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  1. Vaphell

    ok, why is this thing in PS2? I currently use impetus and several times was dumbfounded how i could lose that duel despite the initiative and putting 5 bullets minimum seemingly dead center? Just now i norticed that any bullet or rocket whooshing by makes the rifle scope jump like 2cm to the side. No wonder i lose these duels, once that HA starts spraying his 10 bullets/sec weapon i hit everywhere but nor where i need to.
    This is ******* BS when you use semi-auto big recoil weapon that requires ADSing with hardcore movement penalty to be of any use? Is there anything that is not copied from battlefield?
  2. Shadowyc

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  3. HerpTheDerp

    There are no suppression mechanics in PS2.

    One of the few things SOE did right.
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  4. Vaphell

    hardcore shootout, me having zoomed in impetus 4x. Any bullet or rocket passes by sufficiently close, my scope tilts to the side, just enough to miss the crucial shot. Or am i seeing things?
  5. Shadowyc

    I have no idea. :c I only use 8x+ scopes and the longer ranged ones. It's always swaying. lol
    It might be that flinch from way on back, but after it was nerfed?
  6. IamDH

    I think you're imagining things lol. I'm not sure about how it was in battlefield but when bullets pass by you in planetside your screen doesnt shake and stuff. The explosion might have caused it
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  7. Vaphell

    well, i have no way to test this other than baiting people to spray me and see but i don't think it's scientific enough as there are always sources of distortion effects :confused:
    Once the rocket whooshed right in front of my face and it almost looked as if it worked like a magnet pulling the barrel of the rifle. Out of curiosity I did stand in the open with my cloak on, long story short my worries did not go away, that's why i am raging here. I've witnessed this suspicious thing few more times with pure infantry fire a bit to the side from the heavy action.
    How far do the asplosions reach with their shake effect? It didn't really look like the asplosion effect though, that shakes the scope in all directions, but a tidy pull to the side and then a clean snap back to default position.

    the nanoweave armor also worked as advertised for months and everything was peachy, right? We all now how it ended and i've been there when that thing got figured out. Lesson for today - don't trust common knowledge.
  8. doombro

    I guess they could add the flinch mechanic again. It was a good mechanic that greatly benefited the T- I uh, I mean, The Game, yeah. That's what I was going to say.
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  9. Sen7rygun

    Crack smoking terrorists coming up new excuses for losing every day...
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  10. Vaphell

    so i went to PTS instead of farming auraxiums on Ceres and with the cooperation of friendly TR tested this issue

    The results of the experiment are as follows:
    Either due to builtin mechanics or some tech glitch, NEAR MISSES DO CAUSE TILT
    I'd estimate the magnitude of the near miss tilt to be approx 0.5cm (that's 0.2in for uneducated imperialists ;))
    It appears to happen beyond ~20m but never within that range
    It doesn't depend on the distance from the head, you can cause it even by shooting between the legs
    Tilt seemed to be easier to produce at longer ranges but at 20m it pretty much required the 1px from the hitbox precision - it could suggest some relation to relative size of miss expressed in angle or (offset/distance), but i won't bet my life that's the case
    The fellow experimentator claimed to see the shield hit effect but with 0 dmg few times - why and what it means remains a mystery
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  11. Sen7rygun

    Op is trapped inside his drug induced hallucination. SOE please send an ambulance to his house before he decides he's a potato and needs to be peeled.
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  12. RHINO_Mk.II

    Suppression = shooting enough bullets that the enemy dies if he tries to stick his head up.

    Suppression =/= bullets travelling near you cause fluctuations in the space/time continuum which generate a magnetic field, causing the metallic objects fired from your weapon to travel in unpredictable paths.
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  13. Necron

    Well, getting rid of it helped TR even more because ROF became king and the TR have the highest average ROF and the big mags.
  14. Crackulous

    Suppression - I do not think it means what you think it means.
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  15. Finnegann

    I've noticed this as well. Its definitely not your imagination. Ive only ever noticed it when sniping and getting shot at from a distance, even then though it seems a pretty rare occurance. Ive always assumed it was a bug because after one occasion my crosshairs never snapped back and stayed off center until i logged out.
  16. Vaphell

    how about no? In BF3 there was an universally hated suppression mechanic surprisingly enough called 'suppression' that made you unable to hit the broad side of the barn whenever a bullet whooshed near.

    examples of magical distortion field in bf3

    sure, it's nowhere near that in PS2 but near misses do jerk your camera. We tested it on PTS with default medic rifles by single firing. Whenever we were far enough (20m+) pretty much any shot close enough to produce the whoosh sound and a fat tracer in front of the face bumped the screen but as i said earlier head has nothing to do with it, shooting near legs can produce that effect too.
  17. RHINO_Mk.II

    You appear to be unaware of the "does not equal" sign.
  18. Vaphell

    i am perfectly aware what =/= or != is but what you wrote doesn't make much sense. How is 'ruins aim on near miss' not a 'magical force'? Suppression in the lingo of 'modern' shooters is in fact understood as a magical distortion field artificially affecting aim of the other party outside of normal flinch on direct hits, which is supposed to simulate stress and fear related to being shot at. It's not limited to spraying damage all over the place in hope somebody catches some with his face.
  19. phreec

    LOL nice, that's my vid.

    I really despise that mechanic and I kid you not, it was the #1 reason I jumped ships from BF3 to PS2 in the first place. I really hope what you're saying isn't true regarding suppression coming to PS2...
  20. Vaphell

    well, i wouldn't worry too much, in the great scheme of things it's really minor especially when you didn't notice it at all.
    I guess in case of standard spray weapons this is masked in the normal recoil patterns, flinch on hits and/or all the explosions rocking the world. That said it is annoying when you need to take your time to aim with slow or really really slow firing weapons while being sprayed. BTW, it goes to show how popular semi-automatic weapons are if this went largely unnoticed :)
    3 bullets going wide, out of the barrage of 30 is nothing, 3 out of 5 is kind of BS but still can be easily mistaken for flinch when 10 bullets are sent your way every second. Some are bound to hit and it's not like you will be analyzing the sway pattern if it's synchronized with hits.

    I raged a bit after losing to ambushed HA when i magically stopped landing shots once he woke up and started spraying and then just after respawning I noticed that every time something flied past me really close i get that shortlived bump and i was not hit even once. There was a lot of stuff flying back and forth so it happened easily 5 times in a minute hence this thread with the rage still flowing through the veins.
    The bump looked differently than the explosion effect that rapidly shakes your scope back and forth in both X and Y, this thing is a bump to the side, return to the default position with no other visual embelishments.