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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Boika, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Betaplayer

    Confirming that this is still an issue.

    EU website and login has been Down / intermittent since around 09:00 UTC (for well over ten hours now.)

    The client login fails with the non-descript error and users are encouraged to simply "try again later."

    Occasionally it is or was possible to log on, however judging from the server population not many can get in (Millar.)
  2. Boika

    Well ye there indeed is official word : "

    PlanetSide 2 Europe
    9 hours ago via mobile
    Right now some of you may experience problems while trying to enter our portal/forum and the game. Our IT is currently looking into this. Sorry for any inconveniances caused! [Desmonemo] "

    Either way its been a whole day and still it periodically shows an error. Time to give more meat to your answers.
  3. joshuacrime

    Still down...
  4. Boika

    Oh just noticed, I've got a typo: "youR request" :oops:
  5. biterwylie

    19:08 GMT.

    Same problem here.
  6. Betaplayer

    Some random person just posted on the EU forums

    From: P7S1Traoke
    Master Forum Moderator

    Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:13 pm (45 mins ago or so)

    So no real update there.
  7. biterwylie

    Oh It is truly just a joy!

    What with the warping issue meaning you cant play for more than 10 minutes before everyone does the PS2 Harlem Shack and then crashing, and now you cant even log in LOL

    Maybe the new pope can fix this? :mad:
  8. Tzuqeda

    Still can't log in...
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  9. Fredman

    Yey, official words on the facebook page. Nothing on the official game page....
  10. rsquatttro

    i think it's prosiebensat prob, can't log in too
  11. Madiadk

    ican log in on my prosiebent account now :O !!§!
  12. Boika

    Come on WTF, 3 days has passed, i log in, here ya go, same freaking error -.-
  13. overunity

    Just tried to log in and the login issue is back .

    Does the forum take ages to load once you click anything for other players ?
    I get the message "This site is not available " a lot when trying to view posts
  14. CptCosmo

    Yeah same problem here can't start the game with the prosiebent launcher.
  15. LeBigJimbo

    Problems back and even their website is down, hence posting in these forums.
    ProSieben really need to sort this out as people - paying customers, only have so much patience.
  16. RazvanLA

    Sony need to drop Prosieben.sat1

    The forum on EU is never up to date.. the lag is a constant problem and now this ****.
    An on the 2x XP weekend ... mother****ers
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  17. overunity

    So much for priority queueing on a premium account ,looks like all the free double xp players are overloading the servers ?
    One more worthless perk ?

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