SOE is releasing the new striker UP, and that is okay.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by libbmaster, Sep 30, 2014.

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  1. libbmaster

    For those who have not noticed, SOE developed a new policy for releasing new weapons a while back, after the chaos of ZOE.

    They release them under-powered, evaluate their performance, and then buff them up to par if necessary.

    If the striker is released to powerful, like any other weapon, nerf calls will commence immediately and the brutal nerfs delivered will likely not be undone. This is how we ended up with the useless striker we have on live now.

    I know it's hard, but have a little faith. Hey... you weren't using your strikers anyway, were you?
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  2. sindz

    Yes, like ZoE in its current state. Really got a buff since it was nerfed to oblivion.

    Oh wait, its been _completely_ useless for 6months.
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  3. Leftconsin

    I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask for a source on this. Because honestly I don't believe the developers will buff the striker after it hits live.
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  4. NoctD

    Old Striker, new Striker, both useless just like ZOE.

    But even the OP here admits the Striker is UP.

    Once a weapon/ability is nerfed to oblivion, its in the dog house forever.
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  5. Maelthra

    Sure, it's okay...assuming they ever actually get around to those buffs. I mean, ZOE, Spiker, Phaseshift, still waiting on their buffs. I'm sure the other empires can come up with things they've been waiting to be buffed for awhile, too.
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  6. sindz

    Exactly. Or it is for several years since SOE arent exactly pushing balance patches out.
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  7. Foxirus

    You don't need a source. This is a standard strategy that majority of all MMO companies use to test if something needs a fix. It is better to release a weapon underpowered and have people just avoid using it than to release it blatantly overpowered and have people abuse it.

    This is why they do it. The Striker WILL get a buff in the future. I am on VS and even I say the damn thing is too weak. Last night a TR was locking me with one, I simply told him "lel" in a private message then proceeded to put an AP round in his chest. Its damage is THAT laughable. There is no way they won't give it some improvement in the future.

    Until the future comes however, Enjoy your useless striker like we VS have had to enjoy our broken ZOE.
  8. OldMaster80

    The problem with weapons like Striker is they can never be balanced so that everyone is happy. If you make the Striker too strong then all TR will use it and when they will spam it, it will make life impossible to vehicles once again.
    According to test time to kill is not worse than Lancer and at least now we will be able to fire Max and turrets.
  9. Leftconsin

    But ZOE is evidence that supports my claim that they won't buff the striker!
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  10. Ranik

    Throw in the Marauder and Vulcan to that category as well. Both still fundementally flawed / Under powered.
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  11. OldMaster80

    I'm against having the Striker back to his original power but let's be honest: how are we supposed to use a rocket launcher that cannot even destroy a Flash without armor with a full clip of rockets?

    If we look at the ZOE it is pretty obvious that weapon will remain like that for months. And also the Valkyrie is in the same situation. It will remain crap for... how long?
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  12. NoctD

    We could go the other route of actually making everything better - ie. buff the Lancer as well. I hate using the Lancer, its not nicknamed the Glancer without a reason. The Lancer should do most of its damage potential in non-charged shots like the Vortek... this whole VS charge mechanic is utter junk really.

    But whatever - there's no point in bothering with these except ESRLs except for situational usage... I'd rather stick to the Nemesis/Grounder when there's vehicles about, and the Decimator when I anticipate more MAXes than vehicles. The Phoenix is the only ESRL I care for... shoot while they can't see you and profit, can't go wrong there.
  13. FocusLight

    It does not need to be to strong.

    It needs to be a viable alternative to it's counterparts.

    Right now, it's identical to the Annihilator in role. Locks both air and ground. It is however inferior to the Annie in all ways except for POTENTIAL damage over time, and that bit is extremely unreliable. Ergo, if you want a multi-lock launcher the Annie is superior overall.

    When it is re-released it will be identical to the Grounder in role. Dumb-fire on tanks but locks/seeks air. The Grounder is blatantly superior, and I have pointed out exactly why with stats to show it in other treads.

    If anyone fears a wall of Striker missiles raining in on their air or tank zergs, I would like to remind those players that you can have a visually impressive rain of Striker missiles that are inferior because the tracking zone for air is low, the velocity is low, and it don't lock on, or you can have every Heavy with a Striker use the Grounder instead.

    When 20 TR are shooting you with AA, you die. It don't matter what they use, unless they use the Striker. Because then, there will be 20 TR with the combined DPS of 10 Grounder users, and less than half of the hit-chance. That is not acceptable, so people will leave the Striker be and use the Grounder.

    The only role I envision for the Striker is to be AA enabled side-passengers in Valkyries... and nothing more. That's a terribly niche role to have.
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  14. ATRA_Wampa-One

    I'd be fine with the new striker having the damage brought up to take a flash from 100% to something like 5% (it's burning and will explode before you can reload). Velocity profile should be that of a decimator (slower than default launchers but with very little drop) when it's dumb fired, and balance it out so rapid fire mode is only usable when you have lock.

    Situational, not OP like release Striker was, but not a direct upgrade over the other launchers.

    Just like the Lancer and Phoenix.
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  15. DatVanuMan

    Terran, O foolish Terran...
    Remember the Spiker:(
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  16. Foxirus

    No, ZOE is evidence that the Vanu simply get the **** end of the stick every time. The ZOE was made completely useless while your Striker still does SOMETHING. That speed boost that ZOE gave? Not only did it get nerfed in how much speed you gained, But it also got a timer nerf and a cooldown. Top that off with increased damage for using it? Useless.

    Let me explain some of the Mechanics of the ZOE, so you can't try to argue my point that its completely useless now, to the point they might as well just scrap the ability as a whole if they aren't going to buff it somewhere...

    ZOE decreases the time it takes to reach a full running speed, Since the nerf added a timer, This effectively made Charge infinitely better.

    ZOE increases damage... It increases the damage enough to where it takes around 1 shot less to kill infantry. Bursters are around 2 shots less on everything and the AV is around 1 shot less. Still utterly useless. The nerf to the movement speed would have been fine and would have made things fair on the ZOE, But the cooldown timer given to ZOE were the final nails in the coffin.

    To support my claim that the Vanu get screwed in everything, Simply refer to our worthless pistols. Look at our tank who's only benefit is that it can climb terrain that would only effect an enemy tank 20% of the time.. Feel free to look at the Spiker, yet another signal showing we will never have a nice pistol. Look at our No Bullet Drop trait, We don't even get to use that where it matters. Snipers have bullet drop, Slugs have bullet drop, our Magriders Primary weapon has bullet drop.

    Maybe they shouldn't buff the Striker.. Maybe they should just leave it broken like they have with the Vanu's ZOE. I am tired of feeling like our faction is the only one who gets their parade **** on long term.
  17. Pfundi

    Sorry to ask but whats the ZOE and whats the Striker? Im just confused about all those names and shortens.
  18. NC_agent00kevin

    Actually, they were indeed using their strikers. As a TR you probably don't notice it, but I sure do. Every battle those angry missiles are chasing me and often pounding the utter dog **** out of my vehicles.

    They are far from useless. The problem is, TR got used to them being ridiculously OP and complain because they aren't any more. Just like Lancers and the Screeeeee missiles, they are best used in groups...just like everything else in this game.
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  19. Foxirus

    The Striker is the Terran PigDog Republics fascist rocket launcher of oppression. It has a lock-on utility that allows you to fire 5 guided oppression rockets in succession. Studies suggest that the firing of Oppression rockets is depressing and demoralizing to all involved. Demoralizing to the user because the laughable amount of damage he is actually doing.. Demoralizing to the target because their paint is getting scratched.

    The ZOE (Zealot Overdrive Engine) is a glorious revolution of Vanu technology that a Vanu Max can use as the primary Utility slot. It increases the Max's speed by a very marginal number at the cost of increased received damage and a cooldown timer once used.
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  20. Chrispin

    ZOE is arguable the most UP mechanic in the game, but TR has the widest assortment of under-performing weapons out of all 3 factions. Take the Striker, Marauder, Vulcan, TRAP-M1, T4 AMP, T9 Carv, Fractures, and arguably all of our ES SMGs. Also the only thing Lockdown/Anchor is good for is farming spawn areas. If you use Lockdown at the wrong time it can be worse than ZOE because you can't run away from a random C4 fairy or HA.
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