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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by RedCat, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. RedCat

    If you would still like to join visit our website

    Our Vision
    We will be the relied upon front line force of the Terran Republic on Miller, sent to breach where the enemy defense is the strongest and to hold the line where the enemy attack the hardest.

    Our Mission
    We are continually striving to be the most effective outfit in terms of team-play, communication and co-operation. While not being as hardcore as a military simulation outfit, we are a competitive outfit and we aim to become better every day by trying out and creating new tactics & strategies in our discussion boards and in-game.

    We believe that by playing the game you will improve the fastest and our leaders actively and continuously improve our members during gameplay by providing quick tips and help while not being in a battle.
    We continuously run operations and there are no set times when an operations starts. You simply join the squad and start playing competitively right away. If you do not wish to play competitive simply create your own squad or play alone but we highly encourage you participate.

    Our Values
    Growth and community
    > We will value attitude and character over skill and statistics in our recruitment and application process.
    > We will offer an equal opportunity to all eligible applicants who have aspirations that match our own.
    > We will be dedicated to continuously improving ourselves as an outfit in all areas.
    > We will recognize and reward excellent performance, which drives superior results.
    > We will maintain a caring and supportive social environment that fosters a sharing of ideas, skills and resources.

    Teamwork and continuous improvement
    > We will work as one cohesive team from the smallest unit to the outfit as a whole.
    > We will develop and retain leaders who continually raise the bar, provide direction, remove barriers and empower people to successfully accomplish goals.

    Our in-game conduct
    > We will play fairly and will never use cheats or exploits to gain an unfair advantage.
    > We will be adapt in using all tactics and will make an active effort to employ the most effective and efficient tactic for any combat scenario.

    Community responsibility
    > We will be active participants in our communities.
    > We will be positive role models amongst our peers of all outfits and factions.
    > We will always give positive encouragement to all outfits and factions of Miller to encourage better co-operation between allies and competition between rivals, and play our role in improving the server and Miller the playerbase as a whole.

    Our Goals
    > To be the most effective combined arms outfit on Miller with a strong emphasis on mechanized infantry.
    > To operate tactically and strategically at all levels of the organization, from a 6 man fireteam to a whole platoon with a high level of co-ordination & co-operation throughout.

    What you can expect from us
    1) Mature community who like to play competitively.
    2) No cheaters or alike, we aim to play fair at all times.
    3) Tactical game-play and good communication.
    4) Helpful and friendly people.
    5) We will never be a zerg outfit, a military simulation outfit or a spec ops "behind enemy lines" outfit.

    Be part of something bigger
    Next to PlanetSide 2 we also play many different games. Above all else we are a multi-gaming community, a community you can trust and where you can have mature and friendly discussions. The admins are very much open to suggestions and ideas. Expanding to other games, creating your own projects, modding games, starting a channel on YouTube or anything else gaming related, are possibilities and we will support you!

    Our rules
    1) Play fair, no cheating, exploiting or glitching (including macro's and such).
    2) No griefing.
    3) No bad language use or hackusations in public chat, whispers or personal messages.
    4) Do not be racist, sexist or flame extensively in-game or on teamspeak.
    5) Act mature and have respect for our admins, members and other players.


    We are looking for:
    1) Players who are 16 years or older, we do not accept anyone under the age of 16.
    2) Excellent team players who are able to listen and follow orders.
    3) Versatile players, you need to be able to fly and drive.
    4) Great FPS players with a minimum battlerank of 25
    5) Players who are mature, friendly and able to speak English fluently.
    6) Players who have a headset or microphone to communicate.
    7) Players who are active on the forums and in-game.

    You do not need to apply if:
    - If you are under the age of 16.
    - If you are new to the FPS genre.
    - If you don't have a headset or microphone.
    - If you aren't willing to participate in our forums.
    - If you can't listen to orders or lone wolf.

    If this sounds like what you have been looking for, don't hesitate to apply for Sound of Violence! You can do so by registering on our website and then clicking apply.
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  2. Core

    A good bunch of folks that I know through APB!

    If I wasn't WASP, I'd probably be SoV!
  3. RedCat

    Thank you kind sir!
  4. Zeth

    SoV member here, just makin my presence known in the thread. My in game character names are Zeth & Lirium (or will be when the servers come back up). I look forward to meeting some fellow TR and roflstomping the (insert opposing faction here)!!!

    I like your outfit name.
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  6. RedCat

    Thank you sir!

    I'd edit the first post but it doesn't look like I can.. forgot our steam group which you can find over here:

    Feel free to add me or any other admin if you have any questions :)
  7. Zeth

    Thx mate ;D
  8. Zeth

    For future reference both myself and Sneaky will bump this thread with what server we're currently playing on when we play. In this way it'll be easier for any potential applicants to get a hold of us!
  9. RedCat

    Playing on EU, feel free to add Sneaky or Zeth in-game to join our squad!
  10. Zeth

    Moved to US East! Invite either Sneaky or Zeth to squad up!
  11. RedCat

    Since I can't seem to edit the first post, I'd like to add some more information for those wondering about tactical play and such:

    We do plan on playing competitively, making tactics, executing them etc. We will have multiple squads at some point, with assigned squad leaders, assigned pilots/drivers and such. If you're looking to become a squad leader, we will be giving everyone the chance to lead, and if we think you're good enough we will promote you within the clan - the same goes for becoming a assigned pilot or driver.

    However, we're not going to take it "one step further" as some clans do, our plan is not to specialize in a certain aspect of the game, or become really super hardcore players. We are going to play competitively, but it has to remain fun, if you did something wrong you shouldn't have to worry about getting kicked, or getting bad mouthed on teamspeak.

    If you're not interested in playing competitively a whole lot or aren't very good at the game yet, we offer you to join our "suicide squad", the suicide squad is for players who don't like to worry too much about doing good and just want to have fun, but they're still part of something bigger, they also will have a squad leader and might get called in by the platoon leader at any time for a specialized suicide run, such as a galaxy drop and doing as much damage as possible before dieing, or basically anything else the platoon leader needs.

    Again, we won't be specializing as some outfits do (such as an air or infantry only outfit), BUT we might setup squad specializations, much like the suicide squad who are basically up for anything, we might have a squad who focus on tank combat or air combat - so really there is a place in SoV for anyone. But we'll see about that later as we gain more members, for now we will have fun exploring the game and figuring out how everything works!
  12. RedCat

  13. }{ellKnight

    It's all good. I'm here.

    @ Core
    You already are in SoV you waspling, you.
  14. RedCat

    What's up Frosty!

    I'd say we got a full squad in beta now, can't wait till the servers are open!
  15. Core

    Do note that the squad size was upped to 12 :D
  16. }{ellKnight

    No no no... group size will always be 4 and when in doubt press F and take out OSMAW.
  17. Zeth

    just stop it
  18. RedCat

  19. Katukaz

    Yo whats up this is Katukaz. Join our outfit its pretty awesome!
  20. RedCat

    We've moved to EU1, more players etc. Contact RedCat9 or Zeth01 in-game, or visit our website :)
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