Server Downtime for Patch January 23, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. Snipe-yo-face-yall

    Lol that was me too!
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  2. lyravega

    I said MBT mate :p
  3. DarkBalths

    Implying the Striker didn't get nerfed to hell.

    Did you ever stop to think that maybe the only reason you think they're pretentious is because they're fightingagainst you (and probably beating you)?

    Because no one should be allowed to enjoy everything this game has to offer, and instead should just choose one narrow viewpoint from which to experience this awesome game, right?
    Open your mind; find some perspective.

    u wot m8?
    Do you seriously think this is a thing?

    All in all, bad post? Nah, bad you.[IMG]
  4. RyanGUK

    Servers are coming back up, forums gone quiet.

    Well there goes double XP weekend haha.
  5. Circuspeanut

    Go back to 4chan.
  6. EMP1RE

    Zurvan was one of my favorites...
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  7. Bowl

    Here's hoping for some extra fixes to certain cosmetics not looking right (such as the Sunderer retro exterior staying gray under any camo, appears glossier than the standard gray on the rest of the sundy, and overall looks like a typical redneck car part replacement job).

    Hope this has to do with the increase in lag spikes I've been getting. That'd be real good for me. My overall FPS is far from the best but I expect that, really sucks to be in the heat of a battle in a fast-moving Sunderer or Galaxy, lag pauses the screen for a second or two, and next thing I know I'm ramming straight into a wall or flipping over a friendly Lightning that I never even saw.
  8. Abraham with Cheese

    I too hope this sudden lag spike has been addressed. I was manning a MBT gunner seat when we came into a three-way biolab fight during an alert, and all of a sudden, I lagged so hard and for so long I was teleported to inside the biolab while still in the tank. Then, I was magically under the biolab, then the map, then inside a rock, flying upside-down over the map and then dead near the base.

    This whole lag issue lasted for a good ten minutes: even alt+tab (which usually works for me) several times did nothing.
  9. cruczi

    I wonder why SOE thinks the community wants Freyr style amp stations? Based on what data do they think it's a good idea?

    I've always liked the standard amp station design and flow of the battle. I don't particularly dislike Freyr but I just don't see any point for this change. Work on something that matters, please.
  10. Bowl

    Same. Referring to the recent lag spike increase, it doesn't seem to go away without a relog or similar method. Differs from other lag spikes I've gotten for a while back that seem to last the same amount of time each time (about 2 minutes)
  11. Snipe-yo-face-yall

    I like the freyr style. It gives something different. AMP stations all should be a little different.
  12. Alizona

    Hopefully never. Not a fan of the "lattice" at all.
  13. Alizona


    Please Sony, leave the Amp Stations the way they WERE.
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  14. ZeroErrorz

    you got a better idea to make ghost capping lest of a headick ?,also those new base on amerish is really awesome if you havent checked them out
  15. LibertyRevolution

    Do you understand that they patch stuff on their own time, in the daytime where they are, when they are at work?
    Maybe they should leave the patching of EU servers to them Prosieben guys, then you be so much happier right? :rolleyes:
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  16. DreD

    I didn't have those ... until now. After this patch/hotfix I have everything (infantry/vehicles) jumping little to the front and little to the back while moving, and all the time like that. That makes unpossible to play it :/ Why You guys can't imply some changes without crashing some other stuff?!
  17. mersk

    Any news on the platoon/squad voice chat? Has been broken for days, at least on Woodman.
  18. ChickenCurrys

    You are not alone.
  19. Flaimbot

    if you want to be technically correct acceleration is measured in "meters per second² ", because you measure the difference of speed (= m/s) in the timeframe of a second (= (m/s)/s = m/s²), thus second².

    and yeah, that technical incorrectness bothers the physicist in me ;)
  20. mukanya