Undeniable proof that VS is OP again now

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Phazaar, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Phazaar

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  2. Radec594

    Ho man watch out for that purple swarm!
  3. Zapon

    Snicker- yea, that's indar's population- not the other two continents where the other 2 sides are busy removing VS influence

    By the way, what server is that?

  4. Onetoo

    Anyone else expecting another picture of Vanu butt?
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  5. Brusilov [TR]

    What server is this? I want to go there!

    Also... halfway to Indar cap is holding all but 1 territory, imo.
  6. Trucky

    I remember this, helios server it isnt? is not like tr and vs did an alliance just to counter your spawnkilling warpgates massive lockon camps, i mean, who would do this? that would be a crazy idea.
  7. Curse_Gamerkin

    a server with large vanu pop and not NC for once, its beautiful...
  8. QuantumMechanic

    That's definitely not a US West coast server.
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  9. Tenhi

    The link says Miller... so I guess its Miller ;)?
  10. Phazaar

    AH didn't realise I put up the picture with Indar pop instead of world. The link to server activity shows the world pop though. 40/30/30 :O Just a little bit cheaty that that meant 60 VS, 45 NC, 45 TR online hehe!

    Hahaha no, it's Miller.

    We have a winner! ;)
  11. Katana

    Im a bit out of the loop, what is [PSA] and why does every man and his dog feel the need to use it as their thread prefix?
  12. Moody One

    ... erm no its proof that when 2 factions agree to a temporary cease fire to spank the third they actually do spank the third

    We did this back in the canyon days with the VS to the TR once or twice - does that mean the NC were OP?
  13. Draf

    Yes a screenshoot from indar with 38% VS and less territory control than TR proves that VS are OP.

    Undeniable proof you're stupid.
  14. S1eB

    We are in your bases, killing your dudes.
  15. Izriul

    I think...don't take as fact, but I think it stands for Public service announcement.

    Though that would imply that people think their posts are good enough to be such a thing, which in 99% of the cases, just aren't, so it makes me wonder if it really does mean it. It's probably "pretty **** announcement"
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  16. Gaarthar

    corrected that for you =)
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  17. Shasbot

    TR is winning = VS is op??
  18. TheEvilBlight

  19. Marinealver

    Oh look when an empire has more than a third of the population on the contenant it ends up having more than a third of the contenant.

    WHAT A SHOCKING REVELATION!!!!! Next you are going to tell me that 5 Magriders can easily beat a lone Prowler, OMG HOW OP IS THAT!:eek:
  20. Xasapis

    While I love good arguments, I'm allergic to nonsense.

    From the site you posted yourself, the only time in the day that VS had a population advantage on Miller was between 4am and 5am. The population difference for the roughly 200 people per faction that were playing at the time was less than 1% combined. Comparing that to the 7 times more people on prime time and a 6% combined population deficiency on prime time is ludicrous.
    (I have the feeling that you didn't notice that the population site you posted measures hourly server population and it's not some sort of timeline.)

    So a couple VS squads ghost capped Esamir/Amerish at 5am and then returned to Indar. VS must be really op doing that, no other faction has the ability to match them in their ghostcapping shenanigans.

    I know that some people joined the NC because it was perceived to be the "hard mode" faction and it's now hard to swallow that they are fotm, but seriously ... these threads just make the Miller NC look bad. And the Miller NC I know are a lot better than that.

    On a totally separate note, people should stop abusing the [PSA] tag to post non PSA threads. Do you even know what PSA stands for OP?
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