Too much incentive to play HA

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Phsychotica, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. gunfox

    Love it how this is the HA Forum, yet everyone posting seems to main another class (and surely owning every HA, did you come here to offer condolences?). Looks like some people are in heavy denial.

    Whenever I join one of the more coordinated Platoons, the lead requires almost everyone to go HA, with some few engineers and medics. I've never seen anyone call for an infiltrator or LA. Tells enough about the class if you ask me.
  2. VoidMagic

    I live in HA accept when I fly. I'd hate it if it got knervfed.
  3. Nehlis

    Alright, first of all, TC are the best in close quarters due to their high fire rate, they have the highest damage per second. They tend to do best at medium short ranges. NC are the best at medium longrange, and are basically the only faction that is not allowed to spray and pray due to high recoil and low fire rate. Their weapons are VERY accurate if fired in bursts, possibly the most accurate, but sustained fire is impossible. VS are all about sustained damage, which is why they have quick reloads, no bullet drop and low recoil. They can keep firing as long as they want.

    You got your specialties mixed up. NC MAXs can only do close combat, but the majority of their weapons that AREN'T shotguns are terrible for close quarters, where their gauss rifles are great for medium longrange. It is actually very easy to start picking off targets with the LA carbine, so long as you stick to single shot bursts.
    As a NC player, I can say meeting any TR soldier in close quarters is death unless you do well in outmanuvering them. Thankfully, I can do that.
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  4. DeltaGun

    The thing they don't tell you is that LMGs are less accurate and have less DPS than Carbines and Assault Rifles.

    I agree that Engineers should get rocket launchers and Heavy Assault should lose something if they want to take rockets.
  5. Kyutaru

    Disagree. In close combat headshots make or break the battle. The NC headshots are a fair amount deadlier than the TR ones. If you are aiming for the body and doing a "spray and pray", then yes, you're going to get outdone by TR who with the slight ROF advantage can land an accidental one easily. At close range, spray and pray is quite effective as the odds of missing are drastically reduced, but you still need to headshot or you're going to be outdone by someone who can aim. Accurate burst fire to the head is the definitive champion of CQC, and as you said, NC boasts that title. When comparing factions, we must assume at least a minimum level of skill for balance sake. But regardless of how the weapons are balanced, the faction that deals the most damage per shot will favor the skilled shooters and the one that spams the most bullets will benefit the noobs. So I restate that NC has the advantage in CQC... but you still need to be able to aim accurately for the head as any player must do.
  6. Deladin

    You sir, have no idea whats going on.

    First, TR will own just as much close range as NC
    Second, you can't just "choose' to play close quarters battles. As you will get your *** kicked every day because lots of fights involve long range.
    Third did I mention TR ******* own in CQC.. the scattermax is ******* useless, with its small clip, long reload time, oh and the fact that your still getting picked off my TR at long range.

    No the empire balance mechanics are fubar. Ya they worked in PS1, but PS1 had no headshots.

    PS2 has headshots, THIS IS WHY TR ARE OP. There faster firing more accurate weapons means there chances of scoring a critical headshot are FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR greater then NC piece of ****, after the first shot your gun is point at space, so called "more damaging" guns.

    I am just sick and tired of *****, pathtic TR defending there COMPLETELY obvious advantage.

    GROW SOME BALLS, come NC and see how well you do.
  7. Kyutaru

    Took the words right out of my mouth... let me explain why.

    Advantage is not I-Win button. All three factions can do well in close range, the NC simply has the edge there. No other faction weapon can kill as quickly as a headshotting NC rifle.

    Yes, you can. Gal drops on roofs, shield breaching Sundies through the doors, and the fact that playing at your disadvantage is going to happen for every faction. You struggle through it and push to the range you're most competent in.

    The scatmax is useless he says... come over to Waterson and check out what [DVS] can do with a few scatmaxes holding a base. It's the king of interior combat, learn to play. Don't know who the outfit DVS is? Check the leaderboards... DVSDelrith is a pure scatmax player, and that outfit is the only reason NC has a chance at victory on the server.

    It's the fact that PS2 has headshots that made a change to NC weapons required. You can't simply have NC weapons outdo other weapons in face range without any disadvantages. Even the VS, the masters of long range combat, have greater damage falloff due to range which balances their range superiority.

    Plus, do we really want this to be PS1 where everyone had the same build and the only weapons being used were Jackhammers, Lashers, and Chainguns? PS1 had a much greater TTK, the only weapons worth a damn were the ones that killed the fastest.

    Been there, done that, headshotted everyone I saw with a Gauss SAW. I'm not telling you how to play, but I am telling you the most effective way to.
  8. Phsychotica

    First off, I'm not saying HAs should be weaker, they are fine as it is, my main problem as they are the primary anti-infantry and the primary anti-tank meaning the majority of people play HA. I find it debatable whether HA should be used as the common soldier type because medics do it better. Ever played a match of Operation Metro on Battlefield 3 where most of your enemies were medics and they were reviving each other? It basically creates the effect of having twice is many soldiers if you can get fallen ones back into the fight in a few seconds, the same applies here. That's why in my opinion medics make better primary soldiers but that's beside the point because I want HAs to not the the primary AT.

    The race between VS and TR for best in CQC is close with it being generally agreed that TR comes in first, NC however have fallen over the first hurdle and are trying pick themselves back up. Standing still and using aimed headshot bursts is all well and good until of course you encounter an enemy who is actually looking the right way, then it's a bit trickier. Them ducking and dodging plus hitting you so your guy takes the hit flinch makes it rather hard to line up those headshot bursts especially as the enemy has already put 15 bullets in your chest. Then so help you if you encounter two at once. This isn't even taking into account ping and FPS making it harder to get the headshots. Also I think Deladin was talking about a scatmax that hasn't had thousands of certs put into it. You can get about two kills with it before you have to reload (Unless the enemy is more than 5 meters away, then it's one kill) and the reload time is more similar to Breaker rocket pods reload time then to a light arms weapon.

    From what I've seen all the factions have their ups and down:
    TR has the worst MBT by far as the Magrider can strafe and turn quickly and the Vanguard has armour up the wazoo.
    NC had the best fighter due to it's equal TTK to the Scythe and it supposedly had a small hitbox in comparison to both. (I can believe it compared to the scythe but the mosquito is really thin.) In the beta it had a really slow drop off on afterburner speed but that's now fixed making it the slowest of the fighters so they all seem rather even now.
    But on foot NC loses hands down sure we are supposed to be the best at medium to long range but what good is it if at least 80% of all infantry combat is CQC?
  9. SixVoltSamurai

    Wait what? Did you just insinuate that the Reaver is the slowest of all ESF's? Have you even flown a Reaver?
  10. Kyutaru

    If you say so, personally I never had that issue. Might be because my reaction time is higher than the enemies I encounter, but I routinely did the old stop-and-shoot with the zero COF headshots, and flinch or no flinch it didn't seem to bother me. Only time I get dropped is when more than one player is firing from different angles, and in those instances I just back out and bait them to pick off one at a time. Sounds to me like your issue is with flinching rather than the weapons. Regarding MAX defaults, they all suck, even the TR ones. It's upgrade or die.
  11. Bill Hicks

  12. Phsychotica

    I am a Reaver pilot, it's what I do. And the max speed of the Reaver without afterburner tanks is effectively 202km/h. (Now that the afterburner bug is fixed by the time you get to 300km/h without spare tanks you have run out and you drop right down again.) So the Reavers effective max speed without extra fuel is 202km/h. I haven't tried the others post-beta so you tell me if they are slower than that but the Reaver was supposed to be the slowest in beta why wouldn't it be now? Because of its weight it has the fastest dive speed but there is only so far you can dive before you run out of air. (Dive spped I noticed was 255km/h but I was evading someone not doing a test so I'll have to look into what it actually is.)
  13. gunshooter

    LMG's have less dps, but have much less recoil on average. They really aren't less accurate at all.
  14. Nehlis

    Planetside 2 may play like battle field 3, but in this case the greater durability of the Heavy assualt along with it's versatility against infantry and vehicles leave it as the mainline unit. Now, i'm not saying that medics and engies should healbot or shy from battle, but by comparison they make better support roles than frontline combatants when lined side by side the HA. Light assaults could pass, but they accel at cqc and flanking over frontal combat, and infiltrators do poorly in straight up fights.

    You want some of all infantry types in your squad, but you want the majority of them to be Heavy assaults. They are the best fit for the "frontline" niche.
  15. Nehlis

    Compare a Gauss SAW to a Gauss carbine.
  16. gunshooter

    Again, as I said, on average. However, the Gauss SAW actually has less recoil than the vast majority of carbines. Not less than the Gauss carbines, but less than most TR and NC Carbines.

    The thing to remember with Recoil is not how much of it there is, but how controllable it is. Recoil that only goes straight up is trivial to deal with. Recoil that goes every which way, even if there's only a little of it, is horrible in comparison.
  17. Ecko

    For NC there isn't much incentive to play as HA. The LMGs are just horrible.
  18. xpsyclosarinx

    That all just sounded like someone who only plays TR........

    I don't think you realize ROF wins in CQC, having more damage doesn't matter when you've already been out DPSed by someone using the CARV (look it up, NC have the worst DPS of all factions). CARV plus overshield basically makes every other class bar MAX units have an insanely hard time killing them. Now the fact that you are pulling a MAX against a HA is stupid because they have a rocket launcher...

    Also TR have FK ALL recoil, all TR weapons as so stupidly easy to use it's not even funny.

    Seriously, since when does TR "hate" attacking NC, we do it all the time on Connery with no problem, I have not even the slightest fear of ANY NC weapon, they're all laughable. I fire faster and am more accurate therefore get more head shots much faster than them and win the fight.

    Here's a fact for you, the vast majority of combat is done at medium range because the level design forces players to run across open areas, even in Biolabs you're force to run out in the open which by your own word is where NC is weakest. This still sounds like NC are getting the short end of the stick.

    The CARV and Orion are incredibly powerful, now by comparison the NC's HA weapons fire too slowly to justify the inaccuracy and will only ever win a 1v1 at point blank range which basically tells us, what's the point in using it when there are shotguns that kill faster.
  19. gunshooter

    Everyone with a brain knows and agrees that NC weapons are overall worse than VS and TR weapons. Posting more about it isn't going to change anything. The devs are aware.
  20. RobotNinja

    Make them wear a like...really stupid hat.
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