawn rooms on raised terrain, boulder protection, and more tree cover? Have you seen Spawn Room C from Freyr Amp Station that is sunken into the ground, and has 5 tunnel egress points? Have you seen the increase in underground bases core to Planetside 1 values? The love of cert spawn farming is the root of all kinds of evil. The evil is being stamped out. The defensible base has won the argument, and won the direction of the SOE dev team.. FINALLY. The days of SteamRollSide are over. You "lost". But you'll have a better game despite yourself.

    I don't want vehicles to have zero influence on base combat. I even want capture siege mechanics put into place when bases are finally defensible enough to handle that mechanic. I want you to bomb the hell out of defenders as they try to make their way to generators, capture points and vehicles terminals. What I don't want is vehicles alone cert farming and camping the spawn room ending the combat prematurely due to illogical non-defensible base design. And that is coming to an end thankfully.
  12. EmperorPenguin5

    Timithos the problem is primarily they are doing this before giving us other ways to make as many certs as we do.
    You currently cannot feasibly play this game the way most infantry do and actually get enough certs to make any vehicle, aircraft, or class effective.
    Without using boosts.
    And before the change that enabled revives to prevent your death stat from increasing all it was, was massive amounts of people who didn't know what to do other than throw themselves into the meat grinder. And even MY K/D suffered from that extensively before I learned the best ways to play this game...
    I now have to pay for that constantly because it is taking forever to bring my K/D up to 2.0
    And currently what I hate is people thinking that the only possible strategy for defending a base is Flooding outwards from the spawn room..
    And that is such a stale and stupid strategy and it ruins the game.
    At this point the worst part is how many of you camp inside the spawn room with bursters and lock-on launchers....
    And can't be stopped or killed because you'll get rezzed or run back inside before you die EVEN if you poke outside the shield to shoot straight up at aircraft.

    My problem is the order in which they are implementing things...
    These base designs SHOULD not come before the resource revamp.
    And, your comment about bombing you while you try to run to shield generators that is my next problem...
    They aren't even considering shield generators in the freyr amp design.
    They are killing any reason for the gate shield diffuse ability to exist..
    If you wish me to post the rest of my argument I will.
    But I'll keep it shortened to this much..

    Removing cert farming without adding equally viable and rewarding ways to get certs.
    Buffing free zero resource cost equipment against resource cost equipment.
    Not thinking about what their changes are doing most of the time leading to extra patches to touch up their additions.
    And little thought into how each change they make affects every part of their game..
  13. MorganM

    Agreed. Hossin + battle islands + continental lattice will be a big game changer and add some global strategy.
  14. ViXeN

    Yes! I would also say adding more cool options like voicepacks. I'm so tired of the standard VS voice and I'd love to be able to buy others. I think allowing name-changes, server transfers and things like that will help too.
  15. DeadAlive99

    Amongst many concerns, this is one that cannot be ignored. Many of us rejoiced when the Crown 'died', because it was destroying the intended gameplay, but... we all know why people went there. The grind in this game is unreal, and in order to move up, you need constant, non-stop sustained battles, something that I have never seen anywhere BUT the Crown.

    I played 5 hours the other night and made 50 cp. Stunningly low. I felt totally ripped off and like I had wasted my time (as far as the grind goes). Lots of traveling, smaller fights, a few big ones, but they didn't last long enough to gain much.

    I know this may soil the 'sandbox' for some, but the gameplay needs to be enforced so that we get constant, big and sustained battles every where we go, and if done right, that will replace the "Ol' Crown Family Farm". If done right, then for the first time, playing the game normally will reward maximum xp.
  16. DeadAlive99

    That's ok, though. Just leave it uncapped and let them go insane! lol It will keep that group playing, and in this game more than any other, we desperately need all kinds. We can't afford to exclude people, especially when giving them what they want won't negatively impact the rest of us. It's just more fodder for the cannon.

    (Edit: I should also add that.....I am also a rank, stats and rewards guy! I love that stuff, so I would like to rank past 100 as well)
  17. DeadAlive99

    I've never been a fan of cont locks. They have 0% appeal to me, but, I'm not opposed to them either because it won't negatively impact me and I know lots of others will find it motivating.

    Personally, I have come to the conclusion that the massive f2p grind is in direct conflict with the massive scale, sandbox style, and intended objectives of this game. They're like oil and water. We have all seen this, and now SOE is 'supposedly' trying to patch it up, but....it's been over a year now and I'm losing faith that they have the guts to do what is actually necessary to make it work.

    What is needed? Enforced gameplay, less sandbox, strict pop. balancing, and xp gains that reward you massively for taking territory and holding it, so as to motivate people to stop camping, charge in and capture. The reward for pushing forward has to be more than the reward for farming, otherwise the problem will always be with us.

    I absolutely believe it could be done, but, it would require guts on SOE's part, and it might upset a lot of people with the changes. I still love the idea of base lockouts, although no one else seems to. They work wonderfully in other games I've played. They are motivational and rewarding, two powerful things that are necessary to encourage forward motion in a game like this.

    Right now, neither of those things really exist in this game. The motivation to move forward is 'meh', and the rewards are also 'meh'. Some will disagree, of course, but God only knows how many players we've lost due to the overwhelming 'meh' of this game.
  18. Rentago

    yeah they said they were working on this a year ago, but the well known and coming ps4 release (i mean please everyone tried denying it but this game was designed for console shooters when it doesn't have inventory and forces a bad class system)

    With the resource revamp you'd have to go out and gather resources for bases, it wouldn't be this current system where getting kills in an area gives you personal resource gain, but that each base as a large pool of resources shared. Which mean if one guy decided to keep pulling out tanks eventually no one else could from the base.

    It would bring it more in line with planetside to balance out the whole "everyone is a super soldier in planetside 2 who can do everything!"

    and put it more in line with planetside's "you are a cog in a machine"

    Since everyone can use every vehicle, every gun, every class, it waters down the game. A tank cant be strong if everyone can use it, so they have to make it really ****** to balance it for being so easily obtainable and mass producible.

    Just like a max would be too OP if it weren't so flimsy for how spammable it is.

    This resource change will make it so defenders can only do so much before they run out of resources, unless someone goes out to retrieve more and restock the facility. This was suggested to be different from ant runs of old where you ran to the warpgate, but instead go to a mining camp to collect specific resources, making certain regions highly contestable.

    I'm pretty sure they aren't going to make a new vehicle for this, they'll probably make the sunderer have another utility upgrade like AMS.

    Though defenders never ever really defend long enough because they just get crushed or they out number their attackers, hopefully these changes with the resource system will force developers to make bases better to enable larger and longer fights.

    Maybe even rebalance certain vehicles to cost more and be more effective, while others serving the cheaper and ****tier alternative they should be. Like an ESF to a liberator, should be the lightning to the MBT, but instead we got MBTs serving as better lightnings which is pretty stupid to any person of reason.

    But things are how they are, to get the battlefield audience. This is not at all a proper sequel to planetside, i wish they'd remove the 2.
  19. RisKey

    Games evolve there are shooters I played 10 years ago and are still running today which are nothing like the original. The new versions are not any less fun but they are totally different. The games are in name only alike. To many people here are attached to the past sometimes you have to evolve with it.

    I think the majority of forum users would love it if they just re-released planetside 1 with better graphics every post you read kind seems like that.
  20. Kid Gloves

    PS1 was a great game. It had some really good mechanics, and it had some really bad ones.

    I love the direction they are taking PS2 in. With things like the resource changes and intercontinental lattice, the game approaches more and more the things that were good about PS1, but does so taking careful steps to try and prevent the things that PS1 didn't do so well.

    I'd be surprised if there's a lot of PS1 veterans who think everything should be exactly like PS1 but with better graphics. Not to mention that PS1 doesn't really work as a F2P business model. However, that said - PS1 had a lot of things right, and those things should absolutely be in PS2.

    Thankfully, those things are making their way to PS2 - so all is right in the world. Thus probably the biggest complaint is actually: "But we want it NAOOO!"

    So nothing new to see here. :)