Upcoming adjustments to Air vs Ground balance

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Higby, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Wahooo

    Increasing the range of the infantry rockets is only a good thing if render distance for the vehicles to see the infantry is fixed.
  2. o4zloiroman

    So, what about being able to snipe enemy pilots? Especially since such an option was/is featured in cinematic trailer AND on the official website. It is options I miss from Battlefield series. Hell, it could make infiltrators valuable as never before!
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  3. Maximilious

    And so the squads of ESFs were form to unite against the newbs that can't handle being killed by air. so pods getting a half splash radius decrease? I guess this will make killing infantry a bit more challenging but alas not impossible.

    As long as damage stays the same I am all good :)
  4. Knocky

    I did not spend $7 to "deter" the ESF's.
    I spent it to KILL them.
    They get to kill me with their $7, I expect equal treatment.
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  5. Bags

    I assume you get to kill ones that fly in low but not ones that pass by at a large distance.

    Or at least I would hope that's the balance they go for.
  6. Radick

    All I ask is that you change the lock-on target for the AV launcher vs base turrets. I'm tired of locking on and hitting the bottom of the pad.
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  7. Sinist

    I would like to see tracers added to flak if they are going to be more powerful.

    It's almost impossible to find where AA flak is coming from, you only get a general direction (and even that is iffy most of the time).
  8. neg

    so buffs to all these lockon AV/AA Rockets but no changes to flares? no changes to the negative acceleration on AV/AA turrets?

    yep considering just what air needs is more rockets locking onto them with the constant hail of A2A missles flying around everywhere

    ps when will cheaters actually be banned from the AUS server?
  9. Root

    I've been reluctant to touch air balance with a ten foot pole, and remain so. What troubles me is the lock on changes, which in my opinion are extremely limiting. I'd prefer the launchers just be left alone, no buff, no lock on restriction. In the event of this change, my G2A launcher will be largely sidelined (in fact, can I get a refund please?) in favor of something more useful, like the default AT weapon. And oh look, just in time, here's the Decimator which is an alternative, and I bet 700SC.
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  10. Craeshen

    You could also split the rocket pods into at and HE rocket pods and for those who've bought it already give them both types but force them too choose which meat they want to slaughter so to speak.

    And for those who haven't bought them yet list both types but for 1/2 the total cert points of the original rocket pods. So you can be great anti tank or great against infantry just not great against both @ the same time.
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  11. NoXousX

    Higby, instead of increasing flak damage and increasing projectile speed, why not increase one or the other? You guys have a nasty history of over buffing/nerfing things. (And I can tell you right now you just over-nerfed air).

    See how one change works, and then make the second change. It's basic science and experimentation. You need a control, and you have none.

    But as of right now, you guys buffing flak scares the **** out of me. If anything MAX flak absolutely should not be buffed. It isn't fun (or fair) dying to un-rendered MAX units within a matter of seconds because there are 5 of them chilling invulnerably unable to take damage. We are seeing outfits exploit this all the time as it is, creating massive no fly zones with a handful of guys.

    Instead of making 1 adjustment you are making 5:
    Nerfing A2G rocks
    buffing flak damage
    buffing flak speed
    buffing shoulder-fired AA
    introducing new AV weapons tomorrow.

    Does anyone else think this is the wrong approach? Change 1 thing.. ok. 2 things... maybe. But 5? Come on now.
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  12. Randomguy365

    soooo no real rocket pod nerfs

    glad to see sony is quick to kill planetside 2.
    shouldn't expect anything less from the masters of killing games.
  13. Sevorast

    I spent $7 on my g2a rocket launcher with the expectation that I could dumb fire it into tanks and other things, albeit at a significant damage reduction over the standard free launcher.I am a generalist, I do not like things that lock me into(or out of) any specific role most of the time.

    I would not have purchased it without the dumb fire option. Refund?
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  14. Ligeia

    People with your kind of **** mentality shouldn't even be allowed near the game, let alone be allowed to buy points.

    I agree with this. I'd take the dumbfire with the damage reduction any day. Or a refund.
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  15. Gustoril

    Yes I find myself also missing this feature. Often I see Pilots hovering around me taunting because they know I cant do anything.
  16. LordCharlamane

  17. ElementalFiend

    Really against increasing the range of lock-on missiles. It isn't cool to be attacked by something that isn't even rendering on your screen.

    Fix the skyguard, problem solved. No need to give easy mode launchers the ability to shoot at long ranges.
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  18. Dubious

    Lock-on requirement on G2A makes its USELESS
    Means you can no longer surprise air
    Means you cant shoot ground vehicles

    G2G cant shoot hovering air..
    Cant effectively ambush tanks from behind anymore = USELESS

    Decimator will clearly be the ONLY used HA AV, as it can hit both air and ground, with same weapon and it even does more damage..
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  19. Wahooo

    considering that the projectile speed and what seems like damage as well is already different for the Burster vs the SG/Turret flak i'm hoping the "FLAK" changes are only meant for the SG and Turret.
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  20. redshirt

    GAH and for the price of the G2A launcher, I could have gotten a 2nd burster arm which even now is a better AA weapon. Dumb fire option or refund please. If people lobbing rounds into tanks is still a problem with the reduced damage reduce its damage vs tanks another 5-10%
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