Upcoming adjustments to Air vs Ground balance

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Higby, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Sevorast

    To be clear, my main issue is not just that it has been changed. My main issue is that it has been fundamentally changed in the mechanics of how it works.

    I would not ask for a refund if just the damage was changed, or reload time, or anything else like that. I understand balance has to happen and items we buy today may not keep the stats they have as time goes on. But changing the fundamental mechanics of the way the item works is grounds for a refund from my point of view.

    Its like if I buy a shotgun and tomorrow they change it into a sniper rifle, or I buy a 1x reflex sight and tomorrow they change it into a 2.4x acog sight.

    The item no longer performs the function for which I purchased it.
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  2. Bags

    lol wut
  3. Dubious

    We will see how "minor" the AA damage buff is and how "faster" the projectile travel..

    Seeing that we just lost a lot of viable AA seen in my previous post..
  4. MistaN

    I dont think anybody can agree with the changes here and i dont think anybody can be upset with any particular thing. Overall, sounds like great changes.

    Higby, anything being done for Air-to-Air balance?
  5. Metsuro

    So hover baddies get a free 13-14 second protected window against the counter... to them? They get a counter... counter?

    The fact that the AA rockets take 3 to kill a single ESF, take 4-5 seconds per lock on...and have terrible AI where all the pilot has to do is move slightly to the side and let it zip by?

    Now we want to give them a large immunity period where if they hover you cant deter them.... with a dumb fire? You are kidding me right? Rewarding terrible players... with free kills?
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  6. Hwat

    Thats unfortunately an engine issue most likely. Also there is no target to shoot at, have you looked in a cockpit lately?
  7. ron1n

    Really? Because you know, that's what EVERYONE was crying out for: more infantry AV options. o_O

    Depending on the damage this thing does, I can see it massively favouring defenders in base sieges. And then of course there's the fact the Magrider will probably be able to dodge the damn thing easily where other MBT's can't...

    Just seems a pointless addition when there are so many other changes that need to be made first.
  8. Dubious

    YES, I want a refund too, since clearly the decimator will be the new thing !
  9. Maximilious

    takes 2 missiles actually, with the second hit they will be red and either die from fire or from infantry bullets.
  10. Thann

    Removing the ability to dumbfire the lock-on launchers is a pretty significant change. I probably wouldn't have bought the G2A launcher if I thought this could possibly happen.

    Many other games refund points spent on skills etc when there are large changes to the way they work, are we going to see this happen in Planetside 2 as weapons are adjusted?
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  11. MistaN

    WTF are you talking about? The G2A launcher requires a lock on....which is specifically what it's for. We'll also have faster reloading times which means your chances of actually hitting aircraft multiple times goes up...especially for dumb pilots who try to stick around. If you want to surprise air then use the new AA gun which is slower but does a lot more damage.

    Decimator will be situational just like all of the other weapons. If you have a huge tank battle going on and the enemy tanks are 300m out then the Decimator wont make sense.
  12. Maximilious

    lol @ people whinning about G2A missiles not being able to hit tanks now!!!!

    you guys are so funny :)
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  13. Zardoc

    That is a good thing.
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  14. Metsuro

    That still requires 3. By the time the second is fired they are already running away not to die. They will either avoid it and repair. Or get hit with it and run to repair.
  15. MistaN

    Yea it really makes no sense
  16. Hazard13die

    I thing all Lighting tanks should have AA cannons as secondary weapons to shoot the aircraft or shoot the bombs in midair because you could have anyone fire shells at you and kill you in however many shots(true their is a difference between good crews and noob crews). Then the AA gun you can get for it should be more costly or more powerful because it leaves you pretty defenseless to other armor.
  17. Feydakin

    Ground anti-air is only really a deterrent if there is a REAL possibility of them destroying the aircraft, which currently unless the pilot is asleep, is simply never going to happen. If I cannot expect, with a reasonable amount of skill, to be able to kill an enemy small aircraft, then I feel like it's not working as it should. If all I am doing as a Heavy with a $7 rocket launcher or an AA MAX is making the pilot land behind a hill for 30 seconds and repair his plane (and then come back and kill me because I ran out of rockets), I don't feel like I'm deterring anything...

    This will kill a large part of the weapons usefulness. I find a great many occasions where I don't want lock on to happen, and using no lock on is crucial to getting a kill. A lot of the time I don't want to wait for lock on, and I don't feel like faster reload time and increased range would compensate. Maybe if it also did more damage it would be OK, but I feel like the infantry rockets just needed a straight up boost with the limitations already in place being enough of a downside.

    It is way too stupid fast and easy to get the resources for aircraft and tanks right now, and especially when they cert into things to make the acquisition time faster... Not to mention the certs to make the vehicles all around better don't cost extra resources to spawn. We need more ways to counter vehicles, aka destroy them.
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  18. Split267

    Nice to see the crybabies who can't fly get their way.

    If it's insta gib before render or impossible to kill anything with rockets now with these buffs I'll just cancel my sub and quit.

    Woot woot more heavy assult and tank spam!

    Zerg > skill!!!
  19. dirtYbird

    I am not a fan of weapon functionality being changed after I have spent $7 on them.
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  20. Bags

    How are you people seriously upset that they are nerfing AA or AG rockets so they are no longer completely massive upgrades over the default dumbfire?

    You had to see a nerf coming, rofl.

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