Scheduled Maintenance February 27th, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Acceleratio

  2. Flyaxl

    And so the infiltrator update is done!

    Thank you SOE you re making my day. And im happy you buffed the Gauss SPR as i was planing on auraxium it, but i will give a try to the new one as soon as the servers are back online.

    For now i ll see what's happening in the real world ;)
  3. FleurDisLee

    how long will server stay down?
  4. marcelomormaii

    I'm frustrated you just favor the Infiltrator class? improved invisibility him and still provide more weapons for this class, it is incredibly frustrating, developers please do something about it, other classes need improvement too ... always favor infiltrator arrives .....
  5. Sghignifiss

    With continent lattice every faction would have a home continent. I think the warpgate of the home continent could be something you could rightly call home ;)
  6. VikingVR

    Like I said before, let's put everything on the table for infiltrators. Give them full invisibility and the ability to fire while invisible and I'll now add, not be heard. That way, we can all just play Infilside 2.

    Infiltrators need to get off their high horse and realize they are not the special class in planetside 2. SOE needs to address the other classes as well and now, not in the planned 2 or 3 months...
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  7. JesusVoxel

    How can it be so hard to see in night for some people? I don't get it.

    -I have my monitor at default brightness.
    -I have my ingame gamma turned to absolute minimum to try to have a bit more immersive experience.
    -I don't play vanu, yet I have zero problems finding them.
    -I don't use NV scopes because I don't like them.

    Those people who complain about nights being too dark, can you please give some explanations why you hate them?

    -You don't like night because you can't see as well as in day time?
    That's the purpose of night.
    -You can't see because your monitor reflects the lights from your room?
    Turn your lights off.
    -You can't see because sun is shining behind your monitor?
    Have you ever heard about curtains?
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  8. Anticore

    So, Are we getting back the 1000 sc we spent in buying the same camo for vehicles and weapons?
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  9. RIctavius

    Don't forget to have someone - check-list the roadmap :3
  10. disky00

    This is just the first in a series of updates to all of the classes in the game. Each class will receive similar treatment in time.
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  11. DFDelta

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  12. Diodeone


    I opened a support thread. If you want to consolidate camo AFTER people bought individually for armor, weapon and vehicle you better be ready to give a huge truck load of certs in exchange (as was done in the past when same weapons were bought on different factions and then consolidated). I'm calculating at least a 3000 cert refund per character ;)
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  13. OldMaster80

    Lol the Soas-20 is probably the best infiltrator weapons for mid range combat. It's amazing and the trap is going to be even better. It's just not a sniper rifle.
  14. RIctavius

    you know you're right - since you paid into the company, you should get the refund.
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  15. Anticore

    Camos can't be bought with certs so you must mean station cash? And yes they will have to give the sc back ...
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  16. RIctavius

    Are we going to see refunds for buying the camos? EXample: having both vehicle and Armor camo of the same type - refunded for one of the purchases?
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  17. FliegerPanzer

    will you fix bolt action sniper rifle supressor bug? It actually does not reduces sound from last update
  18. Wusl

    ok soe you remove something we payed realy money for ? i hope u guys thinking of a refund ....
    cause i payed alot of money to have the same camo on my vehicle weapon and armor
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  19. Morti

    Unlikely. SoE have the right to choose to change things as they please. If very lucky, they may refund very recent purchases.

    Everything goes on sale eventually. You more or less pay extra to have it first.

    Aww hell yeah. I just started using the warden, and now it's buffed up a little.
  20. Anticore

    None suppressor really reduces the sound.