LEts make planetside great AGAIN!!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SoljVS, Nov 13, 2016.

  1. SoljVS

    Seriously lets remove all the entitlement weapons I.E. lockons and flak and make everything cater to the top % of skilled players. Or better yet just make everything skill-based to begin with.

  2. SlugSniper

    Don't forget the minimum damage raise.
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  3. SoljVS

    That would just be a band aid fix. We need to give players the tools should they have the drive to go out and do more damage based on upping their skill level. Giving them a crutch is counter productive to giving them the urge to better themselves and at the same time is not fair for those who made the effort to better themselves.

    Remember folks entitlements ruin great games just like they ruin great countries!
  4. SlugSniper

    Political trolling?

    ... Or do you legitimately consider anti-air overpowered?
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  5. SarahM

    ESF should be able to mount any primary weapon, or even sidearms, so you can continue getting directives after completing all the nosegun and skillpod directives. Also infiltrators should be able to carry C4 and they shouldn't take fall damage when jumping out of ESF. And bases need a complete redesign, there are only legits on auraxis, so who needs walls?
  6. SoljVS

    Well most people who can actually pilot consider AA OP. Has more so to do with the range and flak detonation radius. But thats not the point here. I'm saying lets move this game more towards skill instead of I should be able to do this because I'm lazy mentality. Infantry should not be able to do EVERYTHING as is currently. and yes air does need an actual role instead of being optional.
  7. SlugSniper

    Air does have a role. Ever seen a full-scale air assault? It's an absolute lockdown.
  8. The Rogue Wolf

    Okay! No more rocket pods, no more Tomcats, no more airhammer or air PPA. You wanna kill infantry, you're gonna have to actually aim.
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  9. adamts01

    I really hope you're joking.

    I believe games should be balanced from the top down, but not catered to the top. Big difference. Catering to the top could mean "only bolt actions and head shots". Top tier players would be happy, but I guarantee you'd have an empty server. You need noob weapons, but they need to still require skill, be fun for everyone, and be at a definite disadvantage against a better player with a high skill weapon.

    Annoying? Yes. OP? Hell no. AA sucks for everyone. It's boring and unrewarding for the shooter, and just annoying and unavoidable for pilots. I made a whole post about what I think can fix lock-ons https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps2/index.php?threads/g2a-and-a2a-missiles.243507/ but nobody gives a **** about this game. It pretty much is what it is, put up with it or go is the impression I get from everyone.
  10. JohnGalt36

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  11. Eternaloptimist

    I like to fly. I want you to take away anything that makes that flying risky.
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    I didn't vote for Trump but I'll vote for you.

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  13. JobiWan

    So make the game require a lot of skill to have a chance of doing anything? So new players will come in, get farmed to infinity and never come back. The 'elite' that are left will get bored because they have no noobs to farm, the game will die.

    Er - no thanks.

    The beauty of the game is that it caters for all levels and different ways of playing. Take that away and it's not got much left going for it.
  14. Hammerlock

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  15. Pikachu

    Build a wall against vanu's third of the continents and make them pay for it.
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  16. SoljVS

    Dude I can so get behind this. I honestly have no problem pegging infantry with stock noseguns, so I'm all for removing the AI guns from the ESF. Maybe stick them on the valk or something. But if we concede to having the AI abilities removed from the ESF and given to the valk you must concede to having your flak tweaked (preferrably stronger and more accurate but much shorter range) and make lock ons travel much slower with shorter lock range with faster lock time since they will only have to hit slow valks and libs.
  17. Ghoest

    AA is balanced the way it is to make the overall game play fun for infantry.

    It wasnt this way originally. Originally air owned infantry. It was more realistic - but it wasnt fun for most people.
    Nerfing air power and buffing AA saved the game.
  18. The Rogue Wolf

    Trade that for giving the MAX and Lightning a Walker AA equivalent (high ROF, high velocity, near-worthless damage to heavy armor) and I could get behind this idea. Enemy pilots do NOT like it when I'm gunning a Walker. :cool:
  19. SoljVS

    I think the walker needs to be toned down to its air equivalent and the damage falloff increased with more bullet drop. Other than that I find no issue with what you just mentioned.