Unofficial 96% thread...

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Notheory, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Skjeggbiffen

    A bottle of 96% awaits you in Valhalla, but seriously, deleting .exe didnt work for me either.
  2. scarebear

    Need to delete the planetside2.exe. Note: I am using the non-steam version.
  3. Zeewulf

    +1 seem to get it more often with every patch
  4. Buzzcut

    I got to the login screen by deleting planetside2.exe and useroptions.ini - that said and done, I haven't actually got in game yet........
  5. Chowley

    I deleted the exe again and the second time it worked :D
    But Im stuck at the character screen.
  6. Buzzcut

    Finally got in.
  7. ItsJustDash

    I am part of the 96%
  8. StoneyTony

    Yeah this stuck at 96% and infinite "Logging in" really needs to stop. Even though restarting my computer usually resolves the problem (requiring a total of two restarts, one for the 96% and one for the logging in), it really is a big inconvenience. Figure this out
  9. Shokaloop

    Yep stuck at 96%. Left it going for like 20 minutes now.
  10. ncDieseL

    Stuck at 96%.

    IMO - they should stop patching until they fix this issue.
  11. Grayson

    Why wouldn't it be? Just switch up the numbers huehuehue
  12. ncDieseL

    After 15 minutes and a couple of restarts I've made it through 96%, next challenge is getting passed the logging in screen.

    They should give us XP for a succesful login.
  13. elemntz

    Starting to become a joke this, 4th time in just under a week I've been unable to log into the game.
  14. ncDieseL

    I can see this taking 30+ minutes to finally get in to the game. I only really had a couple of hours set aside to play. Pretty f*cked off right now.
  15. Trollakhiin


    This happens after every patch.
  16. Aszrayel

  17. Reij

    Issues like this are what keep me from dropping another year sub in their coffers. I'd really like to try some of the stuff in the new bundle as well, but if I can't log into the main game I'd like to play, it isn't going to happen.

    I am the 96%?
  18. Slimjim3k

    was stuck at 96%, got passed that and now for maybe the 5th time this week, I can't get by the log in screen. Getting steam to validate my files AGAIN for the 5th time...

    Whatever, it's a free game.... that I sunk Roughly $40 into...
  19. daniel696

    Same problem here, all files already validated and nothing.
  20. Miuku

    Deleting any files is completely voodoo - it's a server sided issue which no amount of sacrificing .exe files on your end will fix.