Server Maintenance for Hotfix July 2nd

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jul 1, 2014.

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  1. DK22

    Hmmm, not sure why the implant/charger drop rates have changed.
    I got max energy and chargers coming out my ears, its the implants I need.
  2. BatFastardd

    I distinctly remember SOE touting planetside as not being a pay to win game when I first started playing. I think I recall them mentioning the "sidegrades" specifically. They touted certs as still being the defining characteristic of what gear you can/cannot buy and that scopes, silencers, mods, etc (which, if I recall correctly, was what sidegrades initially were) would not be available with SC. Traditionally, it was pay for convenience, not to win.

    Seems like they're making less and less money on it and focusing more so on keeping it alive to milk it for dough. So, I'll just chalk this one up to monetization and continue to punish coyote ESFs for being chumps.
  3. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    I think, more time spent creating content, less time spent on minute statistically founded balancing that players don't get, combined with not giving up and just making it a regular P2W game will go way longer in keeping players in the game. And spending money on it... The last few months have made me wait on spending more money on this game, I am getting a bad feeling.

    And then there is stuff like this:
    "All weapons that have a second advance variant of forward grips or laser sights have been condensed down into a single attachment unlock. All certification points that have been spent on these attachments have been refunded."

    - Really, this is really cringeworthy. There is no reason for this except creating a higher cost - coaxing players towards spending SC. The only way to get improved hipfire for smgs now is to spend 200certs OR SC on and advanced LS. Earlier you could get the standard, which worked fine, and use that till you could afford the advanced version - now it's a stretch and you will be tempted to buy it instead. This is very unimpressive SOE.

    Late game is a problem - BR100s are bored, nobody wants to lead as leadership is SO unrewarding: At the very least a very good Squad/Platoon leader should be getting the same SPM/cert income as a good combatant player. The combat meta needs work to keep players interested.
  4. Luighseach

    No buying boosts and weapons weren't enough. There is no reason not to sell attachments. Again there is nothing P2W about buying attachments. It is pay not 2 wait, PN2W, but not pay to win since you can also unlock it with certs. It does not change the game in any way other than allowing for new players or veteran players the ability to skip grinding out certs(which most veterans have lying around anyway) for a few attachments.

    Now I might be a little sad if it unlocked on every weapon(which I'm pretty sure it doesn't and if it did I would buy it in an instant).

    So basically I'm saying it is a non-issue. Your not paying to gain an advantage that free players cannot have. You are paying for the ability to save some time.
  5. Luighseach

    Which is funny since it is the other way around at the moment. I have no problem with new players being able to buy there way to a quickly upgraded weapon. I wouldn't even have a problem if they could buy suit slots or grenade upgrades(not buying grenades that take resource but the upgrade to use them). Veteran players,free or not, are not entitled to having new players grind if they don't have too. Veterans are veterans because of what they know and not what they have unlocked.
  6. RoderickH

    Guys. SoE's doing us a favor with this "condensed attachment" thing. Now we only have to pay 100 Certs for an effect we previously had to pay 200 Certs for. Rejoice.
  7. Who Garou

    I'm an All Access Member. It is P2W - all day long.

    if you can't deal with the fact that its P2W, that's fine.

    From my point of view, you making excuse to claim that it isn't P2W.

    It also seems to me that you have no problem paying money to get things that you think will give you and advantage in-game.
    Why else would you try to defend the practice of selling in-game items with real world money that give a player an advantage in-game (aka not having to achieve CERTs to unlock them)?

    On the very basic level, you are paying to accomplish what someone else has to work to get. You are paying-to-win the right to use that item without unlocking it through normal gameplay.
  8. BuckRaven

    Which is also, I suspect, why there's such an uproar about it all.

  9. Amundsenkalmah

    Ejem you got the wrong idea i think, the cost is 200 certs
  10. Roland2TowerCame

    "Various instances of flora growing indoors has been removed"

    we are on a swamp continent overflowing with life ya know!
  11. bloodfuchs

    Does anyone else get it or is it just me, i know this is not kind of discussion, but hell, Indar gets insta-alerted every single time it gets unlocked. Like thanks SOE, 12 hours AFK Esamir capping, no alert, finally god damn indar unlocked, fights blazing after 5mins and alert after 10mins? Please i know you want people on your "NEW" map... But what the heck seriously? Could you like add more alerts then one a day and it´s indar? (yeah i play a lot, doge bless) It would be nice when there is alert like every 6hours on EVERY continent unlocked not only indar. Seriously! That is so stupid to leave amerish/esamir afk for 12hrs that some fraction afk caps it wow so much action in afk capping... then alerting indar so noone will ever play it. ...or make a Hossin lock allready, so ppl will stack on 1 continent and fights start blazing. You know since hossin is there, major fights dissapeared. At least on woodman. Like there´s something on hossin from time to time but it simply ain´t indar fight cadence.

    Doge bless.
  12. bloodfuchs

    But dude, if they dont spend 100SC on attachment, they spend it on vehicle, or w/e some other certification what is a let-down since ppl have to work hard for their certs, this is basically like a dagger in your back. I know it´s good since new players gets into vehicle fights or certifications more easily with having possibility to buy attachment for SC , not to spend 100certs on it, but hey come on, i bought things too, who´s gonna repay me the certs now? I would buy them with SC if i only knew this is coming, so what im trying to say, i might have now at least 1500 certs in attachments i could buy with SC for less then 1000. Higby this Nanites. I feel like making a step forward takes additional 2 steps back in updating variety of things. Some things should NEVER EVER be changed. It´s called certification for a reason indeed, so yeah you can buy gun, but you have to spend some damn time to make it work, else go away. Game´s about investing time in it. It should be like that, not like i dont wanna wait mommy gimme credit card. Anyways Nanites arent cheap as the highlights of premium are saying , so i´ll accept this defeat, but i dont like it. I hope you guys from SOE won´t go this way. Don´t change certifications to paytifications. Every guy who wants to cert have to play, not to pay :)
  13. Lancener

    As long as there aren't exclusive weapons only for SC or attachments only for SC it's not pay to win; I see no downside to everything having the option to be purchased with SC. If SOE introduced a new weapon that you could only buy with SC that would be considered pay to win.

    They have to make money some way with this game if the income stops the development can't just continue for free; there's a company that has to make money and people they have to pay for the game to be developed further. The players can't pay for skill, most new players are going to get stomped for a while regardless of if they pay or not.
  14. Uhgg

    I was about to jump on board with this p2w stuff but then I remembered that ALL GUNS are available for SC, and it has always been that way. If that wasn't pay to win, I dont think this is either, although it is "cringe worthy" as people are saying. Someone said that these upgrades are basically free when you get to later levels, which I agree with, but what worries me is that this is just the start.
    Im worried that theyre gonna let this die down and have people get used to it, then theyre gonna start making other things like vehicle upgrades purchasable with SC.
    All I'm saying is it's a slippery slope. This one wasn't to bad, but its just gonna keep going.
    If you guys really want to make more money, which is understandable, maybe LISTEN TO YOUR COMMUNITY. I cant even count how many times ive posted this. This game is going downhill, and I'm pretty sure everyone knows it. Which is really sad cause it used to be such an amazing game :(

    Hossin = good
    Lib nerf / tank nerf / p2w trend / so many other things = bad
  15. ollister

    Thank you SOE! this game could not get anymore annoying without you. when you decide to fix something we can count on you to brake several things in the process. well done.
  16. WeaverMSI

    The grievance is warranted, but envisaging the game 'without' SOE would cause it to stop existing. Be careful what you wish for.
  17. jerrmy12

    Fixed spelling error
  18. Kepa

    Wheres your all access tag? Using different account? Suuuure....

    I'm not sure if you know but people can check your forum posts history. You know what i found out about your posts? You said in on forum topic you never plan to buy weapons for SC. And you are all access member?

    I have 2 accounts, one of them has couple of NS weapons i got with SC, second one has same weapons purchased with certs. There is NO difference using those weapons, same rate of fire, recoil, bloom, mag size, you name it its same.

    Stop talking out of your ***, learn to play the game or find something more suitable for your level.
  19. ollister

    aaaah if it were only that simple
  20. DK22

    Likely because its not real obvious how to turn it on.
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