SOE is releasing the new striker UP, and that is okay.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by libbmaster, Sep 30, 2014.

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  1. zombielores

    The main problem is its not unique, it's just another lockon annihlator, the Phoenix fits the role of camera guided missiles and the Lancer is an AV sniper rifle, the new striker will be a close range AA dumbfire Launcher for those times you almost hit with a dumb fire but will be lackluster because of multiple limitations.
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  2. Foxirus

    Really? Compare our SMG's to yours and see how they are pretty much watered down versions of yours with nothing more than a No Bullet Drop benefit.
  3. Pfundi

    Sounds kind of funny. Got to try the unnerfed Version tomorrow just that I can laugh about the difference of a weapon I never heard of. And I never play TR.
  4. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Striker? Yeah that's UP compared to the Lancer and Phoenix.
    Marauder? It's actually preforming about equal with the PPA but TR refuses to use it.
    Vulcan? It got hit hard by the nerf bat (for good reason) and is a bit UP right now. Needs something.
    TRAP? Just because it's bad doesn't mean it's not the best ES SR.
    AMP? I will literally trade you that for the Spiker strait up.
    CARV? Worst preforming 143/750 LMG. MSR-W is about equal with the Orion while the Anchor is the best. Praise Malorn for he is buffing the CARV.
    Fractures? It got hit by the nerf bat (for good reason) and is a bit UP right now. Needs a velocity & COF buff.
    SMG's? First gen is about equal with the VS first gen SMG, and both are vastly inferior to the Cyclone.

    Lockdown is situational but amazing under the right circumstances, ZOE is worthless no matter what.
  5. WyrdHarper

    VS SMG's outperform TR ones in almost everything. Guess that bullet drop is super effective, or they're actually not watered down versions of TR SMG's, and they actually work pretty well in their own right.
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  6. zombielores

    What exactly is watered down versions?
  7. Chrispin

    I agree with most of what you say but the Marauder still has nearly the same KPU as the Canister and about 10+ higher average BR than both Canister and PPA. The average KPU is skewed upward by more experienced players and fewer low BR users.
  8. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Like I said, TR doesn't want to use it for some reason. (Also, it should be a bit UP or having a higher skill floor since lockdown AP prowler is hands down the best infantry farming tank in the game)
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  9. iller

    ...still waiting for them to follow through then and make all the other Empire specific weapons like the SniperRifles & Pistols worth owning. Yeah it's a great policy BUUUUT it doesn't mean anything if they dick around for 6 months to a year before even trying to fix the underpowered stuff. It doesn't even take 4 months to datamine a simple point and click interface like a pistol or rifle. The bullet either hits the target or it doesn't. If it's not even close to killing as many targets as a longshot or repeater does, then it's OKAY to nudge it up to the next notch. YES, vanuhards, this includes ZOE too ... which is not as useful as Aegis shield & was left on the backburner too
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  10. Iridar51

    They said this about Valkyrie, and they did buff it later.
    Though I don't see why the same logic doesn't apply to Spiker. I guess devs really really hate VS pistols for some reason.
  11. Chrispin

    They gave the Valkyrie a marginal buff, but it's still a very underused aircraft and for good reason. SOE has a habit of implementing huge nerfs and practically insignificant buffs.
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  12. jiggu

    You mean like how they were going to buff the Valkyrie?
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  13. OldMaster80

    Yeah even buffed the Valkyrie remains a big piece of junk. I use it like some kind of fast transport to move a small fire team from base to base. But it feels like a suicide all the times.
  14. Rovertoo

    I don't really agree. Every good thing about a weapon should be countered by a bad thing. If, for example, the Striker gets it's damage buffed to something considerable, obviously people will complain. However, if they make it so that this buffed Striker now takes a good 10 seconds to reload, it has a major downside that people will learn to use against the user, and skilled users will be able to get around. So it is a terrifying, easy to use weapon with high damage but can only be used every 10 seconds. Conversely, they could keep it at it's very piddly damage but decrease it's reload speed to something like half a second. Now it's a weapon that shoots peas, but shoots them all the time. Balance issues come from when people try to find just the right "number" for a weapon, be it fire rate or damage or something like that. Correct balance is a literal balance like a scale between plus sides and good sides.
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  15. Bindlestiff

    Except that they aren't?
  16. Popper100

    Releasing things in underpowered state is a good thing? Damn, and I thought the people here were logical.

    Listen up, there is a very fine line between two very unwanted states in update-able games. You either have power creep, where each new iteration of items is better in a fairly meaningful way over the last batch. And you have stagnation, where each new batch is inferior to the original things in the game. The prime example of the first is Warhammer/40k which has created a flavor of the month atmosphere and very hostile reactions, making the game less enjoyable as a social activity. The prime example of the latter is a bit harder to define, but collectible miniature games tend to fall into this trap, making the player less and less excited to play the game and causing the game to hemorrhage players.

    Now Planetside thankfully has a lot more breathing room to create content that may be better or worse than its predecessors by virtue of complexity, but instead we have this notion that new things must be worse than old things for the sake of a percieved balance. And from this lack of power comes player exhaustion from re-using the same thing as the only thing that works and a lack of progress in the game. This in turn leads to people leaving, since they may as well have beaten the game if nothing else is going to be worthwhile.

    In short, it is a very bad notion to praise useless things because you are afraid of temporarily upsetting the game setting. Power creep may feel BS but it is something that keeps things exciting. And who knows, useful things might actually be balanced...
  17. SuperTrooperWaterloo

    For 6 months? Wow, thats a long time..... i remember when lockdown bursted away all enemys... oh .. wait...

    if you could please tell me the difference and the benefits between the marauder and the fury, and then tell me what weapon you would take...thx.

    the vulcan is the worst vehicle weapon to kill infantry and is only effective against vehicles if you are in chainblade range.

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  18. Xasapis

    How long did it take them to tone down the old Striker? Did you know that at the time they nerfed the Mosquito, because it was so heavily over-performing due to the Striker giving it easy air superiority? How long it took the Fractures to be toned down to an actual AV weapon? Or the H-Vulcan from completely owning the tank fights? How long it will take them to tone down Pounders? Or the Banshee? How long do you think it will take them to tone down the AI capability of the Prowler's main gun?

    TR is by no means a faction that was or is lacking over-performing weapons that persisted for longer periods of time that they actually should. In fact, if you start counting, I'm pretty sure they have the highest number of over-pferforming gear than either the NC or VS.

    Striker needed a love pass, we can agree on that. Maybe what is going to hit live is not enough. That doesn't mean that TR "have it bad", far from it.
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  19. Goretzu

    The old Striker (2.0) is actually as effective AV-wise as the Pheonix, and much, much more effective AA-wise than the Pheonix, the only place the Pheonix pulls ahead is AI-wise.
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  20. Rovertoo

    Yeesh. That is really only because the old Striker couldn't be used AI at all. I love my Pheonix, but it is not good at AI work.
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