The CARV Lmg.....

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by KnightCole, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Quor

    Ditch the red dot in favor of the grip; the two are exclusive.

    Get a 3.4 or 4x scope. Find a stationary target far away (100m+) and start practicing your burst fire (2-4 shots per burst if possible). Practice getting your shot grouping as tight as possible.

    Get the HV ammo if you can. It makes a difference in longer range combat.

    As for whether or not the foregrip transfers, that would be a no; each gun has to have the attachment certed individually.
  2. SKYeXile

    thought this would be another carv OP post, I am amused.
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  3. gunshooter

    The Carv really isn't great at long range. Its probably the best all rounder for TR but past mid range it's nothing special. Just keep trying OP, you'll learn eventually, the weapon is decent enough to kill people with.

    Note that I said for TR. When I play VS HA I magically become a 5:1 KDR god only playing HA because Orion > all. Every time I see someone call the Carv OP I wonder if they're ******** or just NC because there's no way anyone whos used an Orion would say such a thing.
  4. SKYeXile

    then you reloaded and died to a carv who just took out your squad in 1 clip.
  5. gunshooter

    I'd much prefer killing 3 people on 1 clip before they can possibly react or outdamage you.
  6. Goats

    You have to get new attachments each time you unlock a weapon. However, some weapons can be used by many classes, so if you get attachments for, say, a shotgun, under Heavy Assault certs you will still have them for your Engineer's shotgun. The thing about people saying the Carv is OP... I personally don't know if it is or not, but I can tell you that on these forums, if something's even a little too good or bad, it get blown wayyy out of proportion. Exaggeration runs wild. I can understand, then, why you don't really like it.
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  7. SKYeXile

    you know the carv and orion have the same DPS right?
  8. gunshooter

    Orion has much more manageable recoil and better hipfire cone. It's an msw-r without the downsides (the recoil)
  9. Elbryan

    CARV has a lot of recoil. I used to run my mouse out of the mouse pad when compensating for it.

    Anything longer than close range, you will want to be bursting.

    Once you unlock compensator and foregrip, the recoil will be much more manageable.

    Practice makes perfect. I'd advice to stick to the CARV. It's no Orion, but it's still the best all around lmg for TR HA.
  10. TheBloodEagle

    CARV-S all the way. It fits every situations for me at least.
  11. TheAirbornePosterior

    You need to use a higher sensitivity, or increase your mouses DPI and lower sensitivity. I only have to adjust my mouse a few millimeters to compensate for recoil. T9 CARV has almost no recoil compared the NC LMGs. If you're running off your mouse pad with the CARV, you'll run it off the desk with NC weapons.

    Wait, what am I saying? You guys hate the CARV? FANTASTIC! You can have the SAW, well take the CARV.
  12. Elbryan

    I prefer pretty low sensitivity for better accuracy. But ya, I was forced to increase mouse sensitivity a bit. I don't hate the CARV. I'd prefer Orion but CARV is the best all arounder of TR HA lmgs. =P
  13. absolofdoom

    It isn't a particularly great weapon at long range, it just puts so many bullets down there that some will have to hit. If you have a proper long range weapon it can be beaten. The thing about it is that I can gun down a sniper then turn around and kill a light assault with a specialized CQB weapon with the same gun. I love it so much. And that's really what HA is all about, having the tools to get whatever needs doing done, as long as it's making something dead.
  14. h00n

    The VS guns are almost exactly the same, cry more.
  15. KnightCole

    Hmm, well, the non-universal upgrades blows chunks....needing to unlock another 100 certs for for the T16 is going to suck, guess ill need 350certs before I get the T16 then.

    As for the Carv, ive not yet mowed down an entire squad yet, but I have done 1 3/4 health to 2 targets...I run outta health before they both die. The Carv seems to have pretty bad damage overall. I was defending Peris Amp yesterday, basically all day, in one one of the Gen rooms, it took me around 40 bullets to kill normal soldiers, and a MAX, well, forget killing them lol.

    T16, its damage seemed to be alot nicer, most likely that is because it is alot easier to control. I liked how it handled. Will have to do more trial runs with it.

    Also, another question, how do I get better looking armor? I have seen pics of NC guys who kill me, they are wearing full, head to toe, blue and gold battle dude, atleast in the login screen, hes wearing like khakis, a WWI pilot hat, airman goggles and a Red TR BP.....does the armor come with BR? Or does upgrading my nanoweave make my armor look different?
  16. Kyutaru

    You'll have to define what short range means to you... because the MSW-R beats the CARV up to at least 75m, and beyond that why are you even engaging infantry? I have counter sniped Infiltrators with an MSW-R -and- soft point ammunition equipped, my bullet drop was insanely noticeable, but it was doable with burst fire. Please by all means nerf the CARV, the rest of us will continue to use the true reigning champion of TR guns.

    Most Supreme Weapon - Really.
  17. KnightCole

    Ok, so, the MSW R is a good weapon then? I notice it has a few bars higher accuracy then the CARV, while it has a 50round mag instead of 100.

    I have grown quite fond of the 100 rounds, it seems the CARV needs them. I trialed the MSW-R a bit today, but not having the red dot really makes it hard for me to perform well, i was like 2/5 in a matter of minutes, just found myself getting waxed with the stock MSW......I was back using my normal kit in less then 10 minutes.....

    I have roughly 160 certs, am considering saving up for the T16(250+30 for optic +100 for grip), before I will unlock it. Or maybe unlocking the MSWR(100+30 Optic) I would then grind without the handgrip. I have not seen any of you guys respond about the T16, is it just not a gun any one has used? Or is there something not all that appealing about it?

    Also, How effective are the 3.4 and 4x zoom scopes on LMGs in this game? It seems their accuracy at range is to poor to justify anything but a red dot....

    Oh, and wth is an Orion!? Is that the VS LMG? cuz DAMN is that thing deadly.....
  18. gunshooter

    The MSW-R is flat inferior to the Carv past hipfire range, both in practice and mathematically. Without 2x laser, the MSW-R would be a worthless weapon. Both weapons do the same DPS, but the MSW-R has insane recoil for no significant benefit past hipfire range.
  19. Kyutaru

    Check out for time to kill values. Insane recoil does not make a weapon bad, it makes you need to control the recoil. The MSW-R is better at hip firing and moving, so it's good at CQC. But if you look at its long range stats, it's barely any different from the CARV and boasts a FASTER kill speed. The MSW-R, even with moderate accuracy (skill assumed at 29%), beats out the CARV in every reasonable engagement range in DPS. The performance of the CARV-S is only noticeable when Advanced Forward Grips and alternate fire modes with High Velocity Ammo are employed, and at that point you're basically sniping with the thing. If you can control the recoil of the MSW-R, it's fully capable of matching the CARV at short and midrange. It's only at long range that CARVs pull ahead. Plus the reload time of the MSW-R is almost half as short, it's easy to reload midfight and continue shooting. You need a Forward Grip on the gun to really manage its recoil.

    I've used both weapons and both mathematically and in practice, the MSW-R far surpasses the CARV-S. Now if you're literally talking about the CARV, the weapon stats are irrelevent because the basic default CARV does not get access to special ammunition nor does it receive the Advanced Forward Grip of its bigger brother or the triple firing modes.

    The T16 isn't talked about much because it's a burst fire support weapon, virtually useless in close combat. It's mainly for overwatch.

    The zoom scopes are extremely useful. Accuracy isn't their purpose, it's controlling your mouse. You're able to pinpoint enemies much easier with a scope than attempting to minutely adjust your mouse over them. Plus it makes headshotting a breeze. The disadvantage to scopes is that when you really need to move your aim, it won't follow your mouse as quickly, but since the MSW-R is the king of hip firing, you don't NEED a scope.

    Also - yes, the Orion is a heartless demon with zero bulletdrop and awesome accuracy. VS have it easy, they just point where they want the bullets to go and the bullets actually go there. Having the shortest LMG reload time is just a bonus.
  20. Corsix

    I love taking out snipers with my CARV at a range that they cant even 1 shot me from because of damage fall. If they are sitting still, every singlefire bullet will hit them and with a 4x scope can usually get the itty bitty head.

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