Sony Online Entertainment Becomes Daybreak Game Company

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  1. SolemnSeraph

    Fixed that for you. If Valve got their hands on it, they'd switch to a crap engine (sorry, but Source was/is horrible), well, more crappy. Then they'd stick a $60 price tag on it, update it once a year, and change the support service to a lone basement-dweller named Todd who pastes generic answers in as ticket responses. Finally, when you've had enough, he'll tell you that 90-day refunds are "against our policy" which is illegal as all-git-out. As you can tell, I am not on good terms with Valve.
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  2. Nalothisal

    Idle servers on TF2 are cool thou..
  3. PhoenixError

    Wanted to touch on this, but it's possible to sell off a profitable asset AND not be "stupid." If it was mildly profitable, it may not be worth keeping around when you can invest resources to something more profitable/more likely to be more profitable. It could also just be a need for liquidity and thus you get a straight cash injection instead of waiting x amount of years for net profits to equal. Not saying that is what happened but it's possible, especially the former.

    Personally, and this may be optimistic, but I can't see CN making too big of changes to the PC side of the game, at least not until Console releases get sorted out. At most they may stabilize the game to keep the PC base around and (hopefully) spending, possibly use it as a testing ground for features or changes (not as sure on that). The PC version right now is the only thing they have going right now, and it's be unwise to start milking it before you get console versions out, the potential to screw it up and lose any trickle of income is too high. Now once it's out on console, seems it'd be fair game as well, if it fails so what? You got the console versions still going.


    Anyways, I see it as CN saw potential for decent to good returns in getting PS2 and H1Z1 on consoles, probably H1Z1 being profitable on PC as well (maybe PS2 too). Also get a game studio with some experience in the Multiplayer FPS realm, so they might see potential in having Daybreak do a new IP that'll be profitable. Could also look to restructure Daybreak, make it moderately successful, then sell it off at a profit to another company in a couple years (supposedly what sports team owners often do, increase the worth of the franchise (even if it takes some losses) and sell it off for more then you paid+loss).

    Actually thinking about it, just milking PS2/H1Z1 with Pay to win stuff and eventually killing the game seems the worst path to take. Not saying that would stop them from doing so, but in thinking/typing seems a lot more options that could make more then simply milking the IPs.
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  4. Funkytea-NCpilot

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  5. PinkHurtsMyEyes

  6. FuryM4

    No! Don't die planetside!!! Don't die!!
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  7. Saval

    I'm glad I cancelled by subscription back in November. After hearing this news, I'm definitely not coming back now.
  8. Magma52

    I wonder if people in Call of Duty forums ever have these kind of discussions...

    No, I don't think so either. The whole reason we all tread on egg shells is simply because Planetside 2 is not particularly popular. It isn't a blockbusting $$ machine like CoD or Assassins Creed.

    We want need new servers to improve stability. We want new content. Things need to change but, unfortunately, we are always left in limbo because the developer/publishers/investors are unable to commit to anything.

    Take today as an example. This is the second round of Miller maintenance in two weeks and, just like last time and almost every time before it for the last 2 years, the mere touching of a PS2 server completely breaks the system. This is because either A) The data engineer is The Hulk or B) The servers are as old as the hills.

    Meanwhile, our boosts/memberships continue counting down regardless of down time and we are effectively pissing our money down the drain. Several users here are even declaring their paying days to be over.

    Just imagine if that happened with CoD on a regular basis. **** would hit the fan son.
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  9. Nasher

    Every time I've seen "media company", or "investment company" and "takeover" in the same paragraph, it has never been a good thing.

    They are usually spam merchants who only exist to feed fatcat shareholders, at the expense of everyone else. They buy out a company/product, stip it and sell it off.

    My advise to the PS2 developers when it starts to get bad, is run off with all the knowledge and start a competing product. The players will jump ship :)
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  10. Zippel101

    OK... support Linux / Steam OS and last but not least Mac OS ;)

    But I know about your management...

    It will be just a dream :rolleyes:
  11. Snidered

    and that's two subs canceled... bye bye PS2 community, was fun reading the waaaaa's
  12. StarBurst Stream

    I think this will be a good change of pace, keep up the good work!
  13. RainbowDash9

    lol everyone thinks stuffs just gonna go downhill from this. most likely nothing will change. we'll still get worthwile content once a year like now and broken patches, and the game will still be the same.
  14. Ansury

    Maybe just maybe they are using MMO's as other tech testing grounds. If so it could mean some big ups and downs for up but overall improvement. It will also prove their other company's products viable.

    They can then scuttle a few flagship tittles, trimming the fat to keep a profit or auction off them off. Selling off piecemeal those old sunset titles first might be a good start too. Like pruning a plant to make it grow better. Many would throw into a kick starter for say SWG. Just remove the Lucas Arts parts and revive one of the best MMOs ever made. There are many private servers that recreate a lot of old SOE games, or before patches ruined them. People love them that much.

    Funny thing is since the 90s everyone has been reinventing the wheel with proprietary MMO's. If companies would have co-op'ed into a MMO/virtual-world we could have made leaps and bounds by now and you could have still had proprietary virtual property inside them. Instead we are barely walking, the only thing that has kept up is graphics updates. If you just think how many times people got hyped for something like say mounted combat, or just mounts. Then think how poorly most were done. Sadly not everyone can make a wheel work, and the best horse I've see was in Shadow of the Colossus. Just as someone creates a helmet and we pay for it many would pay for a horse like that in EQ.

    Ah well I'm ranting but I am in agreement with the doom and gloom. The bad will diffidently outweigh the good, that I am sure of. At least for SOE as a whole. I just hope PS2 sees the best of it.
  15. OptimusPrime1234

    Yup. The game has hit rock bottom already. Every step they move forward they take two steps back. Doesn't take a genius to see where this game is heading.

    Very truthfully, they aren't even capable of simply maintaining the game, how would people even expect meaningful progress anytime in the near future?
  16. OptimusPrime1234

    Imagine a garage that specializes in buying depreciated cars and reselling at a higher price. Said car is PS2. What's better is that the car (actually a limo) comes with its own staff of mechanics! Not only did you buy this broken down car for cheap, it comes with a staff that you can steal knowledge from.

    So you just bought a limo. It isn't in pristine condition like it was a year ago, but it still runs. So what do you do the first day you take ownership of the limo? You do nothing. Let the limo do what a limo does. Remember - you specialize in buying depreciated ****, you have no clue how a limo works beside the fact that if it does, it means money for you. Do you care that the brakes need servicing? LOL **** NO. Let the chaps that came with the limo worry about the problems. They tell you they need more mechanics? You tell them the graph going upwards says otherwise.

    All you care about are the dollar bills. Ran out of motor oil? Then use vegetable oil. Customers? Customer service? What's that? Some kind of peasant talk? Sounds like some kind of primitive creature they must be. They must be those things called people. You don't care, since you know you won't be bumping into those "things" when you go for lunch on wall street, 'cause you'll be going by helicopter as usual. Cause gas is cheap. And you have good accountants.

    You are happy. All you did was shell out the money to buy the limo and now it's ez money. Your buddies are all hopping up and down uncontrollably due to excitement pointing at the graph going upwards. Plus the staff that came with the limo are already working on a new limo! Fantastic.

    You like this limo. But remember - the moment you EVEN FEEL that the limo's wheels are going to fall off, sell the ******* thing off. Whether it's 5 years or 15 years, let go of it THE INSTANT the limo can't make you money. After all, the core of your business is what - investing in depreciated **** to make money. Besides, you're not in the limo business. Lol can you imagine that? Having to tell your other investment friends that you're going into the limo business over lunch at the Trump Hotel? Will be a laugh, that's for sure. Shadow Creek Golf Course membership revoked right away too...

    Worse case scenario - no one hires this limo within a month of ownership? Sell it off. Nice and clean. You bought it for cheap anyways. Plus you walk away with some knowledge of the limo industry.

    Onto the next purchase...
  17. Crator

    I think there's a bit more involved in videos games. Gaming companies don't just throw away their intellectual property like that unless they are dissolved. From what the news has said, the owner of Daybreak Gaming is letting the company continue along the same path it has been on. This of course could change but let's hope they are better off then with Sony.
  18. ViperMkII

    LOL, you guys innovating the industry, that's rich! Really good one guys! Seriously, something along the lines of "power bottom gaming" would have been more suited for SOE. Just saying, considering how you guys love to push the homosexual agenda within your games.
  19. ViperMkII

    Good, SOE needs to go.
  20. AlterEgo

    What do you mean by the last sentence? Not that I'm against your opinion.