The Truth why Connery NC has always been pressed this hard?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SuperMinghaha, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Sebastien

    Nothing like NC bashing to wake you up the morning huh guys.
    Shouldn't you and the VS be railing the NC back into their WG?
  2. NyaR

    "We are stubborn and won't adapt"

    Is that about right? Because that's what I'm interpreting your words.
  3. Sebastien

    That's the only argument I'm hearing now.
  4. viewtufljoe61

    Im dying right now, lol
  5. SuperMinghaha

    Well we can't stop you from keeping telling yourself that, and look how sad that time does nothing to some people..We don't need your time here since time will be meaningless to you anyway, Mr. Pathetic (if I spelled that right) [IMG]
  6. SuperMinghaha

    I'm sorry about that and we all know that you have been doing your best.....(there should be many "but"s following up though)......
    People should learn from failure, rather than being ignorant and repeating the same things time after time. (To the readers: Does the 2nd part remind you of that some folk who was wasting his "time" here trying so hard to build his "always right" image? LOL). I admit that I'm kinda comfortable being sarcastic but plz remember, if you've planned to make improvements, you gotta pay attention to why others would be that dissatisfied with what you've achieved. Some words might just be hurtful and it depends on your gesture towards all these. A bad example would be Mr. Pathetic, and no wonder 1sts would have such a low CE.
  7. SuperMinghaha is a Substitute for NC's "FOR FREEDOM" ---------> "FOR FREE CERTS".....[IMG]
  8. LeBigJimbo

    It's true. NC players do seem to be the most stupid.
    • They have a tank with an invincibility one buys it
    • Their guns do sick damage and have decent accuracy.....still fail to kill
    • Their MAX unit is insane.....but is never rev'ed or reped.
    • A wire guided missile? I'll spin in circles instead thanks
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  9. zizeff

    This thread made me laugh so much bashing but ill get to the point all our empires have dumb outfits and with out those morons fights would be boring so less forum bashing and more fighting. Cheers for the shout out TPLR keep giving us the good fight.
  10. Sebastien

  11. HadesR

    BTW did TR help to remove VS's Indar bonus or did they continue do what they were doing last night and derp around trying to WG NC ?
  12. CactusLynx


    Nice <20 BR's you have there, with medicore K/D and xp/min, but I don't see a level 81 NC. I think your BSing.
    Also I don't remember you being at ANY of the outfit meetings, so I doubt you'd know anything about what descisions were made. Again, your BSing. Next time think before you run your mouth off at outfits that have 10x the amount of players your outfit even has, and 10x the skill level.
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  13. Kukuguy

    Why is it that everytime 1STS pushes the Vanu the TR warp gate us and everytime 1STS pushes the TR the Vanu takes our tech plant? If GSGS and 1STS is doing so bad why don't you help with your "Lv 81 NC character"? You said this thread was to point out mistakes, but it sounds more like bashing because you are ******** that you didn't get your XP.
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  14. EVPWiggin

    I don't get the point of your thread...are you upset that people aren't playing the way you feel everyone should be playing? Is it hard for you to play the game like that? What's your reason for attempting to denigrate a group of people, whom you've never met, that don't play as good as you, or have the Patton like leadership vision that dwells within your obvious svelte and macho frame? Can we make you supreme commander, and you can lead us all into victory and into the sacred annals of digitized sport/recreation?

    It's funny...I've been playing with Joe and the folks at CCG/1sts since Planetside 2 genesis, and I didn't even remember that you were there too until Joe pointed that out. If only we had known that such an overwhelming, unstoppable shrewd force was among our ranks, we would have been spared the meaningless joy of victory in camaraderie, and instead led into the glory of militant dedication to an electronic hobby wrapped in pseudo strategy.

    I'm racking my brain here, but I bet you were real fun to play with...
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  15. thatguy9

    SuperMinghaha, your continual lack of forming any sort of substantial argument against the answers brought up by viewtfuljoe61 as well as making multiple unimaginative personal attacks implies that this was a troll post with severely biased and unfounded claims. If you truly value your claims as having both evidence and a valid purpose then perhaps you will consider actually replying to the counterarguments pointing out its flaws rather than resorting to fallacious arguments unrelated to the claims you initially suggested.
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  16. SuperMinghaha

    Why do I have to help you every time. What a bad student who never learns. Didn't u see my signature or are u just too stupid to understand Eng?
  17. SuperMinghaha

    No, I'm just feeling that it is such a waste that your leaders failed to make the right decisions EVERY F@cking time and ppl just like you have never questioned or criticized their leadership. All u know was to follow the orders for "free certs" and feed the enemies (yes, u guys have fed me lots of certs while I was playing TR..lots of armors + dull ppl = Tons of certs), instead of employing proper strategies and tactics to gain advantages. Yes, it is just a game, and it will be fun only if you use your brain.(unless u have nothing but muscles only inside your skull...then jut forget what I said..). I'm bashing you guys because you are acting just like what I was describing and you guys strives to win yourselves the notoriety. Okay, I overestimated you guys. My apologies.
    (FYI: With a clear separation of duties, even a single squad could achieve tactical superiority, not to mention outfits like yours with 1 or more full platoons running. sigh..)
  18. SuperMinghaha

    Well, I wanted to, but after viewing viewfuljoe61's and several others (from his outfit) replies, I decided not to. Cause what I'm worried about is that they all share a same level of comprehension...(As I implied earlier, "xxxxx could be contagious")
  19. Vashyo

    Seeing gameplay on Cobalt, Woodman and Waterson. I've come to the conclusion that large majority of people aren't playing the game as it was meant to be played.

    I feel it's not because they're ********, but because playing the game correctly is a lot less rewarding in certs than fighting a losing battle. There's also little reward in taking empty hexes, it's just dull and just waste of time if u like action.

    It's going to get better though, once the new hex-change hits.