Server Downtime for Patch January 23, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. Nocturnal7x

    Yea I know it was on purpose. But there has been a huge outcry of people who hate the change and are hoping they "fix" the mistake.

    I often like to call stupid little changes like this "bugs" because they are so small and stupid it could easily be a bug too. Kinda like how they called repairing harrassers from the rear a feature while I always and still call it a bug.

    I just like to complain.
  2. shadowkhat

    no AV turrets do not show up same range as tanks... at over 300m you have to be pinpoint accurate to spot them more like needlepoint... they don't show up when they fire... like a tank does... they need to be fixed or removed.
  3. RockISonner

    Which version was stable for you? I've been having CTD every few hours for the last two months, today it has increased to every five minutes. SOE customer support has been unable to help me so I am looking for anything really :)
  4. LeCharles

    I SOOOO agree with the need for more range and speed. What I dont get, is the damage buff; I would have much rather seen free look aiming... (I'm not convinced the devs read the "Hornets are bad" threads)
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  5. LeCharles

    I see your point, however, I find it nice that I can long on to all of my characters to get the passive certs; If they want to add the faction lock feature, they should also remove the passive cert cap (so instead of needing to log in to get my 48 I could save up 96,144, or 5 million [in theory])
  6. Mormomboy

    I am using 331.82 right now.
  7. Mormomboy

    LOL, that is fine by me, Just was not sure from the way you said it. You can fix the Flash at low speeds in the back to if I am not mistaken.
  8. Botji

    Just want to say that the random 1-2 sec freezes have shot through the roof since what I assume is this patch.

    Before it I had perhaps 1-2 per hour, now its like 2-3 every 20min it also almost always takes a few seconds to pull the map up and when flying and boosting it very often seems like im desynced with myself, watching from 3rd view the model is rubbering a bit back and forth and I have "crashed" into the ground while flying close to it... the Scythe doesnt suddenly fall down a few meters into the ground wich is why im a bit confused about it.

    In general the game just got crappier :(
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  9. indecks

    Well look at that!! A new update and yeah the game is still broken.

    Can we please fix the login issue here, this is getting annoying.
  10. pet3r

    SOE - what about members not getting enough passive certs?
  11. Souleater

    Oddly two of my four toons were getting the correct cert bonus (albeit which ones got it was random).

    Now none of them are.
  12. ScrapyardBob

    They've posted elsewhere that they are tracking it and will do a cert-grant once they have fixed the issue.
  13. jOGI

    New since patch: random freezes 1 - 2 times per hour. after a few seconds, all goes normal.
    New since patch: random crashes to desktop, about every 2 hours.
  14. zerg

    Would be better that you fix the freezes before somebody gets his hardware damaged !
  15. TeknoBug

    OK so I cancelled my sub because there's no point in getting +12 certs a day when you could get +48 certs a day for the past 14 months.

    So is that a bug?

    And I've had random crashes as well.
  16. Thor.A

    Is the game broken, because i'm still getting the G99
  17. Morgothic

    I recieved this from customer support:

    "I understand you have some concerns regarding your Passive Cert gain since the last patch. First off, I want to apologize for the missing passive certs. There is a known issue that was causing this. The Development team has a fix for this going in, and Development will be granting everyone certs that should more than cover anything missed."

    I cancelled my auto renewing subscription today aswell. Not only because of this. But this was what made the cup run over. The guy/girl from customer support was very friendly and helpful but I still felt like I wanted to shout at him "So compensate me then ffs!" I´ve spent hundreds of dollars on this game since the start. Some compensation in the form of a fictive worthless currency isn´t too much to ask. I shouldn´t even have to wait for it.

    How about you give me a shiny new weapon and some camo and I´ll make you wait for the payment? No... oh ok I guess it only works one way. I will be a paying customer again when you can deliver a product that I can enjoy without constant frustration.

    (I also don´t want to help finance the weekly patching but thats another story.)

    End rant.