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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Phsychotica, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Kyutaru

    That all just sounded like someone who didn't read the full thread... I hate repeating myself.
    Everyone with a brain knows that DPS isn't the sole determinant of weapon viability. Of course, everyone with a brain is going by actual game experience rather than attempting to calculate a weapon's strength with an incomplete understanding of the mechanics.

    Please, by all means, look up the stats you are so fond of and notice how NC receive zero COF spread when firing while standing. Meaning if you just control the recoil, the weapon won't get any more inaccurate than it already is, a trait neither TR nor VS weapons share. Having higher damage DOES matter when you have a weapon that can accurately AND precisely nail the head repeatedly. Furthermore, the flagrant claims about being out-DPSed are speaking of a minute - read up to 7% - difference in DPS values which a simple headshot more than makes up for. It isn't even the CARV with the highest DPS on LMGs, the Orion holds that honor. The NC are never required to dance around out in the open, they are more than capable of using their faction-exclusive precision to setup indoors and behind corners to nail anyone who approaches, just as Scatmaxes and turrets lock down teleporters in Bio Labs. If you don't fear taking on the NC in a Bio Lab, you haven't met a competent NC faction yet. I encourage you to see how it's properly done on Waterson.

    Also - LOL at the NC can only win at point blank comment. You know what lacking COF expansion does for NC? It makes burst fire king. Burst fire to the head spells death for anyone, especially when the SAW outdamages the CARV 200 to 143. LMGs aren't useless because you can still fire at distances beyond shotgun range, and so long as you are standing still, you only need to manage the recoil to have perfect aim making even midrange fire viable. Recoil is NOT an inherently terrible thing, YOU just can't keep it under control. Controlling recoil is called SKILL, do you have any?

    TR is for Call of Duty players, NC is for CounterStrike players. Either hit the head or switch to shotgun.

    NC players don't even realize how their guns work...
  2. DeltaGun

    Eh? What game are you playing? Carbines and assault rifles fire in near perfect straight lines compared to LMGs.
  3. Nehlis

    Wasn't this a thread discussing the predominant use of HAs in planetside over other classes?
    Anyways, i stand by what I said before, NC are specialized for medium longrange, TR are better at medium closerange, and vanu have consistency and sustainability. The TR guns fire faster, and will kill faster under identical circumstances. They are also less accurate, but have slightly better sustained fire than NC. NC close quarters is viable but not nearly as easy as TC or VS.
  4. Deladin

    The Gauss Saw DOES seem to have little recoil. I have no problem keeping the crosshair on target...but the bullet spread is completely ridiculous. From medium ranges usign burst fire on a target not even moving, you will only get a hit marker 1 in 4 or 5 shots. Compred to the CARV, which seems to have more recoild, but a MUCH sharper cone of fire (as well as 250 RPM faster firing speed) you just shred everything that comes in your field of view.

    A bunch of guys in our outfit went and hopped TR when Matterson was down. We are all average FPS, I not the best. I fly the Galaxy like it's no ones buisiness but in ground fights, I stuggle to keep a positive KDR unless I am using the infiltrator with the Impetus/Silencer combo.

    We all pulled stock CARVS, we all had 15-1 KDR..EACH...compared to on average, .9 to 1.2 KDR as NC.

    I think you mean the devs don't care. Last third of beta after we got the ban hammer (VS and TR *****ed HEAVILY...FAAAAR more then NC are ******** now, which VS and TR like to point out we do a lot) that our weapons were OP, when in reality VS weapons were just sub par and TR weapons were balanced)
    So instead of bringing VS weapons up, and leaving the TR where they were, with each and every patch they slowly nerfed the NC, buffed the VS and buffed the TR. So instead of just either buffing the weak side, or nerfing the strong side, they did both, and NC ended up ******...and yet they STILL kept nerfing NC...
    There is a reason NC = Nerfed Constantly.

    They key is that several player, who NEVER get that sort of KDR when they play ANY class, ( I play heavy a lot due to the tank spam and needed a rocket) can do it with a gun they never used. A lot of outfit members also have permanent characters on TR and VS they play on occasion, and always do better, and if our outfit ever fell apart, would jump ship to one of them (most say VS due, just cause we hate TR that much)

    Just please stop defending your TR weapons. They are OP, you know it, the VS know it, the NC know...EVERYONE KNOWS IT. The defenders are just trying to protect there easy button guns.
  5. gunshooter

    So you happened to have a good run, and then logged off without getting a fair sample size.

    Even as NC, 0.9 KDR is far below average, unless you play a lot of support (this includes galaxy/sunderer, of course)

    Make a TR character and play for a week, playing as much support as you do on NC, and then that might mean something.

    For example, my VS character which I play purely as a HA Deathmatcher is 5:1 KDR. My TR character,, where I play pretty much whatever I feel like, is 2.7. I do think the Orion is a really good/easy to use gun but i'm sure if I played the same way on VS as I did on TR, my KDR would be similar.
  6. Deladin

    A headshot is a headshot. The slight damage increase NC rounds have over others is so negligable with the current TTK that it don't matter. What matters is WHO gets the first headshot, and TR have this locked down when there LMG puts out 250 more rounds per minute then the gause saw, and has a tighter bullet grouping. You CANT GET HEADSHOTS with NC weapons. That is the effing point. In close quarters, with everyone bunny hopping around, the winner goes to who can spray the most bullets in the general direction of the head, and that is NOT NC.
  7. Kyutaru

    200 vs 143 is not a slight damage increase.

    Thanks for the discussion, heading to bed, but I stand by NC close quarters amounting to accurate high-damage burst fire to the head, which NC specialize at. If you can't manage that at close range with the target as big as a grapefruit, flinch or no flinch, there's no other way to explain it to you... you just plain suck.

    If someone does find themselves unable to manage the NC's brand of precision aiming, feel free to switch to TR and hold down the autofire button in spray and pray fashion. Just don't go VS because their guns can't tolerate terrible aim either.

    Would the people who keep saying it can't be done please stop interrupting the people who are doing it?
  8. gunshooter

    Yeah the guns with little recoil and no drop are really hard to spray with.
  9. Nehlis

    Unless you get good at dodging so they run dry, then fly over their heads and dump a massive load (of bullets) onto their face. LA ftw.
  10. Kyutaru

    Hey at least VS keeps the target in the center. I've seen TR guys get kills accidentally by spraying in their general direction.
  11. Ixal

    HAs are the only class which can engage tanks/air offensively (even though they suck without spending 1000 certs/SC) while all other classes are simply victims. Ok MAX can engage them too and against air they are also a effective (again with 1000 certs) but they are too specialized when used that way.
  12. gunshooter

    Pretty sure a smaller spray cone is a good thing rather than a bad one.
  13. Cryptek

    so HA should beat other classes AND be the only one with AV capabilities? flawed logic.
  14. serenekaos

    LA has C4....which tends to make a pretty big dent in vehicles. Engineers have mines.....also kills vehicles. Sounds like you should stop crying and L2P. HA is fine where it's at.
  15. blueadept

    Haha. Yeah, find an enemy and agree to go into an instanced turn based duel. The winner gets sent back to where he was standing. The loser goes back to warp gate. lol
  16. MobileAssaultDuck

    In a war, you are going to have "rank and file" soldiers.

    The HA class represents these soldiers.

    The other classes are specialists who will always be outnumbered by the rank and file.
  17. MobileAssaultDuck

    Most classes can get C4.

    Engineers can get anti-tank mines.

    Those are both AV options.
  18. Kyle_Katarn

    I would play as HA, but there is not enough experience incentives to do so. Yes I'll last that bullet or two longer, but as a HA, my only XP gain is through Base Capping, which all players have, and kills.

    I play medic, engineer when Im tanking, and that's probably about it. The Assault Rifles are much easier to control than the LMG's, I get extra XP from revives and general healing, and I can heal myself really quickly and get back into the fight sooner. I've touched HA maybe three times since launch, but trust me, if I want certs, there are much better options for me. Or maybe I just play HA wrong because I don't walk around with a rocket launcher primary like everyone else I seem to run in to.
  19. MadInkhorn

    Are you ******* insane. You can take my CROW from my cold dead hands.
  20. Zaik

    I think we all think ammo constraints on non HA/engineer classes and HAs being the only infantry that can safely fight tanks is not great.

    That's more of a problem with every other class in the game rather than a problem with HAs though. Engineers should eventually have functioning AV turrets and LAs with their cheap *** C4 certs can fly around and bomb tanks already assuming they can get close enough(real problem).

    I think Infiltrators should be able to "lock" a vehicle in place with hacking(and disable any special abilities for the duration like deploy/shield/boost that would circumvent it), though it obviously shouldn't be spammable to allow the infiltrator to leave a tank helpless and it probably shouldn't blow the vehicle up because invisible people hacksploding tanks is obviously a problem.

    Medics...probably have enough utility being able to bring people back to life in less than two seconds. They'll cause more damage to vehicles by keeping 10 people on their feet than they ever will any other way.

    MAX AV has been a problem ever since MAXes have been. It obviously can't be strong enough to head on take down an MBT, even with both guns. If it gets behind one with both AV guns it should be pretty easymode for it though. Is it like that now? Probably not. The vehicle can probably just back up over the MAX to kill it. If the AV damage is increased too much though then it becomes a OHK infantry weapon with 2-3x the effective range of the normal AI weapons and that is an even bigger problem. No idea how they can fix that. For starters though, MAXes should definitely have much greater resistance to being run over, possibly actually cause ground vehicle collisions with vehicles rather than being just as squishy as infantry when it comes to roadkill. That would help a *lot* and give MAXes another AV use in preventing infantry from being mercilessly run over by every magrider driver with an f key. That could cause problems with max on max collisions and probably make MAX crashes near useless as they have to single file through choke points into a hailstorm of rockets and grenades.

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