Unofficial 96% thread...

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Notheory, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Batsteg

    I was stuck at 96% awhile, quit and went back in, now stuck at logging in.....
  2. TheBlindFreak

    Same here. This generally happens to people after patches. Same with the log in issues.

    Either close and try again or wait it out.
  3. Killuminati C

  4. Googles

    Me as well.
  5. Elkybam

    9:32 PM PST right now. Is the loading problem solved or I should wait until tomorrow?
  6. YuriSensen

    I'd suggest waiting until tomorrow. I've done every available option of fixing it, aside from redownloading, which I'll do tomorrow if it's not working by then. I don't see this as a client side issue anymore if I'm still getting G99 after all that has been done.
  7. PresidentFreeman

    Edit: nevermind, looks like this is fixed by validating game assets in the launcher. I recommend giving it a try.
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  8. YuriSensen

    I've validated, I've reinstalled the game (even uninstalling it entirely first), deleted the exe several times, loaded as administrator, and still nothing. I've done everything that I can on my side for this damn thing to work, and I'm still getting the G99 error. I'm done believing there is something I can fix that's an issue server side.
  9. vulcan78

    PS2 developers respond to concerns of continued, escalating degradation of quality:

    "Don't worry scro, my wife's a t a r d, and she's ok"

    "You mean like out the toilet?!"

    "Generation 2 Halloween Horns coming scro!"

    "We seem to be experimenting [sic] some technological difficulties"

    "huh, huh, yeah I like money"

    "I like money"

    "More patches coming scro!"

  10. YuriSensen

    So until the next update or possibly a never going to happen hotfix, won't be able to play the game. :|