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  1. Anaryl

    I see what you did there. The Skyguard only ever sports one weapon at any one time. So aside from Chingle's excellent post above, you're also ignoring the fact that the Liberator sports three weapons at anyone time. So you aggregate the figures, so you have your tank buster, your dalton and your shredder, then add the Avg. KPH together. So that actually looks like 7 + 17.55 + 27.4. So let's just say 52 odd KPH. You're arguing that we need to take into account that Skyguards scale. Well so do Liberators. let's say 6 KPH for rounding, so 2*Skyguard = 12 KPH, but 2*Liberators = 104KPH. That is practically an order of magnitude greater. So why are we counting only for Skyguard scaling and not Liberator scaling? It's not like there's only ever one Liberator in a match is there?

    Further more, the Skyguard is limited by terrain and much much slower, so it can't be massed in one point nearly as effectively as a Liberator. So clearly the benefits of scaling apply far more to the liberator than it does the Skyguard, no? Furthermore, you've introduced misleading statistics, vehicles might outnumber Liberators 2:1, if what you say is true (and I doubt it is), but Skyguards do not outnumber Liberators 2:1. This is why you used MBT stats instead - because if you used Skyguard stats, you would have to explain how exactly the Skyguard outnumbers Liberators. Furthermore even if there is an unfavourable ratio of AA to the Liberator, it can simply go somewhere there isn't. The Skyguard cannot pursue the Liberator.

    So as is self evident, a single piloted Liberator is equal to its supposed hard counter. Each individual you add exponentially increases it's efficacy. KPH scaling for the Skyguard is linear - in fact I would hazard you get diminishing returns, as each Skyguard starts competing for the same kills. KPH scaling for the Liberator is exponential.

    As a Liberator pilot, you don't consider that AA should be a threat to you, and should only be a threat to your nearest predator? Hmm, that reeks of self interest.
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  2. prodavit

    We have a Liberator player here trying to defend the liberator. Do you know how many hit it take to bring the damn thing down? a lot smart ***, and it's really easy to fly away to get it repair. if you have 2 c4 as a light assult and can fly up to stick it on and it doesn't even kill it. you know the same amount that it would take to kill a tank.
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  3. Anaryl

    Oh but didn't you know that there are 16 times more light assault than Liberators and if you count the number of Liberator kills on Tuesdays, divide by the number of phases of the moon and then normalise this number according to the purchasing power parity of China then it clearly shows that Liberators are less OP than ammo boxes.*

    *may contain sarcasm and/or irony
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  4. CursoryRaptor


    I'm putting that in my signature. It pretty much sums up what this theead is now: arguments about the correct interpretation of information. Perhaps it's time for the opposing sides of the argument to get together and do some proper experimenting.
  5. LT_Latency

    You forgot there is 3 people in the liberator. This is the issue.

    It's very very easy to get 3 people in the same vehicle to work together cause they are always in the same place at the same time. It much hard for 3 people in different vehicles to work together all trying to drive around and get LoS on the same target
  6. Om3gA

    I know this is basicly necro with this thread but here's my story.

    Here is the scenerio.

    I get a bead on a lib(solo pilot yay!) with a skygaurd. I dump 1 full clip into him before he begins shooting at me.
    I dump 2 more full clips into him, I use fire extinguisher and he blows me up after a 3rd clip missing with half the shots.. 1vs1. There were no others shooting at me. He literally took the skygaurd shots laughing.

    I understand the sg is supposed to be a deterrent because its your game and we just play it. But when a sg has NO EFFECT on a solo player i take issue with that. Honestly the only kills i get with the sg are infantry and only if they are stupid enough to lemming into it without moving. Which i suppose is fine, its your game i dont really care if you care. But i was around for PS1 beta, Ps1 post beta, PS core combat, (I was BR21 CR3 on my last character when i quit), PS2 beta and obviously i'm still here.

    The skygaurd in PS1 would kill a lib no problem, provided the lib pilot sucked and sat there just like this guy did.. It would kill an 'esf' if the pilot wasnt any good and the sg gunner was. That sg even had a kobalt AI gun.

    My issue is, PS1 was mostly balanced being that PS2 is just an incomplete (still beautiful) remake, you should really consider that. I'm not saying an SG should be able to take down a fully manned lib. But a lib should not be able to take out a SG who A) got the drop on it B) lead it by a full clip in shooting and C) sat there and took every single shot from said SG without breaking a sweat.

    And yes i just rage quit over that crap.

    When a deterrent is ignored, it is no longer an deterrent.
  7. Migs

    I dont fully get the arguement that "There are 3 people in libs, it isnt op because its OP divided by 3"

    I literally only ever see 1-2 players in a lib
    Pilot and the other guy switches from belly/tail guns as needed

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