The Truth why Connery NC has always been pressed this hard?

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  1. SuperMinghaha

    See, Are you kidding me? My NC character just reached Lvl 81, and I barely play TR/VS. Do your homework before u make yourself look like a mXXXX again plz. (there's no way I can put an "Also" in there somewhere right, Mr. "English"?)

    I used to play with CCG, yes; and I'd often lmao because of those very very distinctly ridiculous decisions you guys have made after very very SERIOUS discussions. -.- Well I know you guys have done your best, but you are capable of doing worse.

    Note: Here's one more symptom - ppl being RXXXXXXX and yet they won't let others point that out, cause they'd be scared to know the TRUTH. NO OFFEND, but telling the truth...
  2. NyaR

    I'm [D] Hej from Connery. You may remember me from your death screen or from the sundy I destroyed.

    I think 1STS are the worst players I've faced.

    GSGS is better than 666.

    HT and PG are good.
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    Well the crown falling quickly can hardly be a bad thing IMO. That whole base was a cancer and I'm glad most of Connery have moved on from it.
  4. BigMacDeez

    Nothing like seeing the Devil Derps on Connery and thinking: "Free Certs!"
  5. HadesR

    Yeah does seem most people give it a miss now .. Or if they do go they don't spend hours there
  6. tomahawk72

    "Hold the crown, lose the continent"

    That or a biolab lol.
  8. tomahawk72

    Very true :D
  9. SuperMinghaha

    That's what I wanted to point out. Some of the outfits have been wasting their huge population doing the least important things. That is just like firing a $1-million missile at an unlucky Mr. Taliban holding a RPG -.-
  10. Amrok1

    I have a question Joe. How the heck do you get to play 10 hours a day! :O
  11. Niller

    It's the damn 4th faction! They can't even defend a sundy from engies, even if they are like 40 people around it... VS i would gladly give you back the 4th faction if i could.
  12. SuperMinghaha

    Well, I have friends in GSGS and I myself would sometimes roll with them - as long as every step they take makes sense. (one of the reason would be they are probably the only operational NC MF 24/7). The purpose for this thread is not to verbal attack on anyone, but to remind those whom should be making improvements instead of remaining stupid yet arrogant.
  13. SuperMinghaha

    Exactly! Through the eyes of the NC! You just slap yourself in the face! First Blood for
  14. ikillyou1990

    My point is that the Connery NC is completely clueless to what is going on half the time. Nobody should be able to just walk in and basically 2 man cap a bio lab. I was using the crown as an example.
  15. CletusMcGuilly

    Saw multiple squads of NC trying to take Commander's Rest while we had no influence there yesterday. They didn't even seem to notice til me and another guy started yelling at them.
  16. SNAFUS

    And TR are any different? As I said earlier stupidity isn't faction based we all share plenty of derps. All you can do is continue to use /orders and try and control the zerg leaders and hope for the best.
  17. viewtufljoe61

    The feels, sorry we might have beaten you down a few too many times ;)
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  18. viewtufljoe61

    soooo just don't worry about acknowledging any of my points. I don't have time to waste convincing you that I'm right buddy, you used to be a good soldier back in CCG, was a pleasure serving with you. Sad what time does to some people
  19. viewtufljoe61

    lol. I go to school, do my HW (not always) and then sit down at my computer and play planetside. Benefits of being a University student with an easy semester ;)
  20. RoseKing

    "If you have played NC long enough, surely you will come to realize that there exists these two kinds of mental disabilities called "GSGS" and "1sts", for which they share a same property - they'er both contagious! Here are some symptoms that by which you can easily identify whether a player is a Carrier or not."

    How is that NOT a verbal attack. That looks like a verbal attack SPECIFICALLY DIRECTED TO GSG (yes there is an extra 'S' in our tag and name) AND 1STS. As for GSG if you REALLY paid attention to ANYTHING we do, you'd know we don't back down without a fight and its not because "we can't read a map," its because we don't RUN. If you're so worried about the map why not just start your own squad/platoon and do it yourself. If you don't think ANY outfits make ANY improvements then make them yourself and see how hard it really is to be in a leadership position before bashing anyone.

    -GSG- Rosie Co-leader