Once again fix the gal

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  1. SoljVS

    Seriously guys its a troop transport not an aerial AA platform. As of current its a haven for people who don't have the talent to fly ESF but want to do the air game. It should have 1 lower mounted AI gun, travel about 15% slower, and rely on escorts for protection.

    You know its brokenly OP when you have them patrolling continents hunting down ESFs (mainly cause the walker is so n00b friendly 2 of them makes it a beast) or sticking their nose in other aerial combat, just for the simple reason they have so much hp and what you going to do about it. Some pilots even run to these (troop transports) for help, which makes no sense whatsoever. FIX

    To put this in perspective for the people on the ground who haven't an inkling about air I guess it would be the equal to a sundy having 2x long range harrasser guns (gatekeeper, etc). My guess is suddenly you'd see those rolling around hunting tanks.
  2. Scr1nRusher

    I.....I can't even.
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  3. Foxirus

    Its also not a tank crusher or a ground pounder.. But we don't see that getting fixed any time soon.. Deal with it.
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  4. HannaDest

    You have seen a Galaxy with 3 walkers ? I hope you reported that guy.
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  5. SoljVS

    Can't even give an intelligible response? OK got it.
  6. SoljVS

    I don't fly them don't care to however many it has. You get the point. I will edit it though for those who are concerned with the simple.

    Changed to 2.
  7. HannaDest

    Yeah well if you dont care about how many walkers it has its no surprise they shoot you down.
  8. SoljVS

    I rarely get shot down by them but it is a pain to have to deal with a TROOP TRANSPORT running air superiority role. Especially when its about 1km out and how is it still keeping up with me exactly?
  9. Taemien

    Galaxy AA = 1 Pilot, 1 Top Gunner, 1 Tail Gunner. Never mind the fact that they can't hit you from below and die in seconds against a tankbuster...

    But that's 3 players. Try 3 ESFs with a Rotary and either Coyotes or Tomcats.. or a good aim with breaker/hellfire/photon pods. And watch how good the Gal goes down.

    Oh wait.. those 3 ESFs would have to coordinate like the Gal crew did. Can't have that can we?
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  10. ColonelChingles

    A Galaxy can take 9 100mm AP tank shells before it dies.

    The Vanguard can take 7 100mm AP tank shells from the front (no Shield). A Prowler or Magrider could only take 6 to the front.

    Why is a glorified C-130 transport plane, which can be brought down by rifle fire, more durable than an MBT?
  11. Revel

    Why do you have to lead targets at such ridiculously short ranges that make 0 real world physics sense?

    Don't bring RL logic into a video game. The Gal is an armored transport just like a Sunderer.
  12. ColonelChingles

    The Sunderer is also a monstrosity that should only be able to resist Basilisk fire at most.

    If the Sunderer, which must be light enough to fly, can afford to carry that much armour, why not throw it on a tank as well?
  13. Revel

    I always though tanks should have a C4 defense option so 2 bricks couldn't kill a full health tank, maybe just have it smoking or on fire.

    That said, reducing the amount of armor on infantry transports just turns them into xp pinatas. Gals are already up in the air in plain sight.
  14. ColonelChingles

    That's just pilot error. No different from an infantryman trying to cross the open desert without using cover, or a tank out in the open in the Esamir plains. If that infantryman gets shot by a sniper, we don't blame the sniper. If that tank gets chewed up by a Lancers/Ravens, we don't blame those launchers.

    Likewise if a Galaxy is made much more fragile and blows up easily to AA, we shouldn't blame AA. That's obviously pilot error for making themselves such an easy target in the first place!

    Aircraft can indeed take cover. I've ridden in enough Gals to see it done well. Whether taking advantage of the Hossin canopy or Indar canyons, there is actually more cover available to aircraft than to ground units.


    The truth is that pilots really don't want to do what infantry and tanks have to do, and instead want to be able to fly out in the open without getting shot. That's the chief problem with the Liberator and Galaxy (and to a lesser extent the ESFs) in this game.

    I mean sure, I'd like to drive my Lightning out in the open and not get punished for it too, but you don't see the Devs giving my Lightning 10,000HP and more resistance to AP weapons than MBTs get, do you?
  15. Revel

    And the Galaxy is also a much, MUCH bigger target than your lightning.
  16. ColonelChingles

    It's also much faster and can operate in a 3D plane. What's your point?
  17. Taemien

    For the same reason this:


    Has more armor than this:

    Or this (kinda looks like a Prowler, but those are 120mm autocannons):


    All of which can sustain several hits from even advanced 120mm cannons (aka Class 20 Autocannons, they actually fire multiple shells within a 10s timeframe).

    Welcome to the future.. and the one I listed above (BattleTech) doesn't even have nanites. I didn't want to mention the actual transports since they have 2-3x the armor as the above listed units (which range from 9.5-10.5 tons of armor... believe it or not, the Shiva Aerospace fighter has the most of all three at 10.5, the Thor Omnimech has 9.5, and the Demolisher Main Battle Tank has 10).
  18. ColonelChingles

    One horribly balanced game does not excuse another. ;)
  19. Taemien

    Battle Value is very balanced. Especially after Catalyst Games took over.
  20. SgtBeta


    Remove AA guns from gal and make it an AC-130, only with bulldogs, GLs and that anti infantry machine gun with a big fire rate that I forgot the name.

    Implement the Vulture, a mother****ing sky war machine with any kind of AA gun and a special AA gun, the "Husker" cannon, with shots that reminds the Lancer RL(VS), single shots, fast travel(not photo speed like the lancer(shoot ->hit))and high damage.

    Vulture speed should be 5 meters p sec faster than gal.30% Armor resistance than normal gal armor. 5 guns spots(top, right, left, bottom, back).
    With a incredible locking missile(like the ESFs ones) that can be launched only from the pilot seat, and only the pilot can lock on, the other guns should be only to protect the Vulture, it should have more defensive style, other then the lib.

    Vulture should be larger in size than the lib but smaller then the galaxy.

    Vulture can be equipped with one of these:
    The standard ones(nanite reps and composite armor etc) or auto turrets(pretty much like the engineer ones)that can shoot slow with med damage but don't need people to control it, but the VUlture should need to get really close to the target to hit.

    AA, could counter libs and galaxies and help against enemy fighters(guns should be balanced to not get too OP against ESFs)
    Medium speed, not like the galaxy, that, if VUlture should be implemented in-game, it could be drastically made slower.

    Turn rate would be slow, slower than the lib.
    Big target and it could be damaged by infantry weapons, with reduced damage like 50%.

    So, you re balance the gal, or just make it what it was supposed to be, a troop transport that can support infantry and add other air unit.

    ...thoughs about this?