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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by KnightCole, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. KnightCole

    Ok, a noob to PS2....and have been using the CARV stock gun, recently unlocked my Red Dot Optic and so far, gotta say this gun pretty much SUCKS....

    Does it ever get any better? Seems to take a MOUND of shots to kill anyone, and its accuracy is worthless beyond the barrel end. 1v1, I lose almost every engagement, its damage seems to be sad.....or else all the upgrades for armor really make that big of a difference. Do NC weapons have that great of a damage advantage? They seem to mow me down in seconds.....

    Does unlocking the Handgrip for it really reduce recoil enough to make it worthwhile?
  2. SpcFarlen

    Well this surely is a change from "the CARV is OP" threads...

    But anyhow. Yes foregrip helps on all the LMGs, its pretty much a must if you want to hit anything past 30m.
  3. Incarnadine

    I'm not meaning so sound rude bud if you are legitly having trouble and new to the game... if you are, please ignore comment A and move on to comment B.

    A) Stop trolling you damned tool. This has been trolled too hard and too long already.

    If you ARENT trolling (legit possibility, if you are please ignore and accept my apologies for A)

    B) The Carv is -by far- the best of the LMG's. By a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE margin. It's got a very good start out point pre attachments compared to most other LMG's, and simply keeps the same tempo the others have from there putting it ahead once fully done aswell. It puts bullets out insanely fast (in this game currently, rate of fire owns everything. Every bullet you put into your target staggers their aim... lotsa bullets mean their aim is -everywhere- and that's where the carv truely shines) and the dmg is decent, very good considering the rate of fire honestly. Accuracy is decent pre grip, but becomes near laser accurate once you put the foregrip on it.

    I'm sorry to say man, if you really are losing most your 1v1's with it, you are needing more practice. The carv is widely considered stupidly OP. Try rolling an NC character and try their LMG for awhile... it may put the carv more in perspective for you. Or, by some god awful strike of irony, you may feel better with it. Personally I'm more of the "slow hard hitting" gun type of guy myself so I can understand that, but take it from me even being that type of player... Rate of fire is king in this game. Especially close quarters.

    The matter of NC guns mowing you down in seconds... because the TTK (time to kill) is so fast for this game, players generally die very quickly, in particularly whoever gets the first couple bullets in unless it's a bad scenario (playing NC, alot of the time soon as I put a few bullets into a Carv user, they turn around and start mowing into me at alot faster rate, screwing the aim completely off and then killing unless I down them pretty quickly with a good headshot spree)

    Again, IF you weren't trolling, sorry for A... but there are so many people trying to say the Carv sucks so it doesn't get nerfed and keeps reigning supreme. The bulk of the game will agree, the Carv is too strong. If you want a more CQC gun, look into the mini chain gun, it has a slight spin up time on it, but once its starting, it'll decimate rooms of players like its nothing.
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  4. KnightCole

    I am legit not trolling. I guess I need to get the Grip then, ive got 40 some certs, after buying the optic. Or else maybe I need to lower my settings because once things get interesting, my lag goes herp derp then it doesnt matter anyway. I have been on all of like 2 days, not long enough to know the politics of this game, what people think is OP and what is good with the Grip then?

    Hmmm.....very well. Guess I gotta figure that gun out then.....its prolly my lag getting me waxed then...

    Also, is crouching not a good idea with the CARV? I am used ot games like Battlefield, where crouching and firing gives a much bigger increase to accuracy and won me thousands of this game, it seems it just puts my head where the enemy needs it.....
  5. FPSgamer

  6. Badname2490

    I don't see a problem with the CARV being amazing seeing most of our other stuff is awful.
  7. FPSgamer

    No it's not. Enjoy your free kills before the nerf.
  8. xpsyclosarinx


    I had hoped you were trolling but you said you're not without any inflammatory comments so...

    The CARV is by far the best LMG in the game and would go as far to say it's hands down the best. It's nigh on impossible to outgun someone using this. It's so easy to use, you just point and hold down the button. It's my most used weapon on TR because of this.

    As NC I'm sick of being killed by it, it's accurate as hell and has next to no noticeable damage dropoff.
  9. KnightCole

    Just hold down the button? That must be only at close range then. I notice that beyond maybe 50feet or so, its recoil is all over the place, it surely cannot snipe at all. Does the Hand grip and Laser sight make it that OP? I do like the Red Dot Optic...helps with staying on target.

    I did do a fair bit better lastnight, when I wasnt lagging all the hell, managed to gun down a few guys who got the drop on me. I need to get used to hitting the F key and putting on my shield. Might have to get more kit slots and drop in a shield upgrade or something..

    Also, how are cert points awarded? Is it like 1 per kill or something? I notice I get some just by doing nothing.
  10. Trysaeder

    The CARV has a high skill ceiling that rewards the user immensely when learnt. Watch rivaLxFactor's control freak videos and apply that knowledge to the CARV. It's absolutely brutal with a red dot and grip, with an effective range around assault rifles.
    Certs are awarded at a rate of 1 for 250 experience.
  11. Incarnadine

    High skill ceiling? It has a high potency... Both at early and late end of skill progression. That doesn't mean it's "a high skill ceiling pros gun" it means its just damned over powered. A noob with it will kill people. A pro with it shouldn't die. A pro with any other gun will kill bout as effectively as a noob with a carv...

    Less we're talking the Cycler... then that's just in the same neighborhood as the Carv... amazing how TR have two of the most incredible guns in the game
  12. Snarkyfoo

    Agree wholeheartedly. Until you get bursting at range (3-4 med, 1-2 long.) down to an instinct, it's basically a short range weapon.
    After that point, it's almost like holding a gauss SAW...
  13. Vindicus

    Joke right? The carv outguns me 9 times out of 10 np. It's easily the best lmg in the game, easily. I would say that for every time I get killed by someone wielding a weapon that is not the CARV I die 10-15 times to the CARV. It's so OP I'm not sure how it made it past alpha. That said, nice troll.
  14. KnightCole

    Ok, another question, are addons for weapons, such as handgrips, universal unlocks or do I have to unlock the handgrip every time I unlock a new gun!? I sure hope its universal.....

    Doing a Trial on the T16 seems nicer then the Carv for sure...
  15. StrangerDanger

    It does suck. That video that everyone seems to be posting as proof of the guns OP-ness, doesnt quite reflect how that gun works in the hands of someone who cant line a shot up as good as the guy in the video. Also my carv had crazy recoil and drift, that vidow shows none...its strange.

    Not the best gun, but for a free starter it will work. Try to get a better one for sure.
  16. Matious

    "Not the best gun, but for a free starter it will work. Try to get a better one for sure."

    Which gun is the best in the TR heavy assault line ?
  17. Quor

    ...The CARV.

    Seriously. Unless you want CQC power, you use the CARV. It's beastly at all range, only outdone by the MSW-R at short range.
  18. KnightCole

    What makes the CARV better at long range? From what I can tell, its not good past short range and just barely beyond that......heck, its not really even effective when im firing at Troops on hills outside the fort walls......

    At long range, its useless....ive got Grip and Red Dot, I use burst mode, but its just not an accurate gun at long distances.....then again, idk if any LMG is...

    Anyone ever used the T16? Or High Velocity ammunition? It says it does more damage, but how much more, and how much more recoil does it add? The Trial, I quite liked the T16...maybe I just got lucky alot, but the gun seemed, overall alot more accurate and had higher damage. Does the Handgrip from my CARV also go on the T16?
  19. xpsyclosarinx

    You can hold down the's not hard to control the recoil on that weapon.. over 50 feet you can still hold the trigger down..even then 5 round bursts will still drop people at longer range.

    Te grip (reduces horizontal shake) is fairly helpful and the laser (better hipfire accuracy) is only good for up close. You should get the compensator when you can (if it has this I can't remember).

    Yeah you need to really get used to hitting F as soon as someone hits you, it will save your life.

    Certs are awarded 1 per 250XP. :)
  20. xpsyclosarinx

    Unlocks are for the weapon you unlocked it for only.

    The only time these transfer is if it's the same weapon but on a different class (see carbines/battle rifles).

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