They Nerfed Shotguns, Congratz

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  1. YouWannaGetHigh

    Are you happy, shotgun whiners? All of your cryings about how OP shotguns are (they aren't) finally worked out. But they weren't OP in the slightest. If they were, first of all, more people would play them.
    "BUT EVERYONE PLAYS WITH A SHOTGUN DON'T YOU SEE I ALWAYS DIE TO SHOTGUNS NOTHING ELSE" is the usual response of a guy who can't handle a weapon whose effective range is 8 meters.

    Here is how often shotguns are used:

    Starter LMGs, daily kills = ~35.000 for both 3 factions.
    Quick reload shotguns, daily kills = 8000 with Thanatos, ~1000 with the other two.
    Pump action shotguns, daily kills = ~1800 with Deimos, ~2000 with Blackjack, ~2150 with Bruiser
    Daily knife kills = 2700, 2770, 2600 (VS, TR, NC)

    I rest my case.

    Edit: Forgot something. "We inreased the min damage range of shotguns!! Because a shotgun should be used to fight an LMG! Next time, we're thinking about lowering the range of all snipers and increasing the knifing range to 20 meters! Because f-ck logic!"
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  2. Campagne

    Well, I mean they sort of already did lower the range of all snipers... :p

    (PU2 Sniper "Buff")
  3. LaughingDead

    We still got snipy rifles that don't go as fast as the godsaw, because favorism.
  4. YouWannaGetHigh

    Isn't godsaw a sniper? Oh wait..
  5. Newlife1025

    wait... they nerfed shotguns...does tbat include my max?!!! im in the ****gun faction for goodness sakes. nerfing shotguns is like nerfing the NC
  6. The Shady Engineer

    Nah, Scattercannons and their sidegrades are still the same as they were. Same thing for underbarreled shotguns. The only ones affected are the standard infantry shotguns and the jackhammer.

    Also the massive amount of crying on the forums is pre mature. The changes are still in PTS with no official word on whether or not they'll go live in their current form.
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  7. kr47er

    idk why you guys crying, now the good shotgun is the auto one, it got buffed.
  8. Masyaka

    All the biolab fights are going to be fair... party!!
  9. Newlife1025

    Ok, thanks
  10. Crayv

    I don't get why they nerf shotguns (to increase "skill") when the waggle hoses that are SMGs haven't really been touched.
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  11. LaughingDead

    Emergency repair went to live with a lot of feedback on how bad it was.
    I think the people saying "no" are fine, they're simply expressing their opinion on the topic, they don't like the change at all.
  12. Campagne

    Maybe they'll refund shotguns too. :p
  13. LaughingDead

    Hope they refund then. I'd certainly hate to use it.
  14. SoljVS

    Entitled noobs and cry babies are the downfall of all games.
  15. Gundem

    I don't think it was the entitled noobs who cried for shotguns to be butchered.

    Actually, on second thought, I guess it was.

    I've asked repeatedly for Shotguns to be reworked into something skillful, but this is not only a poor balance decision but a deceptive one as well. Clearly this was designed to be a strong nerf towards the best performing shotguns, but they thinly veiled it as a "buff" for range that really isn't there since they reduced the damage at the same time, which counteracts any improvements in pellet spread or damage drop off(how insignificant they are).

    If they could just have the balls to say "Yup, we nerfed em, people whined too much", I'd at least be satisfied that DBG is being honest. But to kick the **** out of them like this and call it an "Improvement" is just lying through their teeth.
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  16. SoljVS

    It's the old 'piss on your head and call it rain' method. Its been in use for many millenia.
  17. Ziggurat8

    Who was even whining about shotguns except that they were useless except for corner camping LAs anyway?

    Personally I never used shotguns because my preferred range is 15-30m. A range that without slugs the shotgun is pretty much useless unless you like to roll the dice for damage like an rpg. Roll 6d130 damage. Oh I'm sorry you only did 48 damage. You died. Better luck next time!
  18. YouWannaGetHigh

    Just search the forums man, therw are at least uhm... a billion threads about people calling shotguns OP
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  19. LaughingDead

    Did you even put in a search yourself before you typed that?

    All I did, just to humor you, was put in "shotgun" into the search query.
    There were so many threads about asking for content on shotguns, shotgun tips, videos, guides, how to improve shotguns, why shotguns are weak etc ******* etc. The only thread I found that could've possibly been asking for a shotgun nerf was and english was not this guys first language lets be fair.

    So I pretty much went all the way to the end of the list (which unfortunately was only 5 pages) and unbelievably (not really) I couldn't find one thread that said that shotguns should be nerfed. (Although one thread was asking wraith flashes to be nerfed because of the renagade, which is pretty funny imo)

    So where are these billions of nerf threads? And why are there so many threads asking for shotgun content? Doesn't this just prove that the nerfs catered to one ******* group? No wonder people are ******* pissed to ******* ********, this is like going to a restaurant ordering a drink for them to give you dish water, un****ing believable.
  20. Liewec123

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