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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by RedCat, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. Arch

    Hit us up when your back, MoX are still here and have recently added a few recruits and are running 2 squads at the moment. Good to see you guys are back. Send nevyn my best, with C4 attached ;)
  2. BaptistsK90

    Welcome Back SoV
  3. Dictatorfish

    Oh, this is going to be good. Ooooh, this is going to be SO good! =D
  4. imperial

    indeeeeeeeed :)
  5. Arphelior

    Great to hear that! Welcome back :cool:
  6. imperial

  7. imperial

    oops xD
  8. imperial

    we had a great armored session against NC on Esamir yesterday ((definitely combined arms is the answer )) :)
  9. }{ellKnight

    Yeah, it was awesome :)
  10. Dictatorfish

    I'm trying to get some videos recorded using ShadowPlay but it never records my mic correctly. Does anyone know if there's some hidden "voice activation" option?
  11. }{ellKnight

    Can't you use PTT instead?
  12. Bvenged

    Another outfit has seen the light, and it seems like WASP will have some real competition in its recruitment market for once :)

    Nice to see you're back SOV, you were a great outfit to fight against back in the day. If you want to have some chats about running combined arms, hit me up.
  13. imperial

    Thanks Bvenged , looking forward to the good old fights :)
  14. Dictatorfish

    @Frosty: PTT sucks and you know it. =P
  15. imperial

    Well i don't know about PTT but shadow play is working very fine with me (( although the audio recording part is still confusing me ))
  16. Dzhakhan

    I still haven't tried shadow play. It looks like a neat thing. But I think I'll stay on other methods.
  17. }{ellKnight

    Pffft... PTT is where the fun's at. Soon pushing that button will be instinctive: even when sneezing you'll PTT first and then sneeze XD
  18. Dictatorfish

    Ha! Yeah, I know that feeling. I'll figure it out. Might need to get a foot pedal or something. I dunno. First thing's first: get real life sorted out and get myself back in-game!

    How are the new guys doing? =]
  19. imperial

  20. Dzhakhan

    I finally fixed my recording settings. God that took way too long. But thankfully videos are going to pop up somewhere in the future.
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