The teleporting people are really getting out of control

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by gunshooter, Dec 9, 2012.

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  1. gunshooter

    and i'm not blaming them. I'm blaming SOE.

    People with high ping shouldn't be teleporting everywhere. I havn't played a game before where someone lagging can actually give them an advantage to the extent that it's like they're speedhacking. Well, I have now.

    For example I have an alt character on Matherson that I play with some American friends, i get 250 ping. This is high ping that in many games would give me a disadvantage, but it'd still be playable.

    In Planetside 2, it's not only playable, but it makes me teleport everywhere to the extent that everyone I kill msgs me and calls me a speedhacker. I have 250 ******* ping, that's not even "laggy" territory, that's just a bit of delay

    I'd say that 1 out of every 5 people I encounter on Briggs seems to suffer from some kind of netcode related problem with teleporting, having jerky movement, hits against them not registering, etc. 1 out of every 50 or so teleports so badly that they're impossible to hit, and they can still shoot back and kill you.

    The solution here isn't to ban people with high ping or anything like that, they should be able to play the game if they want. It's to fix your game
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  2. FirstPersonWinner

    This is actually a combo of high Ping AND fps issues. If the fps issue was fixed, and then maybe some connection fixes, a lower connection wouldn't be such an issue.
  3. Phyr

    250 ping is really laggy. Over 100 is noticeable.
  4. gunshooter

    You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about but I don't expect young people who've never gamed on dial up/on overseas servers to understand anything.
  5. Phyr

    You said it yourself, 250 ping has a bit of delay. Guess what? You and your enemy now have a bit delay. Now you have warping, and now you can't hit ****, hence this whiny thread about your craptastic internet connection.
  6. Zaik

    Are you on a wireless router? It could cause this when normally you wouldn't be warping all over the place as much.
  7. Phyr

    Look at you, talking about dial up like it's relevant.
  8. gunshooter

    ...everything that was just said is incredibly relevant. Look at the american teenager commenting on stuff he has no clue about.
  9. Phyr

    Yes, bring out the personnel insults. Make more assumptions about me with no evidence to back it up. Dig that hole. Want a shovel? I've got a soup spoon laying around you could borrow.
  10. HadesR

    TBH if someone has high ping to and from the server, the only one who is at a disadvantage is the person themselves .. But as mentioned above I don't think it is just a personal ping problem in a lot of cases ..
    But he game itself .. Overloaded server's, render distance , etc etc it all add's up
  11. Slaint

    It disgusts me that SOE allows people to connect to servers to which they have pings over 100ms. Anyone with any FPS experience knows how detrimental it is for low ping players when they are forced to contend with those with high pings. For those who don't, hop on a euro server from the states (or vice versa) in a game like Battlefield 3 and enjoy free kills all day long permitted you're not booted first.

    There are plenty of servers to accommodate players everywhere. Allowing high ping players to destroy the quality of game play by their excessively high pings should not be allowed, just as its not allowed on any decent FPS server.
  12. Eagle6

    Yeah the lag teleporter people are annoying and some people are completely exploiting it by downloading torrents at the same time they're playing. Can't have that going on when its client side hit detection.
  13. Ghodere

    There are no Asian servers.

    Let me repeat that for you.

    There are no Asian servers.
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  14. Metsuro

    That fastest recorded human response time is 120 ms. The top quake players have a response time of 250ms.

    Anything over 100ms is not noticeable. Stop trying.
  15. Phyr

    I completely forgot that human reaction speed translates directly to network speeds. How silly of me.
  16. Slaint

    Quoting such rubbish only shows how little you've played FPS. Anyone that poured thousands of hours into FPS in the last decade can sense a high ping player immediately upon being in a fire fight with them. The fact that you can't only means you should bow out quietly and leave the conversation to those of us who can.
  17. forkyar

    of course its always soe's fault,... not.
  18. Steppa

    Well, seeing as nothing transforms into anything else, there's no spiky hair, and no one-dimensional bad guys, we didn't think you would miss us.
  19. gunshooter

    No you can't you cod generation teenager. In a GOOD GAME with GOOD NETCODE ping is nothing but a disadvantage for the person with high ping, and sometimes an excuse for the people who die to them (in this case, you)
  20. Ciddie

    Sorry but by todays standards it is laggy, back in the day when everyone was on dialup there wasn't an issue because we were all on an even keel, but if you're trying to shoot someone who is sending/receiving packets of data nearly 10 times faster than you to SOE then there is going to be a problem isn't there?
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