Upcoming adjustments to Air vs Ground balance

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Higby, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Antivide

    Agree with all points... except for the damage radius on the rocket pods.

    It's pretty small as it is, that plus Flak armor which everyone will be using will make resupply trips a lot more frequent.

    Worried about the "minor" damage buff. That's been stated before in beta stage and look where that went.
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  2. elementHTTP

    This is my concern
    1. if there is requisite to lock on to fire missile AV/AA launcher you cannot defend yourself from armor in CCQ and pinned down situations which require fast reaction time reducing effectiveness of cert EXPENSIVE weapon

    2. Decimator sounds like great idea for combating tank zerg but one shot kills from back (wild guess ) WILL cause resource/time imbalance especially if you can spam HA

    3.And please dont listen to vocal minority just trust your objective statistical data - balance game around that not around witch hunters and crusaders !

    keep up good work !
  3. Kameho

    Dear Matt Higby,

    Thank you for your time and feedback on whats stuff that might be expected and issues being considered by the PS2 Dev team.

    I know balancing is a really hard thing to do, and nothing can become perfect whenever you have to do with faction specific or different classes and vehicles. So there will always be things that are more powerfull than others.
    But there will always be some issues that stands out quite abit, and it makes me happy to see theese being adressed. (A30 Walker and Rocket pods especially)

    However much endless whining you will always find on a game-forum, about this and that being OP or Nerfed.
    That is enough to discourage most people related to the developting of the games to shun their eyes from.
    Its nice to see you taking a stroll and making a presence on the forum.

    PS2 is a excellent game, definatly best FPS i played so far, unbalanced stuff is always to be expected.
    Its nice to see them adressed.
    Hopefully I and others alike will see more notes that might be adressed and considered tweaking by the PS2. Dev team.
    As it removed a heavy load off my shoulders while playing the game, this way it dosnt feel like youre playing something and nothing is being done by the developters, aswell as giving news and info so people dont run around in the dark having no idea whats happening.
  4. Metsuro

    because lower damage for the lock on option is the price you pay for the rocket launcher. Now you also have to give up the option to deter vehicles or air, because they will simply just move when they see the lock on message. Air will just wait 3-4 seconds pop flares count 9 seconds than fly away. Because they become immune to lock on, and than have to just count out the new lock on time without worry of being hit while they hover.
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  5. Root

    Glad you find it funny, though conflating demonstration of concern with whining doesn't serve much of a purpose, or are you just trolling? Fact is, we're not talking about a minor adjustment to these weapons, they're being fundamentally altered. I would have never spent 700SC on what they're proposing.
  6. Dubious

    Its also a AA nerf, since you no longer can surprise hovering air..
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  7. ExarRazor

    grenades are too powerful at the moment, so much so that they're the primary method of defense in tech plants. they seriously needed tweaking, and this is a good start. now all they need to do is fix the explosions going through shields and we'll be golden. grenades should be used to flush out enemies from cover, or finish them off once they run into cover.

    not everyone will take flak armor, and those that do will have to sacrifice more hp for reduced explosion damage. it's a fair exchange.
  8. Kageru

    Watching the pilot farmers cry is worth the price of admission.

    If you are introducing a new anti-armor rocket the base defenses might need a bit more armor if it applies to them. Or even better don't put anti-air guns on the front of the towers. A heavy can already clear a base of defenses pretty quick.

    Faster flak projectiles should help a lot, at the moment you need to lead a craft by several inches to get a lucky hit which does nothing and the massive cone means a kill is only possible against the stupid or greedy. Especially given the flight model allows craft to execute bizarre flight paths.
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  9. Landtank

    I too am amused at the amount of people complaining about that. I understand the want for their money back, but good god, this was the first nerf they were going to make imo.
  10. Dubious

    Problem with grenades and most likely everything else is that hey stack to 40 and the resource cost is so low..
  11. Jarek

    Likewise - and I'm sure a lot of people would say the same. The appeal of the AA launcher was its versatility - you gave up 20-25% damage for the ability to hit air while still having some effectiveness vs. ground.

    Removing the ability to hit ground AT ALL makes it far too situational to be worth carrying, and it's quite annoying that they're completely redesigning a weapon a lot of us spent money on.
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  12. Zatoichi71

    I hope there's still the same size blast effect for A/G rockets. The max damage radius being smaller is ok as long as there is still a big enough area of SOME damage. In bf3 the heli rockets are a joke. Gunner chain gun has more area effect.
  13. Cias13

    you bought an item for the purpose of shooting air targets, it now does that purpose even better.

    thats like me asking for air to air missiles to be able to dumb fire to hit tanks.
  14. Lazaruz

    QFT. This is a slippery slope... I'm sure the EULA covers the developers, but what it might not cover is customers losing trust.
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  15. Mekhazzio

    To be fair, I'd rather have seen the dumbfire improved - just mutate its stats into the upcoming Decimator. Noone will miss the old ones, the dumbfire now has a reason to exist, the guided missiles get to still have some flexibility, and as an added bonus, newbies actually get to start with a useful weapon.
  16. Metsuro

    No it does not do it better. It does it much worse. The ability to dumb fire on a hovering air. means that the counter to air, is again countered by flares. Making the AA launcher useless for 13-14 seconds in which the air craft can freely do whatever it wants and leave.
  17. Jarek

    While I can't speak for him, I'm sure most people bought it because it added versatility in that it could hit air and ground targets, albeit at less damage than the default dumb fire launcher. Most people didn't buy it to JUST hit air, they bought it for increased versatility at the cost of strength vs. ground.

    Removing dumb fire entirely changes the weapon completely.
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  18. Kameho

    I can somewhat agree to this.

    Missiles should be able to "double-lock" wich will grant them extra range and projectile speed instead.
    But still able to fire dumb rockets without locking, or weak more slower rockets by locking once.

    And keep the reload speed.
  19. gilrad

    Any word on modifying xp returns for ground to air AA weapons? The fundamental issue with AA isn't balance, but that there is no incentive to deter aircraft from entering your airspace. A single burster max might be able to keep an ESF away, but he's not getting any returns from doing it when the ESF just flies away and bothers someone else. Nobody does AA because they don't get anything from it.
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  20. 13lackCats

    What will you do when it doesn't work?

    Beware the slippery slope of balance via populism.

    Anyone that thinks they can combat enemy air superiority from the ground is a FOOL.

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