Unofficial 96% thread...

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Notheory, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Cthahn

    Waiting it out works. About 5~ minutes for me.
  2. YuriSensen

    I've tried that. Still crashing at 96%.
  3. croaker69

    Same problem here.
  4. ikillyou1990

    I find it rather amusing that this is always an issue after each patch and has been an issue for at least 6 months now. Wonder when SOE is finally going to fix this or if they don't really give a crap and don't want their community playing their game.
  5. NyaR

  6. nixon_prime

  7. DocteurVK

    I passed the 96% test thing.
    I successfully won the login waiting test...

    Just to find me booted out of game once i connect...
  8. Noktaj

    Mexico's finest private beach club?
    Woot guys...

    I just punched the monitor twice and at the third time I got pass the 96% wall. Now I'm stuck at login.
    I'll kick the case and hit the keyboard with an hammer, it usually helps.
  9. vulcan78

  10. Pootisman

    Got the bug too, restarted game 3 times, didnt help, restarted computer and it worked^^
  11. BoganHunter

    same bug here
  12. Fredfred

    Same here.
  13. Optimos

    Same problem. Validating game assets does not help. Happened once before at the last update.

    It did load in after 20 mins though. But then waiting 10 mins at the character select screen.
  14. JonboyX

    Tried at 8pm GMT. Tried at 10pm GMT.
    Both times gave up after 5 minutes sitting at 96%.

    No wonder the game is f2p.
  15. kungflu

    haha yes. thank you soe
  16. Gutterfinn

    Installed the new update today and now getting the 96% issue!
  17. Mbui

    Herp Derp, same here; same ole same ole.
  18. EmperorPenguin5

    Validating got me past the loading but now stuck logging in..
  19. Incentive Legend

    experiencing same issue.

    have already done the usual steps but still no go.
  20. Tylemaker

    Im at the character selection screen!
    Infinitely logging on