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  1. Earthman

    How many threads here start, stop, or get derailed by this five-letter word? Can we even agree upon what it means? Clearly not in this forum. There's a communication failure and part of it is due to egoism: apparently anything we like to use requires it and anything that kills us lacks it.

    Snipers deserve one hit kills way beyond 150m because they have skill and anyone that says otherwise is unskilled.

    Snipers have no skill because no one can shoot back.

    SMG snipers have no skill because they are not sniping.

    People who complain about SMG snipers have no skill because it takes no skill to kill them.

    Tanks are no-skill. You just drive up and spam.

    Infantry have no skill and can easily kill tanks and should never kill tanks because they have no skill.

    ESFs take no skill to use. They can lolpod at will and are unskilled.

    ESFs take lots of skill to use. Only a precious few are skilled enough to deserve them.

    Lock-on weapons take no skill. We should apparently shoot dumbfires at ESFs.

    ESFs deserve lock-ons because they take no skill.

    Can we say that the word "skill" is overused to the point of garbled meaninglessness already? It doesn't seem to convince anyone how elite the poster is (and even K/D ratios and other metrics are farmable stat padding anyway), and this is leading to a Congress-style lockdown of using the same damn words back and forth. "Partisan" and "bipartisan" come to mind, with equal nausea.

    I'm already predicting some "hurr durr no skill" replies. Fire away.
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  2. Bill Hicks

    The only thing that takes skill in this game is coming up with a killer handle for your character.
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  3. iEnvy

    What truly takes skill is to make a meaningfull post/thread on Forumside.
    The OP of this thread is clearly skilled in posting of skill related threads.
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  4. Fortress

    You forgot shotguns and maxes.

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  5. Earthman

    What is not meaningful about discussing the method of discussion here?

    By method I mean the empty and self-serving grandiosity of "everything I do is skilled and everyone that disagrees has no skill"?

    Hell, even Forumside has similar customs as I am seeing here. Content doesn't matter, just its packaging and presentation as oh-so-important super skilled "MLG ready" elite forum posters.
  6. Earthman

    Yours is borrowed. That's like saying "I have an awesome band name: METALLICA!"

    I may as well have named myself George Carlin.
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  7. iEnvy

    You read my message wrong, or maybe I suck at languagez, I ment the thread is awesome.
  8. Earthman

    Sorry about that, then!

    I'm so used to heaps and heaps of passive-aggressive sarcasm, usually bundled with :);):):eek: spam or statements like "u must b fun at parties ........... .......dots" or "u ned 2 get laid" that it's very hard to tell what from what anymore.

    I need a BS scope. It's like an IR scope, but it would outline posts that are saying something and black out statements that belong on 4chan or whatever hole they came from.
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  9. Shadowyc

    It takes skill for forums to play Hypocrisy.
  10. Earthman

    I'd like to see where I have said how much skill it took to do what I do.
  11. Shadowyc

    :p Not towards you, sorry. I should probably start putting that under everything.
  12. MrMurdok

    inb4 MLG outfits namecalling.
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  13. HadesR

    What is skill though ?

    Is it how hard an item is to use or aim ?


    Is it being able to pick the right tools for the job and situation regardless of their difficulty of use level ?

    I would say IMO the latter out weighs the former ..
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  14. Earthman

    Because MLG outfit white-knighting is much much better and takes more skill.

  15. Rogueghost

    I understand this is a rhetorical question but still going to leave this here.
  16. Earthman

    I'd agree totally. Then again the word "skill" is being diluted so badly it seems to sort of mean "whatever most resembles a sniper rifle" or in other cases almost as much "whatever I use and whatever I like".

    It takes a lot of care and fuss to run a combat medic up to a tank especially in the midst of a pitched battle and break the stalemate by lighting up one of the tanks with some C4. But because C4 can't be flung 150m with YOLOSWAG420NOSCOPE precision, it takes NO SKILL and all that.
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  17. Earthman

    My point is that it's invoked constantly, and uselessly, making any definition in that video lost in the sea of Forumside.
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  18. thePankakeManne

    I always found it easier to consider myself lucky rather than skilled (which is more accurate anyway).

    It brings me greater peace of mind when things aren't going picture perfect.
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  19. Rogueghost

    Oh yes as I said, I understood it was a rhetorical question and understood the point of your thread, but Wrel gives a very nice definition to what I believe skill to be, so I enjoy sharing it.
  20. Earthman

    I might agree with the video somewhat, but the problem is for the narrow-minded MLG-style rank and file, if it can't be put strictly on a game metric abstract like kills per minute or K/D ratio, and if it doesn't involve how quickly you headshot something, it's "no skill" and thus verboten.