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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by RedCat, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. RedCat

    Yes, I've considered many options including merging with another outfit. There was one potential outfit with a similar mindset which was MoX. We were already doing operations with MoX, and have talked about merging but they've been around since 1998 so it's understandable they're not willing to do so.

    We could have kept doing operations with them, but with all our leaders burned out and having no interest I don't want want to put MoX into a position where they have to lead our members. Besides that we want our own strong outfit you know? It just doesn't feel quite the same if half of your platoon is another outfit.

    I had hoped it would've been different, we discussed issues a lot of times including the possibility of doing mass recruiting but that just isn't our style.

    Luckily SoV is a gaming community at heart, and only 2 members left. The other 30-ish active members stayed so that's great, in the end we're here to enjoy gaming and meet new people, make friends. That's all that matters, we're still doing small PS2 operations once in a while (we had one today) and we might continue recruiting for PS2 at a later date, al though a lot would have to be fixed with the game it's kinda unlikely but who knows!
  2. FallenEncore

    From MoX Side we have enjoyed every joint outfit night with SoV, You guys are fun and professional, except for nevyn hes normally drunk ;)

    MoX are more than happy letting any remaining SoV guys join in with us on our TS and squads, its no problem for us , we would welcome the numbers plus is SoV, brothers in Arms right?

    we did the same thing with a smaller outfit on PS1 called TAC. if you have some active guys still wanting to play and we have a squad up there more than welcome to join.
  3. StanFor

    For the people who missed us we are back :eek: , we took a big break from the game to calm down our frustration :mad: with game but we are ready to fight once again. CYA at the battlefield ;)
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  4. MajorZbug

    Good to know ! :)
  5. SirIBON

    Good to know !
    More TRs again :)
    Nice to come back, hope for good fights again.
  6. RedCat

    Bit of a late reply but you can guess by now that we are not back as StanFor said. Any rumors that we are back aren't true unless I personally say we are.

    We might make a come back once the OMFG patch goes live, but it is unlikely.
  7. }{ellKnight

    *blows dust off thread*

    Going back to kicking ass! We'll be organizing an OP (Operation Counter Attack ran by Penassa) this evening at 20:00 CET :)
  8. StanFor

    going to hunt some NC and Vanu tonight, look for your SUNDYS you know we like to eat them :p
  9. RedCat

  10. }{ellKnight

  11. imperial

    < loads weapons up > :mad:
  12. Arch

    Look forward to seeing you guys again. Here's hoping we can work together as we did in the past.
  13. }{ellKnight

    Right now we're just hosting a once a week OP, casual play mostly just for fun, nothing too serious.
  14. }{ellKnight

    And another OP tonight.

    Operation: Shadow Dawn will be held this evening at 20:00 CET by Penassa.
  15. huller

    wait, SOV still exists? Didn't you guys merge with INI or something?:eek:
  16. }{ellKnight

    We never merged with INI. Basically most of us got bored with PS2 and the few that didn't joined other outfits (which is understandable and nobody holds a grudge against them or other outfits). AFAIK 4-5 SoVs joined INI Elite: Booooo, Pobiega, Talhyn, Raumance and maybe GSD (not sure about GSD).

    Right now we're running once a week OPs for those that play the game once in a while. Nothing too serious, just have fun.
  17. }{ellKnight

    Another week, another Planetside 2 OP. Operation Night Haunter will be held tomorrow at 20:00 CET.

    Scratch that. OP canceled due to PU02.
  18. }{ellKnight

    Ok, lets try this one more time. Operation Jingle Bells will be held tomorrow December 24th at 8PM CET.
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  19. RedCat

    We are back!

    After weeks of preparation and discussion we are starting up our outfit in PlanetSide 2 again. We now have very dedicated squad and platoon leaders, recruiters and more to become one of the most successful outfits in PlanetSide 2 again.

    We've chosen to become a combined arms outfit and we believe that by playing the game you will improve the fastest and our leaders are going to actively improve members and new recruits as we play the game.

    Our immediate goal (while we're still small) is to use our tactics to be the most annoying we can possibly be towards NC and VS forces and doing smaller tactics such as taking out spawn points - some of our squads might be opened to the public for recruitment so you can get a small taste of what we're about.

    Our future goal is to become the most effective combined arms outfit on miller doing a variety of tactics with two mechanized infantry squads, a armour squad and a air squad.

    For more detailed information about the outfit check out this page or if you are interested in joining us you can apply here.
  20. imperial

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