Server Downtime January 17th, 2014 at 12:15 AM PT (9:15 AM CET)

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Luperza, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. Jetamp95

    i was for a while it fixed itself eventually
  2. Prehistoricman

    Got exactly the same thing. Stuck on 96%, closed, and then got to login screen. I'd say it's an issue with the >HEFTY< 120MB patch.
  3. honeybaddggger

    I've noticed that after updates when it does get stuck at 96%, I just alt-tab out and go do something else for a while and usually it just eventually logs in.
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  4. Jetamp95

    could they at least switch it on the forums from up its giving me false hope
  5. theducks

    i feel ya dude
  6. theducks

    how long did u wait cause its been a good 10 minutes or so for me.
  7. HadesR

    Quick Question you might be able to answer while I wait on CS .. The issues with the Gateway you had would that in any way effect passwords ?
    Since I attempted to change my game account password .. and now it will not accept either the old or the new :(
  8. Satsuke

    I sat for 10+ minutes at least. Not that it matters since the West Coast server is still down : /
  9. theducks

    yep, now ik what ur talking about
  10. Jetamp95

    8'ish minutes
  11. honeybaddggger

    I've never timed it, but I know sometimes it takes at least 10-15 minutes for me...
  12. theducks

    welp f this. im gonna go buy track spikes for my track season
  13. theducks

    have a good day guys
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  14. FliegerPanzer

    You should check that only US citizens can design helmets. They do not let other people to do it. And stop insulting me, I see crier in my quote
  15. Luperza Community Manager

    No. The gateway issue would not affect your password.
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  16. HadesR

    Thankyou :)

    Will just have to Twiddle my thumbs and wait for CS
  17. FliegerPanzer

    Time to go to connery and kill some noobs, its noob paradise
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  18. Princess Celestia

    Hooray for double xp weekend----that doesnt do anyone any good because they can't log in.
    Way to think it through
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  19. JuicyJuice

    Soooo, if the Connery server is f'ed, when will we all be getting our free server transfers, so that we can play with the characters that we all earned all of our upgrades on until the server is back up?
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  20. Ravlar

    Connery down 2 evenings in a row now :(

    I hope the ESF patch is worth it.....
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