The Truth why Connery NC has always been pressed this hard?

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  1. Zazwon

    I feel like this is something everyone says about the other factions at one point or another,
    Personally I'm just glad when we TPLR have a fight. I appreciate running onto other outfits, and as it stands now its not so much the outfits as it is the game design that causes stuff like this to happen.
    Lets not rag on each lets build a stronger server community with some healthy rivalry.

    Thank you for your work and for fighting us - I'm an outfit leader so I know how hard it can be-
    Shoot out to 666, TRG , AFX, GOLD, GSGS, 1STS, BAID, T42, PCYS, 42VL FT32 and numerous other smaller outfits, we are what makes the game fun and keeps it trucking along through thick and thin.
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  2. Jaes

    Oh 666, GSGS, and 1STS. You mean well, but most of the time I'm more worried about getting TK'd by you guys than I am getting shot by the enemy.
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  3. Kukuguy

    We had 50% indar until the TR started ghost capping.
    And no, we did not only concentrate on one area. Infact, 1STS pushed all the way to crimson bluff. I guess the TR got their **** together
  4. Roy Teppert

    NC are the nightelf rogues of planetside.
  5. turtlestation

    Connery VS had the Indar cap *this* ******* close. Great fights tonight on all continents and good effort from VS.
  6. mooman1080

    ******** about losing that indar alert? Understandable, but all things considered it was a good time.
  7. LahLahSr

    Echoing Zazwon's sentiments, I too tip my cap to our esteemed Connery arch-enemies from TR and NC!

    You are all good opponents and it is because of you that we have a pretty tight VS community among several large platoons and an overall inclusive culture. You mount some great combined-arms tactics, your infantry is bold and opportunistic and your infiltrators have truly become a force to contend with - especially at night - after the introduction of the SMGs.

    Us purplepants can't often block the fury of your attacks, but sometimes we do it against what seems like hopeless odds. Regardless of the outcome, this is when PS2 truly shines. Often we feel like we are between the hammer and the anvil, but the more you pound us the harder we get. Being constantly outnumbered against skilled opponents tends to infuse the VS with more skill and determination.

    A virtual toast to our war-brothers and sisters in blue and red. We salute you!
  8. hansgrosse

    I miss the days when Helios NC were vastly outnumbered by TR and Tobuscus' Vanu horde. :(

    I joined them because at the time they were the underdogs, and though NC is still my favorite faction overall for many aesthetic reasons, I have a tough time remaining interested in the game when we're constantly rocking 50% of the server population. Victories just feel so... undeserved when you've got the massive upper hand.

    The old days. The outnumbered days. The days when Helios' NC had to be good to survive. THOSE were the good times.

    Hope the upcoming merger with Connery will at least do something for the population balance, but they're heavily NC as well iirc. >.<
  9. viewtufljoe61

    Leader of 1sts here to your points
    First off
    - TK'ing happens in any outfit, as leaders, we do everything we can to stop this, but sometimes it is difficult when you have to control hundreds of people

    1. Have more than one full platoon push on one TR(VS) point for Hours (Amazingly! they still can't take it!!) while VS(TR) has taken most of NC's territories and is taking their last step to Gate the NC. However, GSGS are so "persistent" that they can still attentively push on that single f@king stronghold to the last man. (Probably their Commander does not know how to read the MAP) - Result: NC got slaped.
    --------Generally most outfits do not get wrapped up in battles that are pretty much stalemates, what you are seeing is called the ZERG (these guys have no chain of command). Outfits like to move around big battles and manipulate the battlefield to their will.

    2. Have more than one full platoon ghost-cap Esamir or Amerish, while massive attacks are on Indar and NC is in desperate need of reinforcement. - Result: NC got slaped.
    --------in this point you are basically saying that all that matters is indar. I don't know about you but when I have been fighting on Indar for 10 hours in the day, it's nice and refreshing to pull everyone out for a change of scenery. We all play this game to have fun, sadly, "holding" indar 24/7 can get stale

    3. Have more than one full platoon pull out from an intense fight against the TR to the east, and thus launch an invasion on VS to the north, while VS and TR are fighting near Rashnu area. - Result - VS turns round and push NC all the way back to the warpgate. Meanwhile, TR has already pushed to the NC warpgate area. - So, NC got slaped.
    ----------let me get this straight, earlier you are complaining about people just pushing one point and now you say we all should keep pushing one point when there is a battle!? The vanu/TR regularily co-ordinate against the NC, it is not people pushing north that angers the vanu.

    GUIDE for leading : ENEMY PLATOONS DETECTED = Go around, circumvent the fight

    4. Have a bunch of ppl cap behind enemy lines, leaving capped areas for the TR(VS) to retake in a min or 2, since they can't spare any ppl to defend that certain area. So why the hell are they doing so from the beginning? If you can get the answer, then you must be a Carrier. - Result: They got slaped.
    ------------easy answer to this, TR has a strong front line, NC and TR are essentially holding eachother to a stalemate in one hex, by back capping, you create panic and disorder in the TR zerg when they see a platoon pushing up north behind their "precious" line. You have to stop looking at the battle through the eyes of a soldier and look at it through the eyes of the NC.

  10. RobotNinja

    OMG!!!! I know right?! And Connery NC proved their incompetence once again tonight by CRUSHING the alert on Amerish while chat was filled with nothing but TR crying and complaining about...I dunno...who pays attention to them anyway?
  11. SNAFUS

    Have to say neither faction has a monopoly on stupidity. I can assure you it is well dispersed among TR and VS to. But even though we all hate the window lickers they are good for standing tightly together while I rocket spam.:D
  12. SgtCheese

    All I know is I always run into the 666 when they are in mindless zerg mode at regent rock. They show up with 100 tanks, I run so i don't know if they have intelligence or not.
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  13. CactusLynx

    See OP used to roll with CCG, but apparently he's deleted his NC and is now playing with TR and VS.

    Moreover, he's playing on TR with RTCN. Also Pretty sure 1STS isn't a mindless zerg; we are mostly former CCG members after all.

    Also learn some english before you make yourself look like an *** again please.
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  14. HadesR

    And those *cough* 3rd party programs :p
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  15. Mezorin

    Despite NC routinely squandering a 40% pop advantage (let's face it, TR and VS have done way more with way less population lately), I wouldn't say GSGS or 1sts are 'stupid' per say. In fact, GSGS, 1sts, PG, ODIN, and HT are the small groups in the New Conglomerate that actually get **** done, and are actually tough fights when they bring numbers to the field, with GSGS being one of the more intelligent groups BAID has fought recently. Going toe to toe with a GSGS platoon in the north about a week and a half ago was one of the better fights I have lead a squad in, and you definitely had to fight tooth and nail to kick those sunderers out and keep them out. They fought smart and tough, and had to be scrubbed out of their base by base and deserve more respect than your arm chair general prima donna attitude.

    And guess what? Each empire takes its turn getting a beating because they get into a stalemate bio farm somewhere, until the zerg ball of death forms up at the warp gate and that empire makes a comeback. It happens, it sucks, blame the 4th empire or uncoordinated people who don't listen to /orders or get the hint when its time to get out of Allatum. But don't go slandering the outfits in your empire that actually pulls their collective weight, it drags the community down and makes you look like an ***, OP.
  16. DeadLamb

    Personally I tend to think that Pareto's Principle or the so called 80/20 rule where 20% are doing stuff that maters and 80% are coasting off that effort really kicks in with team based video games. So sure with higher population numbers comes more uber nerd sort of players pushing for the team goal/win. You also get a whole lot of "derp" like players who are happy to just roam around doing who knows what.

    So lets just say 100 people are playing a game, this just makes for an easy example if some team is at say 50% pop..
    50 players of faction A.. 10 doing work, 40 doing nothing
    25 players of faction B.. 5 doing work, 20 doing nothing
    25 players of faction C.. 5 doing work, 20 doing nothing

    So while the percentages are the same you end up with 5 players running into "40 doing nothing" way more then factions A's "10 doing work" are going to run into the other teams scant "20 doing nothing". It warps one's perception

    tl;dr.. More players = more good and bad players but higher odds of you running to the bad. Ah but of course people can come up with statistics to prove anything, Kent. 14% of people know that.
  17. DuckSauce

    Thanks, man!

    I'm always happy to see a bunch of TPLR around; you guys look to have grown pretty fast, and it seems to have done a lot to 'fix' the Vanu after their big dip post-launch.
  18. PGxSazBot

    Get better
  19. Hosp

    You mean the gold cert farmers who up and sell their characters/accounts?:rolleyes:

    But yes, Even a fair number of NC outfits on Connery dislike the NC zerg because of their inability to keep it together.
  20. queue

    as an NC I agree. We'll send 2 platoons vs an undefended small base but only 1 person will stand on point. The rest try to farm the spawn. Meanwhile, you just see all of the lost important territory flash up at the top of the screen.

    The NC have no concept of sending only what you need to cap a base.